Pinballistik: Build a Battle Pinball Arcade Today on PSN

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Pinballistik: Build a Battle Pinball Arcade Today on PSN

Creat Studios is proud to present Pinballistik, our latest PSN-exclusive game. Pinballistik is unlike any other pinball game you’ve ever played – it has the first two-player Battle mode where you can face off against your friends and play on either side of the table! In another first, you can play against AI players with varying degrees of difficulty. In a nod to the purists, we also offer challenging and full-featured single player Classic tables for each of our themed table packs.

When we tell people Pinballistik is only $3.99 for the first two Wild West-themed tables, they often ask: Is this only a mini? Does it have Trophies? Well, I can tell you that this is no mini and it has a ton of Trophies! In fact, the ‘a la carte’ approach we’ve taken has allowed us to provide 29 trophies with a total of 525 points – all for less than the price of a standard PSN title!

PSN: Pinballistik

Pinballistik offers a ton of game configuration options. In Battle mode, either play to reach a certain point threshold or get the highest score in a time limit. You can configure penalties that are applied when you get your ball past your opponent’s flippers – yes, all the way up to 100%! A variety of power-ups (can be disabled on Classic tables for the authentic experience) make strategies in battle mode very interesting! Rest assured, all Classic and ‘vs AI’ games are tracked in the online Ranking boards – we don’t want to dictate which modes are worthy of being recorded for posterity.

In a previous posting, we showcased our launch table pack Circle the Wagons – a rugged romp through the Wild West with a six-shooter figuring prominently as the central feature. You can imagine the crazy multi-ball action that ensues when that baby swings into action! If you’re a fan of the Old West, pinball or any kind of battling really then start your Pinballistik arcade off for only $3.99.

Our first DLC table pack is Made of Money, a bling-themed extravaganza where opulence and wealth are the order of the day. A unique feature of the Battle mode is the innovative ‘side-switch’ feature, where you must complete features on both sides of the table. There’s also a subterranean bonus table in there too. The Classic table has some intricate features with lots of nifty tracking camera work so you can always see what’s going on. Made of Money has ‘Break the Bank’ as a final feature but at only $2.99, this game-pack is hardly likely to do that!

Our second DLC table pack is ‘Sector X’, homage to 30’s kitschy science-fiction shows. In Sector X, flying at the speed of light is a doddle yet everything is still held together with rivets! Here, the Battle mode features a powerful force-field that must be disabled in order to mess with your opponent. The features of the tables unfold in story-like fashion, and players will contend with UFO invasions, teleporters and asteroid fields to name a few. Big points can be earned in the subterranean skirmish table, shoot the opponents targets out first for a big bonus. Classic table action features a rocket-ship ball save feature and culminates in crazy multi-ball action. Beam up the Sector X game-pack for only $2.99 in galactic credits!

Creat Studios is very excited to hear your feedback on the innovative action offered in Pinballistik, it will be very helpful as we work on delivering more great battle pinball action with further DLC table packs. Thanks for supporting our PSN-exclusive games, and please continue to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Now go and get that jackpot!

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