Mass Effect 3 Co-op Report: All 4 One

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Mass Effect 3 Co-op Report: All 4 One

Mass Effect 3 for PS3: Co-op

Yes, Virginia, there is a multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3. And it’s in the form of a galaxy-spanning PSN cooperative campaign that pits two to four players against wave after wave of relentless Reaper forces. In this way, the basic premise of Mass Effect 3’s Galaxy at War co-op mode is not unlike Call of Duty’s Nazi Zombies or Modern Warfare 2’s Spec Ops, only with the series’ robust RPG progression system making the jump in full force.

In my demonstration of Galaxy at War, Bioware’s team first teased what looked to be a large, interactive map that will enable teams to hop into different theaters of war spread around the galaxy. You won’t be able to port your Commander Shepard into the co-op Galaxy at War mode; instead, you’ll create a new character from scratch, earning XP by slaying enemies and completing objectives. The co-op scenarios are heavily combat focused, though simple objectives — such uploading computer files or disarming bombs — creep in from time to time. The pace is fast-paced and grueling, and your goal is simple: outlast your Reaper attackers.

Mass Effect 3 for PS3: Co-op

Galaxy at War’s progression is wave-based and hierarchical, beginning with squads of grim-faced Assault Troopers before escalating into laser-rifle-toting Nemesis assassins and hulking Atlas mechs (and worse, presumably). As you mow down the Reaper forces, you’ll accumulate weapons and assign new gun mods and skills before topping off at a level cap of 20 — just like in the single-player game.

In the heat of the Reaper onslaught, melee attacks, tech powers, and biotics are critical to your survival, so choosing co-op partners with complementary skills and equipment will be a key consideration. As an example, a well-timed Tech skill such as Incinerate or Overload can zap a shielded enemy, giving your teammate a moment to slink to safety and finish the job; a Biotic expert can Pull enemies out of cover to expose them to gunfire. As in any co-op game, communication will be key. One immediately helpful UI touch: you can easily spot your teammates through walls via ghostly outlines.

Mass Effect 3 for PS3: Co-opMass Effect 3 for PS3: Co-op

Single-player purists can stop worrying: Mass Effect 3’s story-focused campaign will still be a strictly solo affair. Galaxy at War, however, provides a rare opportunity to experiment with a plethora of character builds away from the stiff consequences of the single-player battlefield, and bust some Reaper heads with your friends. Playing the multiplayer mode will also unlock certain content in the single-player campaign, though exactly what that content is remains a mystery for now.

Are you interested in learning more about Mass Effect 3’s new co-op mode, or are you sticking to the single-player campaign? Leave your answers in the comments!

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  • Why are you trying to cater to CoD fans? People play Mass Effect for the single player…not CoD Zombie-like gameplay….

  • And no I’m not directing that at you Sid lol

  • Look. As long as the single-player is EPIC, you can do whatever else you want, Bioware. I’ll support you.


  • Honestly, I’ll play single player mostly, but it should be less of a chore having to worry about the AI having a few buddies fight with you.

  • What races will be playable?

    Looks like great fun!

    • A huge number of them! I don’t have the full list, but it’s extensive. Turians, Krogans, Asari, and Human for starters.

  • The Co-Op should a good addition for many, but I’ll personally defend the Galaxy and Earth by myself.

  • Mass Effect is a series that is crushed by the weight of its own importance. I think I’ll pass on this one.

  • As a huge Mass Effect fan, played both games and bought all the books, I guarantee I will never touch this. Hopefully this doesn’t impact the single player but with Bioware’s recent offerings, Dragon Age 2, I wouldn’t be surprised if this kills the Mass Effect series. At least some people have brain cells, this being co-op. Competitive modes like death-match would have made this a complete joke.

    • Nah, it won’t kill it. If anything, it’ll keep people trying out new character builds and playing with friends. I always wondered what it was like to use more Tech and Biotic abilities as I’m a Sentinel, so this will give me the chance.

  • @1

    Why is it that whenever a game tries out a multiplayer mode, people get all butthurt? its completely optional and it doesnt take away from the single player campaign so hush -_-

  • No campaign co-op ? I was hopeing for that the most. I could care less about CALL of DOOKIE wave after wave crap. I’ll probably get it anyway just for single player. AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T STRAY FROM HOW ME2 WAS GAMEPLAY WISE.

    • The gameplay I’ve seen of ME3 is comparable to ME2, only tighter and more impactful and with more options. It’s quite comparable!

  • I’m SUPER EXCITED about ME3’s separate online co-op mode!!!!!

    A few questions:

    1) Will our characters be able to get into a mech suit?

    2) Will we be able to use heavy weapons (grenade launchers, missile launchers, etc)?

    3) What about difficulty settings – will there be any?

    4) Will we be able to use any vehicles on some of the maps?

    • I don’t know the answers to these yet, as Galaxy of War is still early in development and BioWare will be sharing more details about it later. We’ll keep you posted!

  • Not interested in co-op. Single player all the way for ME3.

  • is there a reason why the level cap is so low for single player? also how why cant we carry more than 2 guns in co-op i hate being limited to only two freaking guns in any game.

  • @ 1

    I feel the same way..So many once great games try to “CASH IN” on what sells for others only to end up dead. Most games just can’t be done that way. SORRY DEVS but it’s true.

  • lol people are so bitter towards multiplayer. I see people claim its to cash in on “Call of duty” like gameplay and how terrible COD is. I’m not a fan but obviously they are doing something right if its the most anticipated game every year and the most played MP game out there. I am guessing people who complain about it are people who are bad at it…its to be expected.

    I am find with the MP in ME3 as long as the actual game itself does not suffer. If the main game turns out to be really short…I in addition to many others will blame it on the MP. Bioware usually doesn’t disappoint though…so I am not going to be a pessimist.

  • I just hope that there are not ridiculous trophies tied to online.

  • My God. You people just don’t understand a good, innovative idea when you see it. Why wouldn’t you want to play your favorite game with friends who also ADORE that same game, and as Turians or Krogans, no less? If it’s fun by yourself, it’ll be even more fun with people you like spending time with. You don’t HAVE to play it. Let us who think the idea is great enjoy it without you downers crapping all over it. Christ.

  • It’s weird how some studios are completely in tune with what they want to develop and what their fans expect from them. Bioware just seem to be grasping at straws.

  • love Co-op so we will see how it goes!!! eating a mcrib and dripping barbecue sauce all over my shirt. yummm and messy :)

  • Interesting development. Not having or needing friends, this is all academic for me. However, I haven’t yet found time for ME2 & I anticipate still playing both Dark Souls & Skyrim when ME3 arrives, so that will get pushed to I don’t know when.

    But I’ll pre-order anyway, if there’s a good bonus announced, & there usually is.

  • @7

    Really…?… come off it…

    @ blog topic

    As long as the single player doesn’t suffer development sacrifices due to the inclusion of online co-op, Then I stand behind this 100%, Actually now that you mention it, co-op in ME3 with some buddies would be something I’d probably really enjoy.

    My only gripe with Bioware ever, has to do with level capping issues, Other than that you guys are definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to game design.

  • I’m definitely getting this game, but the MP is just kinda meh at this point and seems very unnecessary, but hey maybe it’ll turn out to be an unexpected surprise and actually be fun like Uncharted 2’s MP. I’ll try it out, but not until after I beat the story mode, hopefully you guys aren’t focusing too much time on MP and leaving out things from the campaign or not having the campaign reach full potential because of MP. Also are you guys confident enough that the combat has improved enough for this type of horde-like multiplayer? ME2 was a nice improvement over the stiff combat of ME1 and even though I haven’t played it yet, ME3 looks more fluid than ME2, but is it as fluid as a third person shooter like Uncharted or Gears? If so then I definitely think it would work, but if not, then it may be problematic.

    • You better believe that the first thing I’ll be doing with ME3 is playing the story! It’ll be nice to have co-op to extend the experience and try different character builds.

  • Looks great guys thank you so much it is refeshing 2 play a game with coop not many games are doing that anymore keep up the good work

  • Its a nice idea playing co-op. Just as long the main focus keeps being the single story.

  • I like the concept of adding co op, but I hope they keep there main focus on the story. The co op should just be an extra plus.

  • I think the problem most people have with multiplayer is they don’t want the Mass Effect universe to be soiled by all the moronic jerks playing online (I’m not saying all online players are this way, but enough are that it spoils multiplayer for everyone). At least, that’s my only real problem with it. Provided it really didn’t interfere with the single player mode.

  • EA and Activision will run their franchises into the ground with these ridiculous schemes. There’s too many suits without a clue pulling strings.

    If multiplayer takes away even an iota of development focus from the single-player campaign, Mass Effect fans will not be happy.

  • @10
    The reason people get upset about multiplayer is when a single player games tries to incorporate multiplayer it rarely goes well.Also despite what they may claim they diverted resources (money,time,developers,or all of the above) away from the single player experience to try to cater to a new crowd ignoring those who supported them and their products.The campaign length is around the same time wise as Mass Effect 2 according to Bioware developers so that means instead of increasing the campaign length they opted to add a multiplayer option to try to build a community which will more than likely be dead or close enough to it within months of release.

  • There’s no reason to complain, it’s just a good plus! Can’t wait!

  • Well, I was happy with just the single player. The MP will probably be fun to mess around with alternate character builds, but I doubt i’ll max out a character. ….

  • Garbage franchise.

    LOL at anyone trying to call these games ‘RPGs’. And LOL at the laughably crap Unreal Engine graphics.

    Bioware has been crap ever since Baldur’s Gate II.

  • Not even going to touch the co-op, but I cannot wait for ME3! One of the best futuristic RPG series available, its right up there with Deus Ex. I just hope co-op doesn’t take much development time away from the main component of the game, the richly deep SP experience.

  • Sound interesting… But wonder how the weapon/rpg-powers wheel will work? Cause it pauses everthing in singleplayer and gives you time to be tactical, and obviously you can’t do that here with 3 other people’s game depending on it… So how will that work out?

  • I’ve been waiting for something to try and one-up CoD zombies, and I think this may be it.

  • EA had to have some reason to slap the online pass on this game, so they made them add online. This will probably be like Uncharted and have a tacked on online.

  • please bioware keep making games like ME and DA cuz I will buy them all! lol,I love ME2 and DA:O easily my faves games of this gene along with Heavy Rain ,GOWIII and KZ3 :)

  • “Mass Effect 3’s Galaxy at War co-op mode is not unlike Call of Duty’s Nazi Zombies or Modern Warfare 2’s Spec Ops”


    Does that mean it IS like those modes? :|


  • It is a great way to increase the Epicness that is Mass Effect. Just don’t take anything out of the Single player, to add this, and I will be happy <3

  • I cancelled my pre-order. I’m sick of SP games getting tacked on MP. Like Darewind said, the sole fact that they added an online mode means they’re spending time working on it, rather than making the SP bigger, better or longer.
    And really? They lowered the level cap again? Let me get this right. ME1, level cap of 50 on your first playthrough, with tons of skills and ways to customize your character, and different classes were proficient with different weapons. On a New Game+, you could hit level 60. ME2, they lowered the level cap to 30, which could be achieved in one playthrough if you literally did every single mission/side-mission possible and got every last exp bonus from conversations, or you could play NG+ with +25% exp for everything. They gave you only 4 base skills per class, and made weapons useable across every class. Now in ME3, they’re lowering the level cap to 20? Let me guess… you only get 3 skills now, which are unlocked at the start, and level up as you use them, completely independent of your character level… Bioware has discovered how to destroy a game. Start it in one genre, then over the course of two sequels, turn it into a TPS version of Call of Duty. At least Dragon Age is still playable.

  • I’m very excited about the online being added. The single player won’t suffer at all as I’m sure the story and all of the events that take place were planned out long ago. I see it as more time that I can enjoy in the Mass Effect universe. I can’t think of a game I’d rather have online added to it. I agree that the level cap sucks but as for anyone that claims it’s “just copying CoD” well I think the “Survival” game type has been around longer than the CoD franchise, so who did they copy?

  • this is not what i asked for. Stop tailoring to the COD and GearsOW crowd. ME used to be for the intillectuals not the meatheads. Bring it back to its roots Bioware!

  • Not sure how to feel about this… I understand that all of us care about the main story and this is completely optional. But does that mean that not that much effort is going into it, since it is just something optional that noone really has to play at all? I’m interested in seeing more about this and hopefully co-op is far more integrated than just 4 guys.

  • @7, why even post on an article about Mass Effect then?

  • MAss Effect the most overrated watered down RPG, Actually Shooter with Dialog this gen. If you play it as a shooter its good, play it as an RPG is epic fail. All the choices are largely superficial and dont efffect the main story, The witcher, Deus Ex and many others do it way better. Why do Bioware worlds have such empty worlds with a lack of detail and NPC’s that never move and stand in 1 spot the entire game? It’s 2011……………………………………………………………

    I’ll Prob get it as it’s stilld ecent but this is such an overrated series, good dialog, everything else is decidely average.

  • @36, you’re clueless if you think Uncharted’s online is just tacked on. Uc2 was retty good they really beefed it up for 3, its pretty deep.

  • @32 kind of agree with you except Knights of the Old Republic was very good. Bioware are definitly out of touch and overrated. The Witcher is made by a small dev and it blows anything Bioware has done in a decade away .

  • I hope I can create a Conrad Verner type soldier.

  • I have to lol at how any time people add a wave based survival mode to a game everyone freaks out with the “COD CLONE” garbage, guess what? CoD wasn’t the first game to do that, they’re just the largest franchise that did it well/recently enough for you to notice. Also, why is everyone adding the same type of survival mode to games? Cause as much as gamer X may dislike it, gamers A through T and gamer Z enjoy it.

    ME has a good combat system and unless they do something like this it’s really hard to explore many of your options. It also gives you a way to play with the ME combat system WITH FRIENDS! And it lets you just get into a good fight when you want to play ME the shooter instead of ME the rpg. With the reduced level cap forcing you to specialize even more this time it seems to me like a game mode like this where you could test out your ideas for leveling path would be welcome.

  • So long as their working on this doesn’t affect the quality of the single player, I’m willing to reserve judgement until I actually try it.

    I’ve got the Collectors Edition reserved, so I hope Bioware doesn’t drop the ball on this like they did with Dragon Age 2…

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