Celebrate Halloween In PlayStation Home

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Celebrate Halloween In PlayStation Home

Darkness falls on Central Plaza this week, as ghosts and ghouls alike rise from their graves and converge upon PlayStation Home for an evil event full of unspeakable horrors beyond what the human mind can fathom. We have tons of spooktacular content coming just in time for this weekend’s Halloween festivities, so log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday, October 27th and check out this monstrous update!

The celebration begins with the launch of Aurora v1.3 and continues with some devilish community events courtesy of nDreams. Visit Aurora on Friday, October 28th to start the nDreams’ Halloween competition; visit the space on Monday, October 31st and join the nDreams team for their 19-hour “Around-the-World” Halloween party. Whizzing around the globe on their broomsticks, nDreams staff will be hosting the Truly Terrifying Quiz in Aurora and handing out some spellbinding prizes. The party starts in the dead hours of the morning on October 31st and ends shortly before the clock strikes midnight – so log in to PlayStation Home this Hallows Eve to take part in this special nDreams event!

PlayStation Home: Aurora 1.3

Lockwood Publishing introduces the Cemetery Shadows – the no-bones-barred baseball team that’s in it to win it, even if that means soiling their hands with grave dirt. Take a walk on the dark side with the Cemetery Shadows baseball uniforms and get ready to bury the opposition alive!

PlayStation Home: Lockwood_DoubleTime Baseball Shadows

To help you get into the Halloween spirit, we’re unleashing a series of blood-chilling costumes, creepy companions, and frightening new furniture items. Prices on Halloween items from the darkened past are being hacked and slashed and new items are being placed throughout the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall. Here’s a look at some of the nightmarish new items coming your way this Thursday!

nDreams’ new nSanity headwear line features some of the most fang-tastic avatar customizations we’ve ever seen. And with the Lil’ Bling Reaper releasing this week, it’s never been easier to strut your stuff with a seriously scary look. Codeglue has expanded their collection of demonic products this week with their new Mummified companions and Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) masks while VEEMEE conjures up more Access All Areas/ Alice Cooper Halloween prop bundles and costumes. To top things off, Juggernaut Games releases the Cutterridge Estate personal space – a macabre mansion haunted by a legion of evil spirits (and hosting some eerie hidden rewards). (Be) head to the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday and pick yours up!

PlayStation Home: nSanityLandscapeBillboard

Thombstone ChairPlayStation Home: Mummy Companions

PlayStation Home: Alice Cooper Halloween Bundle

Of course, the PlayStation Home Community Theater receives another hair-raising update this week. Log in this Thursday to watch as HomeCast Rewind discuss the latest PlayStation Home exclusive Total Game Integration event for UNCHARTED 3: Drakes Deception, including some tips and tricks for surviving the first two waves and unlocking some of those exclusive UNCHARTED 3 rewards. That’s not all – those of you that decide to visit the Community Theater this week will get a special treat without the need for any tricks, courtesy of your fiends on the Community Management team. Enjoy!

Home Guide: Halloween Dance Party

The Home Community Volunteer team is hosting a horrifying Halloween party on the dreaded eve of October 31st. Dress your best and bathe in the full moon light of Central Plaza at the Halloween Costume Party. Details are below – we’ll see you scare…err… there!

Community Rewards: Halloween

Last but certainly not least, the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Total Game Integration Event continues this week, with new challenges and rewards unlocking this Thursday, October 27th. UNCHARTED 3 Fortune Hunter is the latest Total Game Integration event allowing players to unlock exclusive content in UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception directly from PlayStation Home. Log in today to play the Fortune Hunter game – a third-person adventure game hosted in a partial recreation of the Yemen level from the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer mode. Progress through these challenges to unlock special PlayStation Home rewards:

  • Complete Wave 3 – Helicopter Companion Item
  • Runner (Finish ALL waves under the par time) – Para 9 (Pistol) Hand Item.
  • Collector (Pick-up all treasure items within all 3 waves) – Treasure Furniture Item #1, Treasure Furniture Item #2, Treasure Furniture Item #3
  • Money Maker (Get a combined score of 250,000) – G-MAL Assault Rifle Hand Item Reward (Note: This is a patch for the Wave 2 challenge)

Complete all 10 challenges over the course of this special event to unlock the Kickback Endurance Booster for use in UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer when the game releases next week (November 1st). Players that pre-order UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception directly from PlayStation Home will also receive an exclusive Nathan Drake costume with custom shooting animation for their PlayStation Home avatars!

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