All Zombies Must Die! Brings Big Heads and Zombies to PlayStation Home

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All Zombies Must Die! Brings Big Heads and Zombies to PlayStation Home
All Zombies Must Die! Brings Big Heads and Zombies to PlayStation Home

Hello! You may remember Doublesix Games from 2009’s Burn Zombie Burn! We’re clearly not done murdering zombies. In our upcoming arcade-RPG All Zombies Must Die! the idea is simple: you kill all zombies. It’s one of those ‘it does what it says in the title’ kind of things. The game is a mix of weapons-based arena combat and light RPG elements and pits a Gamer, a Girl, a Mad Scientist and an Alien against six billion zombies to defend the world’s supply of delicious, supple brains. All Zombies Must Die! drops up to four players into the town of Deadhill, where they must mow their way through ranks of brain-hungry monsters with a variety of weaponry while completing quests served up by the game’s gripping storyline. We’re combining elements of action and role-playing, including character leveling, weapons crafting and numerous quests. The graphics reflect the silly yet sinister nature of the gameplay with a bright, comic style. All Zombies Must Die! will be hitting the PlayStation Network later this year.


But before the game releases, we’ve got something special in the works for PlayStation Home folks, just in time for Halloween. With the All Zombies Must Die! “Big Head Pack”, now available in the PlayStation Home Mall, you’ll be able to don oversized heads of two characters from the game: Jack the gamer and Luxo the alien. In addition to this, a third mask allows you to shuffle about PlayStation Home as one of the titular zombies. (Note: please remember to groan and shout “braaaaaiiiiiinnnnnns” if you’re going to do this)

While clearly zombies are horrific creatures that should be peppered with shotgun shells on sight (all zombies must die, remember?), wouldn’t it be nice to have one of the little green fellas ambling along beside you? Indeed it would. To compliment the first Big Head Pack, PlayStation Home will also be getting six companions on Monday, October 31st; two zombies and four mutants, who will faithfully trot along beside your avatar. With your comically oversized head and a pet mutant shuffling about by your side, you’ll certainly be conveying the right image this Halloween.
The Big Head Pack sells for $3.99, giving you all three heads for both male and female avatars, while the lovable zombie companions will sell individually for $2.99

For more information, ‘like’ All Zombies Must Die! on Facebook, or take a gander at the official AZMD site.

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