PlayStation Plus November Sneak Peek: Free Hydrophobia Prophecy and More

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PlayStation Plus November Sneak Peek: Free Hydrophobia Prophecy and More

It’s time once again to have a look at upcoming PlayStation Plus content! PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that gives you access to free games, discounts on new and classic titles, and access to exclusive features of the network, all for just over $4 a month. And this November, we’re rolling out access to amazing content that you’ll want to be a part of. To learn more about this, or get access to PlayStation Plus, either click here, or go the PlayStation Store on your PS3 console and go to the PlayStation Plus category.

Hydrophobia PS Plus Header

Starting 11/1, enjoy free access to Hydrophobia Prophecy! Note that this is day and date with the release of the game. Free for the entire month for Plus subscribers, this action adventure uses the power of HydroEngine – the world’s first fluid dynamics engine for games – to engage in mind blowing flow combat and incredible physics based puzzles. This is also the definitive version of this title complete with PlayStation Move support, a redone backstory, a dramatic new ending, improved voice acting, and a ton of additional features.

We’re also rolling out some classic Crash Bandicoot love with several Crash PSone Classics available for free downloads throughout the month. Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, and 3, along with CTR: Crash Team Racing are all available for the better part of November starting 11/1.

Free PS minis are also on deck with Rumble Trucks and the charming Where is my Heart? free through the month. In the last half of November, look forward to grabbing Doodle Fit, the best-selling puzzle game, free as well.

Lastly, you may have seen today’s earlier note on the special Plus subscription offer in which you can sign up for Plus and receive Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Series (Episodes 1-4) free when it released on 11/15. Subscribing already? You’re not left out! Existing subscribers are eligible by purchasing a 1 year Plus subscription between 11/1 – 11/8 and receive Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Series (Episodes 1-4) free when it drops on 11/15; thereby extending their current subscription end date. Retail cards from online sites and stores will work too, but you need to make sure you redeem those codes in the PlayStation Store within the 11/1 – 11/8 timeframe.

There will be a number of other discounts and content throughout the month, many of which will be announced via the PlayStation Store Update. Please keep in mind these are expected games and discounts for Plus. Some content outlined may be subject to change. Release dates are also subject to change. With that in mind, have a look at the expected Plus content to hit this month! Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or hit the PlayStation Forums to chat more about Plus with PlayStation Network’s Morgan Haro / mochuuu.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Purchase a 1 year subscription by clicking here. By purchasing online, you’ll receive a redemption code immediately after purchase via email.

Here is the content list for November 2011 as of 10/31.

PS Plus - Coming Soon - NEW

Free PSN Games and DLC: Hydrophobia: Prophecy (11/1)
Free PSone Classics: Crash Bandicoot (11/1)
Crash Bandicoot 2 (11/1)
Crash Bandicoot3: Warped (11/1)
CTR: Crash Team Racing (11/1)
Free Minis: Rumble Trucks (11/1)
Where is my Heart (11/8)
Doodle Fit (11/15)
Hasbro Family Game Night 3 Full Game Trial (11/15)
Exclusive Discounts: Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Series (Episodes 1-4) – 20% off – (11/15)
Free Themes: Robots Dynamic Theme (11/1)
Free Avatars Green Hat Penguin Avatar (11/15)
Raccoon Avatar (11/15)
Red Ornament Avatar (11/15)
Snow Monster Avatar (11/15)
Turkey Leg Avatar (11/15)
Media: Qore Episode 42 – November Early Access

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  • I’ll never join plus. But yay Jurassic park nov 15. Will battlefield 3. Come on psn as a full download in November?

  • Great list! I always thought Hydrophobia looked cool so I’m excited to try that out. I love the Crash games and I’ve been looking forward to Jurassic Park so it’s nice to see a discount on that too!

    • Yeah this version of hydrophobia should be interesting. Also can’t wait to relive some Jurassic Park memories =)

  • buuuuuuuuu :(


    Too bad I already have all the CB games through previous sales/plus promotions.

    Hydrophobia for free right off the bat is AWESOME. I’ve been hearing great things but my laptop is too crummy.

  • PlayStation Plus just gets better and better. But I would like to suggest a new feature. Free PS2 Classics, just like the PSOne Classics. And more free DLC is always needed if PlayStation Plus is to “Elevate our Game”. Still loving and will continue to be a subscriber.

    Also, I am sure we would all like to see a Ratchet and Clank HD collection bringing all PS2 and PSP Ratchet titles to PS3 with trophy support. The Jak and Daxter has been officially announced finally, and we already have the Sly Collection, now we just need Ratchet.

    • Thanks for the suggestion on PS2 Classics, time will tell how how and if they interact with a Plus subscription.

  • How about a 50%-70% off for jurassic park after the buy a year subsription to Plus get it for free ends?It’s pretty sad when the top thing I am waiting for out of Plus s the free avatars.SMH

  • Looks like another excellent month to be a PLUS member! Looking forward to trying out Hydrophobia for the first time, it looks good.
    However I’m quite disappointed I won’t get the Jurassic Park game free, as I just renewed my subscription on 10/21 for a year, and cannot afford another $50 so soon.

  • Also isnt DC universe going free tomorrow why I havent seen anything about it?

  • Awesome!!!

  • YES. As a huge Crash Bandicoot fanboy this update is great new for me :). Gotta love what I’m getting with Plus!

  • I’ve always wanted all the Crash games so that’s nice. Hydrophobia looks interesting and I’ll probably buy another year of Plus so I can get Jurassic Park for free, my subscription ends in March so might as well get it now. Hopefully there are some more discounts through out the month of November. Looks like a good month.

  • 4 PS1 games, that I use to own but got stolen + Hydophobia? Awesome.

  • Question! I already have PS+ but its going to finish this December. Can I buy the one year subscrion tomorrow and get it renewed and also get the Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Series (Episodes 1-4) free?

    Also “Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, and 3, along with CTR: Crash Team Racing are all available for the better part of November starting 11/1.” Woot, can’t wait! Excited!

    • Yes as long as you buy the 1 year Plus subscription from 11/1 – 11/8 you’ll be scheduled to receive a voucher to get Jurassic Park free (all 4 episodes)

  • I all read got Crash Team Racing from plus on 6/10/2011at 5:49pm. (says so on my memory card PSP) But will take the other three..

  • Yay I get to use my Move again!

  • And I also can’t wait for more Qore!

  • Cool.. Looking forward to trying out Hydrophobia – first day offers like that are great! Keep em coming. Do the same with Trine 2 and I love you.

  • Looking good . I just re-upped my subscription but I only do 3 months at a time . Not interested in Jurassic Park either . So sick of Telltale games .

    Good month once again to be a plus member .

  • yay finally Crash bandicoot has been released… sweeeeett.. now where is my psv so that i can play it on there.. it would suck on my 47 inch tv

  • Make Crash Bandicoot for the PS3 already!!!

  • I have a suggestion for a future month on PLUS : give PLUS members several choices from which to choose their free games. It would work similar to how the Welcome Back program gave us 5 choices and we picked 2. Give plus members 4 or 5 choices of Full games, and they get to pick 2; also with the Minis, give 4 or 5 choices, and let us pick 2. This way you can mix in some old games (which newer members don’t have) with some new games (which old members don’t have). You could also mix genres/game types/game ratings so that there is more likely to be something for everyone. Obviously there would still be a couple ungrateful whiners, but way more players would be excited with some choices.
    I realize something like that might be tough to implement every month, but maybe every 3rd month could be a choice month. So 2 months you just tell us what we get, say Oct and Nov, then the 3rd we get choices, say Dec. Then March, June, and September could be choices months as well.
    This is just another possibility for improving an already excellent service, keep up the great work!

  • Is there gonna be another update for the month ? Or is that all for November ? I mean. No DLC love ? Almost no discounts (except for Jurassic Park) ?

  • Looks like a great month between Hydrophobia and all psOne Crash Games (free on Nov. 1? Coincidence, thy name is Naughty Dog!) However, quick question: is there a reason why the discounts stop after the 15? There are still two updates on the 22nd and 29th, aren’t there? Is nothing lined up quite yet, or does the Plus greatness only apply to three of the five Tuesdays in November?

  • PLEASE increase the cloud storage beyond 150 mb. That’s not nearly enough Sony…..make it happen.

  • Nice! I was upset that I missed getting CTR a few months back when it was offered as a free PSX Classic (this was before I signed up for PS+). Now I can get all 4 Crash games! So glad I have PS+ now!

  • Yes please increase cloud storage limit . I was at my limit a month after you launched it .

  • I sure hope there is a Final Fantasy ps plus month soon!
    FF7, 8, 9 and Tactics free! hehe *hint hint* ;)

  • Once again nothing about DCUO!!!

  • I’ve been wanting to play Hydrophobia Prophecy since I saw its first trailer and I’m really glad that it’s going to be free for us PS+ subscribers. The water graphics are pretty cool and I looking forward to its updated graphics once I get it tomorrow. As for all those four Crash Bandicoot games, it’s so awesome that they’re going to be free as well! I’ve been meaning to buy the first three games to add them into my PSone collection. Looks like I don’t have to, thanks to PS+. Not so bad for this month, I already can’t wait what’s in store for us on December.

  • nice, i almost bought hyrdophobia a month or so ago when it was a deal of the week. glad i waited.

  • on the 360,… i forgot to add.

    also i loved crash games …when i was younger.

    CTR still holds up though. i own at that game

  • @ ***Grace Chen***

    A question for current subscribers:

    In the Jurassic Park article posted before this, it states current Plus members must purchase a full-year subscription and stack it to be eligible for the free Jurassic Park.

    However, in this article it states we simply need to “extend our time // end date.”

    Could you please clarify? Thanks.

    • I’ll fix this. It should state that you need to purchase a 1 year subscription to Plus in order to be eligible for JP free. Anything less than this (like the 3 month extension) will not work. Thanks for noticing!

  • Everytime I think plus can’t possibly get better, you just go ahead and top it the next week. Thanks. Thanks a lot!

  • wow didnt they already give us a few of the crash games? how lame..

    i already own all of them to begin with.. yea im done with this after dec9th

  • Hooray!!! Free Crash Bandicoot! I love Plus. Can you guys at Sony offer free PS2 classics?

  • This looks awesome. Hydrophobia is an awesome game. I played the original on 360, and this is said to be a better version of that one, so I can’t wait. just glad I don’t have to buy it twice!

  • Looking forward to the Crash Bandicoot set the most. I knew I wouldn’t regret paying for a year of playstation plus.

  • PSN Plus is great! I like what I see already, hope their’s more coming later in the month! Thankyou!

  • Love PS+ – have been a member since day one and for me it has been the greatest value for my gaming dollar. Played a lot of games I would have missed and it keeps coming. Outstanding!

  • Hydro sounds really cool. Bandicoot oh bandicoot how many years have we spent together. Ohhhhhh the good times we had. I guess 2011 we are gonna go back and kick cortex’s @ss again lol.
    Grace Chen, I don’t know if you ever played bandicoot but if you haven’t I suggest you try this wonderful, joyfull pleasureable game. Before anybody goes six feet under they have to play this game. I think I’m still going to heaven? Oh? To much info lol.

  • Pretty weak offerings this month.

  • Ahaha great! At first glance the holiday avatar in the picture above looks like the Forever Alone guy :P

    Nice selection, keep it up! I’ll be renewing soon for the free Jurassic Park.

  • Calling it a sneak peek is misleading. That would imply we’re getting information we’re not supposed to know. Calling the post a preview would be more accurate.

  • i got a question.If im already a psn plus subcriber,is for 1 year already it said that is going to expire on 8/15/2012 on my service list.Let said i do the renewal this week..if i do this does this renewal going to expire on 8/15/2013.Im interest to renew so that i could get jurrassic park the game free.

    • Yep as long as you purchase and redeem the 1 year subscription this week 11/1 – 11/8, you’ll of course extend your subscription as well as get JP when it comes out.

  • Wow alot of you guys are so disrespectful. you knew what you were getting into subbing to plus. i mean really.why complain that you already bought a game no one really cares. not their fault you got it already.

    But anyway IM looking forward to hydrophobia and all the crash games. THANKS!

  • Renewals extend your subscription 1 year past the expiry date. Starting after tomorrows PSN update, you’ll be able to get the free JP game if you extend your subscription OR start a new one.

    Pretty simple.

  • Great month! I’d still like to see free add-on content for retail games (like the Uncharted 2 content) on a more consistent basis (MotorStorm: Pacific Rift or Killzone 2 map packs?), but still there’s a nice selection here.

    My subscription is up December 26, and I’d jump on the Jurassic Park deal, but I just don’t have the money right now. More subscription deals on a more consistent basis would be nice. Maybe a different bonus game for subscribing each month, or a “buy a full year and save $X.XX on one of these games” kind of thing.

    And once again, I love the new monthly posts. Much, much better than the old two week thingy.

  • I will definitely pick up the Crash Bandicoot games

  • This is like the worst update in quite a long time.

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