Fate/EXTRA Hits PSP Today

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Fate/EXTRA Hits PSP Today


Fate. Destiny. A pre-destined future. Call it what you will, but fans of the highly successful Type-Moon franchise will come flocking at the mere mention of the word. To those not quite as familiar with the Fate series or all things Type-Moon, we’d like to present to you an excellent entry point into the universe in the form of the exclusive PSP title Fate/EXTRA!


In this role-playing game you’ll assume the role of a male or female protagonist as you pair up with one of three mystical and mysterious servants to aide you on your quest.


Saber: A class known for its well-balanced abilities and its superior swordsmanship. While Saber may be short in stature at a diminutive 4’9”, her strength and skill with a sword make her worthy of the Saber-class designation.


Archer: A class that specializes in the use of ranged weapons such as bows. An enigmatic warrior clad in a scarlet coat who possesses the ability to excel at weapons other than the bow…


Caster: A class that excels at magic-based combat due to their superior intelligence, though at the cost of being woefully inadequate at hand-to-hand combat. This particular Caster is a powerful magic user with an exotic vulpine appearance and is always clad in a blue kimono. She can be incredibly malicious and vindictive when the situation demands it, but otherwise is absolutely devoted to her Master.


Battles are one-on-one, and the turns are divided into six actions. An action consists of Attack, Guard, or Break. This applies to your enemy as well. The more you fight an enemy the more you’ll learn about their attack pattern to combat them more effectively. You can also pair up with a Servant of your choice at Tsukumihara Academy as you battle it out in the Arena against other Masters in order to vie for the Holy Grail.


Fate/EXTRA launches today on PSP for $29.99 (standard edition) and $39.99 (limited edition). Or you can grab it off PSN for only $24.99!

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  • Great looking game. Glad that the PSN price is cheaper than stores MSRP.

  • Yeah, I love the Fate/ franchise!

    It is good to still have my PSP with me ^w^

  • The battle system looks really original. Once I get the time, I’ll definitely be buying this. Plus, $25 is REALLY cheap, especially for an RPG. Good graphics, cool characters, nice sounding plot, and a cheap price. Can’t beat that!

  • Yay. It got featured on the ps blog. Happy. Been waiting for this game a while. PSN version so I can keep playing it on my Vita when it comes out. This game and Corpse Party will make excellent additions to my library.

  • Woot! Been waiting for this one forever. Now I just have to wait for my Fate/The Fact booklet to ship.

  • A new game for PSP!!! Finally!!!

  • Been waiting for this one to come out for a while! Can’t wait for PSN to update! :D

  • Dat Saber outfit~<3

    I seriously need to play the F/SN now…

  • I’m still waiting for my Limited Edition to ship (yes, Amacon.com still hasn’t shipped it. Lovely that…). *Sigh* The anticipation is torturing me, man. I sincerely hope that this game will do well, so that you guys will be localizing Fate/Extra CCC, too (you simply must, alright?)

    By the way, is there any chance that you guys would be able to bring the two “Umineko no Naku Koro ni” titles (remade for PS3) over here? It’s fine if you guys just translate the texts and release them as download-only titles. Really, I desperately need someone to localize these masterpieces. (Do it, man. The Golden Witch demands it.)

  • Hopefully the local store here in Canada will get their copies in later this week. (They were able to let me have my copy of Fate/the Fact, though. Hooray?)

  • Hmmm does anybody know when it is aviable on the Playstation network?

  • My limited edition copy shipped yesterday according to gamestop. No Saber figma makes me sad, but its understandable. I swore off buying UMDs but for Fate and the LE goodness I made an exception. I’ll be sure to double dip and purchase the digital version if it ever goes on sale or pricedrops in the future. :)

    Now about Fate/Extra CCC….. :o

  • Gonna pick this game up ASAP! Really excited to play it, and the LE set looks nice.

    Also, just a note, but the file names for the servant’s character art on Flickr have really huge spoilers in them! It might not matter to people already familiar with the Fate series, but you might wanna edit those down to just their class names for the sake of new comers who are just passing by and checking this post out.

  • When!!??
    Want Nao!

  • right now i have a 512 mb memory stick.will this be enough to play the game or will i need more more in order to play the digital download?

  • I’m looking forward to playing this game. My LE got shipped today, but I’ll be getting the digital version soonish as well.

  • For all those interested the game is up via search!

  • Wish this game had HD psn version.

  • @perrandy
    You’ll need more space I’m afraid. Its listed at 1.1gb.

  • I hate that Saber! Why did they have to “sexualize” her with that see-threw dress. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be pants under that but it don’t look like it.

    Saber is supposed to be a warrior not a sex symbol.
    I may be over reacting here but I loved the Anime and that model doesn’t seem to fit her character.

  • Supposedly, it’s part of a leotard. (And to be clear, this Saber is a different character to the one from F/SN; she has a different voice actriess, too.)

  • @20 (Fusion13)
    The good news is that this isn’t the Arturia Pendragon that we all know and love, as the world where Fate/EXTRA takes place is a different world than the one in Fate/stay night (but still within Nasuniverse). So let just say that even if they degrade this Saber down to a mere sex symbol, it still doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have anything to do with the other Saber. That said, you shouldn’t judge by her looks, this Saber also has a personality, and nice background (in my opinion.)

    By the way, you thought the (atrocious) anime adaptation was good ? Then you should definitely give the visual novel a try, and see just how epic it really is.

  • @Bloodios I understand what you mean, and yeah I did like the anime. I also thought the visual novel was great and better, I just didn’t mention it.

    Those were just my first thoughts on that design and I still have yet to play this. I’ll be getting it really soon though.

    Have you played Unlimited Codes? I really enjoyed that game.

  • @23 (Fusion13)
    Yes, I have, and you’re right, that game is awesome. I was really surprised at how well-thought-out the control scheme and combo was. Honestly though, I never would’ve thought of seeing that game outside of Japan (I’m glad that it was brought over anyway.)

  • This game gave me a reason to use my pspgo after a year of not using it when realizing crisis core wasn’t coming out for it. While this game is pretty good, without the ability the play crisis core I regret my decisions to get a pspgo and don’t trust sony to keep stuff compatible with new versions of their hardware. Fate/Extra is interesting though.

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