Dancer Diary: Get a Workout with Everybody Dance

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Dancer Diary: Get a Workout with Everybody Dance

We hope that you’ve been enjoying Everybody Dance since the game’s launch last Tuesday! Now that you’ve had a chance to start working up a sweat on the dance floor, we wanted to share our newest Dancer Diary Video—Dance Workout. Following up on last week’s Party Play video featuring the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush cheerleaders and the previous week’s Dance Creator tutorial, the Dance Workout Dancer Diary takes us back to the studio with Glenn Douglas Packard and his group of professional dancers. Check out the video below for a Dance Workout walkthrough.

Everybody Dance’s workout mode is a great way to stay fit while having fun! The interface is simple. It lets you to pick various song sets, all of which are set at different paces and difficulty levels, so you’ll be able to find the perfect workout routine to fit your personal style. As you play through a set, a display in the top corner of the screen keeps track of the calories that you’re burning. Finally, the Dance Workout mode records your progress over time in an easy to read chart. Pick up a copy today so you can stay fit and monitor your progress throughout the party-filled holiday season!

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  • My wife and daughter just played the demo for the first time last night. The game is perhaps silly, and maybe the “hardcore” gamers on here will complain about…”this is exactly what we thought the Move would become”, etc., but ultimately…we/they had a great time and some good clean family fun! Going to buy the full retail game later today.

  • Why is it that none of the video shows gameplay footage. Yeah, I get it, professional dancers and cheerleaders are having fun with it and it should be a proof/garanty that the game is good. But it’s pretty hard to find any details about how it plays.

  • I love the setup and how user friendly it is and how quick it is to learn. I spent a majority of the weekend obsessed over playing this and I even got my two younger bros and my mom to play it. Thank you for making such an awesome game. I wish more dancing games were like this. Props for giving the ability to sing with the mic or headset (which I have). I haven’t tried party mode yet, but i like how you don’t need more than 2 move controllers. I have Barbra Streisand, DJ had us falling in love, and Party Rock Anthem on my Ipod because of this game.

    couple things.

    are highlights always on the same part of the routine?

    highlight vids won’t upload to my facebook, can you explain what may be wrong?

  • I really want to like Everybody Dance, and it does correct a great many of the irritations I had with SingStar Dance, but I can’t get into the vast majority of the music included on the disc. (I don’t *hate* the music, but it doesn’t make me wanna shake my booty.) I’ll check it out again if there’s a “Volume 2” like the SingStar series has had.

    The one thing I’d really like to see added is left-handed and/or dual Move controller support for single player.

  • Picked it up yesterday for my daughters (all the songs/videos aren’t kid appropriate, but quite a few are) and they love it.

  • We bought the game for our daughter and she absolutely loves the game. What would be nice is some DLC which was promised at launch but doesn’t seem to be in the store yet….any timeframe? Thx for another great game SONY

  • Who makes your promotional decisions Sony? Your game is called EVERYBODY Dance and yet the only ones you show off playing this game are professional dancers??? Your marketing department is obsessed with showing attractive people playing with your products, even your original PSP campaign showed rich Caucasian kids playing with it in a mansion and pool party (people who can afford better and more expensive products). Did you not learn anything from Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Kinect campaigns, where they show people of all ages playing their games? Hope you don’t make the same mistake with the Vita. You’re advertising to 1% of the population, I’m willing to bet your sales of this game reflect that.

  • Everybody dance is a great game. It has multiple levels to get every into the dancing mode. And the calorie burner is no joke. I was doing a lot on that mode. Getting in a few moves and sweating off some pounds.

  • Played some more last night and some of the moves whip my butt.

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