See What PS Move Brings to the inFAMOUS Universe

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See What PS Move Brings to the inFAMOUS Universe

The response so far to inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood has been amazing, and we’re thrilled people are enjoying Cole’s new horror-themed adventure. Just to add some digital chocolate to your Halloween haul we’re putting up an insider movie to show off the coolest powers and enemies you’ll go up against in inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood.

On top of that PlayStation Move is now part of the inFAMOUS world. You can play inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood with PS Move…and coming soon you will be able to play inFAMOUS 2 with Move as well via a free update. So check out the video and have a freaktastic Happy Halloween.

PS Store: inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood - Vampire Vision

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  • It was clunky at first, but after 30 minutes with the move, Controlling Cole became very natural and easy. I liked it a lot.

  • I just wanted to say I’m loving the Move support with Festival of Blood this being the 1st infamous game I’ve bought it makes me wanna go buy infamous 2 once it gets the patch for Move support.Liking the story of it Good job Suckerpunch this is one helluva game

  • Please add a sensitivity option to the ps move support, I have tremmors and it makes it unplayable using the move. With a sensitivity slider I would be fine.

    other than that, I love Festival of Blood!

    • There is an option of Motion Control Camera which changes the deadzone on how the PS Move controls the camera and reticle. Easy, Standard, and Expert are the options. You can set it to easy which should dampen the sensitivity of the Move, but sadly we don’t have an option to control the overall sensitivity of Move.

  • Will soon buy Festival of Blood :D
    Can’t wait for the Move patch!

  • I loved the PS move in Infamous FOB, it was hard to get used to at first but I liked the challenge and now it’s so easy to use. I beat the whole game with the move, it was way better and more fun. Leaving Infamous 2 (Bad Cole) for the PS move! Mad excited.

  • Loving Festival of Blood with move so much better than using the controller and feels more natural. Looking forward to infamous 2 with move support and thanks guys for the support of move.

  • Loved this game so much but it felt a bit short, please make and bring more like plus add a platinum trophy. love infamous games

  • Can’t wait to try out inFamous 2 with Move support.

  • I second letherclad’s request for a sensitivity option for the PS move controller.
    I too suffer from tremors and would love a sensitivity option so i could enjoy using the PS Move with inFamous Festival of Blood

  • Bought it, just need time to play! Getting Uncharted 3 at midnight too! XD

  • That right there is the coolest thing I’ve heard all day! This just became a definite buy for me!

  • To bad you guys didn’t have day one move support for Infamous 2.

  • Haven’t picked up Festival of Blood yet, but can’t wait to play through inFamous 2 with the Move!

    So, I guess when inFamous 2 gets re-released again for, say, the Greatest Hits collection, it’ll sport the PS Move logo on the front and have the update on disk? And maybe current copies on shelves will have Move stickers on them?

    Can’t wait to see what cool narratives people make with the speech bubbles!

  • Awesome Sauce, nough said!!! 8)

  • I finally tore myself away from Dark Souls last night to try the first 5 minutes of FOB. First, the graphics were astounding. So much better than I2. Did you do that, or is it my new Bravia HDTV? I took the tutorial first. I’m going to agree with the poster who said a sensitivity slider bar would be very helpful. I get dizzy when I can’t stop the screen spinning fast enough.

    Sucker Punch, you are amazing. I am excited about this game, the UGC for it, and the upcoming Move support for I2. Oh, and the digital only aspect is great. More, please.

  • Dear Sucker Punch inFAMOUS festival of blood was awesome but realy realy short. it should have been more long and also i recommend to be able to play as the “DLC” skins of infamous 2 and that it would be playable as Vampire cole in I2. also recommend to redo inFAMOUS festival of blood longer because it was short

  • Loved playing the game with Move and can’t wait for the inFAMOUS 2 patch! One favorite things to do is flying into one enemy after the other, automatically staking them. Also, electro-carpet-bombing an area by hovering, scanning the area for targets with vamp-vision, and then dropping electro-nades on or near each target while still in the air. I wish more “AAA” games would support move properly. :/

  • though it would be good that infamous festival of blood to be an actual game like if it was I3 but not stuck to the story line consider this idea becuz in I2 either cole dies or becomes the beast and i wouldn’t imagine a story line as the beast though would be awesome:D

  • @13, Even better, it could include FOB. That would be a more definitive version of inFAMOUS 2.

  • and a perfect dlc for festival of blood it would be dracula reviving bloody mary once again and cole a vampire again has to kill them or join them and convert everyone in new marais a vapire and to be longerplease and bring carma choises again and more blood showing

  • @berserker134,

    Ever heard of the word spoiler? Yes, InFAMOUS 2 has been out a few months, but no need to talk about the ending(s).

    Now, if only Sucker Punch could revamp (get it?) the first InFAMOUS to allow for Move control. While I don’t see much financial interest involved, it would be great for them all to control the same.

  • FoB is a fantastic title! I just finished the story last night and although it may be a little short, it definitely doesn’t disappoint. For anyone that hasn’t got this yet I fully suggest that you do and don’t miss out on this fantastic experience!

    I haven’t played with my Move yet and did my first runthrough with my DS3 controller but plan on going through the game again with Move. Please bring out more fantastic standalone experiences like this! FoB really shows how DLC should be done and set a bar for quality. I would even go as far as saying that this is the best themed DLC from any title to date.

  • Free update on Infamous 2 so that I can use my Move. Awesome, Thanks . I can’t wait. YEAH

  • Next time, leave out the Wii support and give us more than two hours of gameplay.

  • Nice addition to iNFAMOUS 2! I was confused when I loaded up Festival of Blood and saw the PS Move warning screens.

  • Beat Festival of Blood on Saturday, haven’t tried it with Move yet, but I will. Really like FoB, but it was a bit short, wish it was longer. I loved the city how it was decorated. Overall a great DLC, hopefully you guys bring out more :D

  • With the Festival of Blood, I can understand that you can play with the move controller, but its to all the infamous game? or only for de DLC PACK

  • I beat the game, got all the trophies this game is a lot of fun but its alot easier using dual shock than using move but its great though. I was wondering if we can use his powers from festival of blood into infamous 2. Its going to be great. I know alot of people is thinking the same way.

  • @RreyesS – inFamous: Festival of Blood already has PS Move support on purchase. inFamous 2 will be gaining PS Move support shortly with an update. The original inFamous however does not support PS Move and looks like it won’t receive support.

  • Any chance to get a date for Infamous 2 PS Move patch??

  • personally i have loved the infamous series and hope that FOB is good from wht i see it is but i really want a I3 i see how it would be had bc he died or is the beast but the boat got struck by lightning thus possibly reviving cole but tht is just what i am thinking and 1 else agree if so i would like to know

  • Thanks sucker punch for support playstation move i look forward to what you folks do with move in the near future!

  • @32 hey have you ever heard of sth called spoiler?

  • It seems like a lot of games are getting the move capability and from what I can tell it is working out quite well. I have not had a chance to play festival of blood but it definitely seems pretty cool.

  • Pretty sick looking game. I would play it.

  • Dear Collin Moore i have completed FoB to 100%( SPOILER ALERT) i got the Full vampire skin and obiously the infected cole skin. gameplay was terific awesome but the game was too short =/ BUT STILL GAME WAS AWESOME


  • My favorite game its so fun

  • Dear Sucker Punch and Sony this is a message to you because i wan’t to talk about infamous festival of blood and infamous 2 of an good update idea for those games the update would be additional content of being allowed to play as the vampire skins (infected cole and full vapire cole) plese do this cuz my favorites skins are reaper,golden amp,kessler,original cole,infected and full vampire cole. over alkl reaper and full vampire please do this update becuz i think it will bring more popularity to the game please put this update becuz there is a lot of peapole that want this too

  • Just beat it, it’s awesome. I hope there are more. Though I saw the ‘twist’ at the end coming from a mile away.

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