Halftime Savings: NFL Sunday Ticket $199.99 Starting Today

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Halftime Savings: NFL Sunday Ticket $199.99 Starting Today

NFL Sunday Ticket on PSN

It’s been a great year for football; especially if you’ve got a PS3. Since the first game kicked off at the start of the season, PS3 users connected via PlayStation Network have been able to watch NFL Sunday Ticket right on their PS3 every Sunday. That means every out-of-market Sunday game has been at the hands of subscribers across the country, delivered in gorgeous HD. But if you haven’t subscribed yet and are looking at a great way to get more NFL in your life, listen up.

As of the PlayStation Store update later today, the NFL Sunday Ticket subscription for the remainder of the season will be $199.99, split into two easy payments of $99.99. It’s the perfect way to enjoy all the action of the NFL in high definition, with live multi-game scoreboards and field position trackers. Not to mention, you’ll be able to access highlights, stats, standings, and schedules, as well as the Red Zone Channel.

Download the app free from the PlayStation Store or under the TV/Video Services column on the PS3 XMB in the My Channels section. Once downloaded, complete the subscription process within the app. For more details; check out the video walkthrough of the app and how it works on PSN.

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  • Unrelated but wanted to know if the PS+ offer of Jurassic Park extends to Canada or if it is US Only? Also though, there probably isn’t an NBA season.. would be great if there is NBA League Pass on PS3.

  • Make sure you use wired ethernet to ensure you get HD quality. Bandwith over wireless is just insufficient to carry the load…

  • It’s halfway through the season, yet it’s not discounted 50%. How dumb do they think I am?

  • I’ve been like a spoiled kid on Christmas morning every Sunday since the season started. I love it.

  • Its been working great for me these past few weeks.I do agree, make sure you are hardwired for this type of subscription,wifi will give u fits due to alot of data processing..

    PS3 ST Dev Team… how about adding 5.1 DD audio at least 192-256 kbps and adding a few more mbps to the HD stream..

    Also NFL Team Avatars and NFL dual shock controllers..

  • It would have been a WAAAY more likely for me to drop $200 for the whole season than $400. Sorry no sale.

  • Finally I get a dang laptop today so I can comment on the blog now. Why wont you update the dang PS3 web browser so at least we can comment on a PLAYSTATION BLOG with a SONY PS3 huh? Being stuck to a ps3 for a internet browser all year sucks. You guys need to put a update out and fix the ps3 browser or take it off ps3 and add other BETTER FEATURES. The dang browser is useless on ps3’s and yes I own 3 ps3’s. I was going to buy a 4th today but its torture to use a ps3 for your internet needs I SWEAR so I caved in and bought a laptop lol.

    Anyways Sony, Why wont you guys release a NASCAR Sunday ticket to all the races in the year like this Football thing your doing. I swear I’m so sick of hearing about football and I hate football lol. I’m a RACING fan so why do we get left out huh?

  • Yeah, wasn’t it like $350 for the whole season or something like that? And now half the season is gone, but the price hasn’t dropped 50% as an earlier commenter pointed out.

    (Not to mention that my ps3 is not hardwired so unfortunately I must pass regardless of price.) maybe next year I’ll have it hardwired again.


  • Why don’t you guys ever release a season pass to all the NASCAR races like you do other sports on PS3 cause not every one of us like football you now!

  • That price is absolutely highway robbery. Simply ludicrous.

  • OR……you could ask one of your friends who has DirectTV for his code and buy a $50 PSN card and boom you get it all for only $50 total. i think thats how it works…

  • and im in full support of NFL team avatars. and will buy one as soon as you guys make it available

  • Who is doing this math? However much I do love football…I’m not going to pay that. Wouldn’t they rather sell 100,000 seasons for 49.99 than 2,500 @ 400 bucks? The NFL has priced itself out of most of our pockets. At this rate it is quite literally the same price as cable. All 2000 channels of it.

  • @13 You are 100% correct. MLB figured that out as well charging $120 for games everyday for 25 weeks while the NFL is asking $400 for games once a week for 17 weeks. I wonder who sells more.

  • I have several questions about adding NFL sunday ticket to my PS3 is ther a phone # I can call to talk to a human that can answer my qestions?

  • NHL package: $160, 30 Teams, 84 games each = $0.13 per game.
    MLB package: $120, 30 Teams, 162 games each = $.05
    NFL Full Season: $350, 30 Teams, 16 games each = $1.45 per game.
    NFL package: $199, 30 Teams, 8 games each = $1.65 per game.

    No thank you NFL. I like the sport but they need to do better on their pricing. They are way out of line with the other sports offered through the PS3.

  • NASCAR SUNDAY TICKET WHERE IS IT? Sick of the other sports I only watch Nascar so why are we always left out. It is the most popular american sport in the USA so why is NASCAR missing huh?

  • Get dead island, red dead, all the call of dutys, just cause 2, GT5, all the battlefields on the psn for download sony. Not all of us prefer disc cause a bunch of ps3 owners only do download only now so get in gear cause your not getting sales from a lot of us cause we dont buy disc anymore SORRY.

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