Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut Ships November 8th

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Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut Ships November 8th

Heavy Rain, one of the most talked-about titles ever to be released exclusively for PS3, will be re-released next week, but this time with lots of extras making it the perfect gift for the holidays. In addition to the original game, Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut will include DLC, the original soundtrack, bonus videos, and more. One loaded release for the great price of $29.99!

Heavy Rain: Director's Cut

Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut starts shipping on November 8th in the US. Here is a list of all the great content fans can look forward to:

  • Complete, original game, Heavy Rain
  • Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode 1 – The Taxidermist DLC
  • Heavy Rain Original Videogame Score by award-winning film and television composer, Normand Corbeil (16 tracks)
  • New front-end menu and interface with built-in Move support
  • A series of 8 “Making of” Bonus Videos
  • Three Dynamic Themes (Heavy Rain, Heavy Rain ARI Forest, Heavy Rain ARI Mars)
  • 15 additional pieces of new concept art
  • 2 bonus Trailers (Thank You Trailer, Love Trailer)

As a thank you to all current (and future) Heavy Rain fans, SCEA is making the Heavy Rain Crime Scene Dynamic Theme available FREE through the PlayStation Network (PSN) to commemorate the release of the Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut. Starting November 8th, PSN members can download this visually stunning dynamic theme, depicting one of the game’s most chilling crime scenes visited by FBI profiler, Norman Jayden, in his frantic search for the Origami Killer.

We hope you enjoy the new Director’s Cut!

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  • one of the best ps3 exclusives!

  • At this point you got to stop calling The Taxidermist DLC by the label Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode 1 since they wont release anymore DLC.

  • Does The Taxidermist FINALLY have trophy support?

  • Will this be released on PSN?

  • That’s great that there will be a director’s cut although I was hoping for the unreleased DLC. I won’t be picking this up, but after beating HR again for the fourth time recently, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. Anyone who doesn’t have this needs to get this game if they love a good story, endearing characters and an experience unlike anything else out there.

  • One of my favorite games this gen. Wish I could experience it again for the first time.

  • ARI comment: Great deal for people who haven’t played it yet.

  • I remember this box art was accidentally released by you guys on the day heavy Rain went to “Greatest Hits”. Why not just release the directors cut then? why keep it under wraps for months and months and deny knowledge of it when people asked you. So Heavy Rain fans would double dip perhaps? Not me, the meat and potatoes of this is basically the game, plus one piece of old DLC content. “Directors Cut” assumes deleted or modified scenes, alternative endings etc… this is just a re-badge.

    Good for people who have never bought nor played the game however.

  • Every gamer out there should play this master piece. A very refreshing experience that is worth every second.

    In a world full of shootings this is a very nice treat to the eyes and to the mind.

    I never felt so connected emotionally to a game. Never a game made me so anxious (In a good way).

  • how much is the ARI dynamic backgrounds going for in the PSN store?

  • i think my favorite scene of all time in this game is the dream scene.i played it in my room, totally in the dark and it really got my heart pumping! from start to finish that whole part is awesome!

  • Thanks for the free theme!

  • That’s a good thing there’s a Director’s Cut because I’ve been meaning to own the game someday and with that version, I’m gonna be happy about it when I have it. Small problem though. I hope those raiting quotes on the corner of that front boxart won’t be there because it kinda ruin the awesome cover. Also, what about free avatars? Maybe for the PS+ subscribers at least?

  • Wow, awesome price. I was planning to get this game next year anyway. So this will replace GT copies after this gets released, right? I mean, it’s not a limited edition or something like that?

  • Cant find it. Is it on Amazon yet?

  • I’m still mad about not getting the DLC.

  • For the other characters that was promised.

  • The director’s cut should then have the much better European box art. The American one is just not that good.

  • hey sony the psn is down again……

  • PSN is not “down”. Well, it is… but it is supposed to be. It is scheduled maintenance.

  • I wish to get HR 2 and find out the explanation for origami and blackouts. I wish…

  • Well I guess it’s time to go finally pick up Heavy Rain even though I do hate those greatest hits red boxes

  • danmm this is crazy.Sony should have put all those goodies when the greatest hits version came out.Im good i havent bough it,but i definitely will get this version for that price or less.when ps4 come out,please dont make that wrong move about selling add on context.I find it good if u put game on psn store and charge us but not good that u charge us for something that should have been on game disc already.

  • It’s great they release a “complete edition” under a greatest hits title.

    What I’m REEEALLY BEGGING for Quantic Dream to do is to make their own HD Collection for their past two game, Omikron: The Nomad Soul and Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy.

    But most of all, I really want an Indigo / Fahrenheit HD remaster in tru expanded anamorphic widescreen. I lost all the ways to play the game as of now. The PS2 version isn’t compatible-friendly with my PS3 and the PC version won’t work on my Windows 7. It’s been 2 winters since I haven’t played the game traditionally, every winter.

    I really hope they plan to remaster the game!!

  • I remember when the GH version of Heavy Rain was first announced, the PS Blog put up the Director’s Cut boxart originally, and was later taken down. I’m glad that the director’s cut is finally coming out in the US…

  • This is one of the most interesting games I’ve EVER played in my life, I had bought mine day one from Amazon but house got broken into and I’ve been wanting to by it again: I will deffinitley be buying this again no problem!!

    Please do a part 2… I know you said you wouldn’t but I hope QD would!

  • Ok question: Do you think it would read my save from my original copy? and I’m in a wheelchair if this would came out as a Digital Release it would’ve been even greater for me but loving’ it nonetheless!

  • @22 There was an explanation for the blackouts. It was cut from the game at pretty much the last minute because it was deemed to be too science-fictiony. There is a video you can watch of the scenes that they cut that you would’ve got to play. I was hoping that’s what this Director’s Cut version would have included but I guess not…

  • Great game, but I agree with gillettjoe – the name “Director’s Cut” is pretty misleading. If the game itself has not changed and includes the original, unmodified story, than it isn’t a director’s cut. The DLC is a loose prequel / side-story, so I wouldn’t say it’s new content for the story.

    Anyway, I already have the DLC and have watched a lot of the videos in the game and on PSN, so I don’t see the need to get this version, but I highly recommend it for people who haven’t played the game.

  • Pretty much everything gilletjoe said. I loved Heavy Rain, but between scrapping the planned DLC for Move support and this so-called “Director’s Cut” AFTER the Greatest Hits version, I’m really starting to hate the management decisions around this gem.

  • I don’t know. Never played this game, except for the nonMove demo for 5 minutes & it seemed so tedious. Squatting in the rain, turning door handles…really? This is a good deal, I’m always looking for Move games. I don’t know.

    Speaking of Move, when is there going to be a blog announcement that InFAMOUS 2 now has Move support patched in? That seems like pretty big news to me. Of course it’s just hearsay right now since I’m only playing U3.

  • “Director’s Cut” usually means the piece has different scenes or extended scenes added to it. So what’s different about this Heavy Rain version? It’s the taxidermist integrated seamlessly as part of the story now? is that it? if not, what’s this “cut” about would you care to explain?

  • The game that LA Noire wish it was and copied everything from. Everyone should play this game. JASON! JASON! JASON!

  • Too bad there wasn’t more DLC to include in the pack. The 1 DLC pack I got for free /w ordering it at launch and thus this package offers nothing of value to me.

  • I bought it a few months ago without great expectations and has become one of my favorite games!

    For those who do not have yet: if you are tired of the typical games and love movies, do not think twice… Must have!

  • How about making more episodic DLC? The Taxidermist was amazing and I can’t believe you guys won’t make more.

  • i was hoping the “director’s cut” actually included extra scenes to the game and explain all the plot holes etc and add the supernatural deleted scene blackout/ madison background. etc else not really worth the money if u have the game,

  • I would consider buying this if it wasn’t for that ugly GREATEST HITS logo and red case.


  • Doesn’t director’s cut usually mean the game or movie is altered in some way? being it new scenes and things of the sort. The extra stuff is nice, but hardly worth a second purchase to us who already have the game.

  • are people really complaining about the red box GH games come in? Oh lord.

    Solution: Go to walmart and buy a stack of Blu-ray cases. They are the SAME EXACT case that PS3 games come in. Clear with the blu ray logo in the upper right corner. Stack of 10 is like 7$. Take the sleeve of the game out of the red box and put it in the clear box.

    I really can’t believe people get upset at the color of a box that doesn’t effect the game in anyway. I miss the good old days when people didn’t complain about everything.

  • So just to be clear….this has no exclusive in game content whatsoever…? Its literally Heavy Rain with the DLC included and then the soundtrack and other extras?

    So why is it called Directors Cut? Thats pretty misleading.

  • CynicalNerd on November 3rd, 2011 at 12:59 pm said:

    “I miss the good old days when people didn’t complain about everything.”

    Those “times” never existed. We just didn’t always have internet.

  • I think it’s time for me to put my hands on this game =D

  • I bought this game & did not have the time to play it… argh & now this collection! Damn, I suck. To those who didn’t jump on this amazing game, this is a great package!!

    @ all upset over the “Director’s Cut” nomenclature- Perhaps it’s the creator’s/director’s view of the complete Heavy Rain experience? It does include other types of media apart from the game, as in the score, concept prints, even new menus! It has probably everything officially pertaining to Heavy Rain included in 1x package. David Cage has said HR is like a “interactive film.” It’s really no big deal people; if let’s say a GotY Ed. for Red Dead Redemption did NOT include the “Undead” chapter, then yes- we should voice our criticism.

  • Why is it called Episode 1 when it has already been said that there will be no more episodes? Hope that Quantic Dreams would go on to make more DLC, but I think that ship has sailed already.

  • finally! this game is the business

  • knew there was a reason to wait a little longer, ill finally be picking this up!

  • my fave. PS3 exclusive! but is there anything new to the story? cuz is basically the same game…..

  • and the devs should make a sequel or another heavy rain like game,exclusive for PS3 of course!

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