inviZimals: Shadow Zone Brings Augmented Reality Creatures to PSP Today

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inviZimals: Shadow Zone Brings Augmented Reality Creatures to PSP Today

Got your PS Vita ordered but need a mobile gaming fix right now in time for the holiday? Experience a unique mobile game that delivers a dose of addictive augmented reality, allowing you to explore and interact in a real-world environment. Grab your PSP and get ready to hunt and collect secret creatures in the world around you.

Available beginning today for $39.99, inviZimals: Shadow Zone opens up a secret world around you that is full of hidden creatures that only your PSP can see. There are over 100 inviZimals to search for to build out your collection. Once you start collecting them, you can battle other opponents online or make trades with your friends to get those really hard-to-find creatures!


New to the series is a cooperative capture mode that allows two players to hunt down monsters together. You can also enter tournaments to unlock the ability to mutate and customize your inviZimals as well.

For those looking for a bit of story to go with their monster-hunting, you can travel the world and embark on a new adventure in campaign mode.

To help get PlayStation.Blog readers started, here is a special “Secret” inviZimal to kick off your collection.

First, you will need a PSP 3000, a PSP camera, a copy of InviZimals: Shadow Zone and you’re all set!


On the world map, hold down the Select button and then press the directional buttons in this order: Up, Right, Down, Left. You will hear a sound if done correctly. A new Club location will open up on the map. Enter the wave and aim your PSP camera at the special code on this Blog post to receive a special Invizimal. Don’t forget to press X to capture it!

inviZimals: Shadow Zone is a great game for the younger set offering up a lot of fun in hunting and collecting these magical creatures around your home, garden or wherever!

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  • This game series rocks. Thank you.

  • No, I need PS Vita now :(

  • Not my kind of game it suck the PSP won’t get a lot of good game here in NA because to many people download illigal copies of games.
    PSP is still so popular in Japan and they don’t stop releasing games but here almost nothing…
    I really hope it won’t become the same with the Vita i had a lot of fun on my PSP but in the last years or 2 it started to be hard to have fun with my PSP good games was rarely released.

  • That actually looks like it’d be a lot of fun. Unfortunately my PSP is a 2000.

  • Why does it have to be a PSP 3000?

  • thanks a lot for screwing everyone on the go and now the vita. 512mb of internal memory and forcing us to buy memory cards just to play a game. I never thought I’d say this but, after 20 years I don’t think I can be a sony customer anymore. I hope everyone who buys the vita pirates the games.

  • @Aeolus Is this really the blog topic for that?

    Plus, even pirates will be spending a fortune on the proprietary memory. It’s the developers who will really lose out on that deal.

  • @lordErk: I think is because of the camera, the psp camera included with the game just works with the psp-3000

  • 6# LOL so how well did it go to play the ps3 without the hardrive….

    Seriously why would you not buy a memory card? Why play a game if you can’t save your progress?

  • I think they just worded it wrong they might have accendently put the 3000 at the end on PSP. Any PSP model can use the camera all their tops are identical.

  • Yeah, the game’s compatible with all UMD based PSP models. The reason why Logan mentioned 3000 is due to it being the latest PSP in the US with UMD. It won’t work on the PSPgo due to the camera not being compatible with it, requiring a special adapter that was only released in Japan, and of course, the game wasn’t released on PSN.

  • Is there going to be a version of this bundled with a camera?

  • Given it’s $40, I imagine every version is being bundled with the camera.

  • @ Aeolus426 Well were ever you go I hope you have fun and grow up. I mean COME ON did you think that a portable system that was disk based was going to have it where you didn’t have to buy storage media, and as for the media not all games will need you to but storage media to save you game but some will. Come on man grow up now, really sitting there saying you hope people starting pirating the games thanks for showing how childish you really are.

  • What is the resolution of the camera that is bundled?

  • My PSPgo says hello.

  • dude….wait…….WTH?….PSP can do augmented reality?….for God I dont knew about this.

  • what is this game

  • @zech678 it’s a sequel to another game that they had had out that came with a camera like this one. I’m not sure how it like this one worked but it was something like you walked around with your system (looking like and idiot in my opinion) and some how the game would determine if you found a monster or not. If there was a story or not to the game I don’t know. But I know you would raise the stupid things and fight with them. Sound like a bad attempt at an other game any one. I’m sorry it’s not that they tried to copy the game it’s that in my opinion they did it very very very very badly.

  • Is there a version WITHOUT the camera? I want to get the first one, but it comes with a camera… as does EyePet PSP… and if this does too, i don’t want to be stuck with THREE PSP cameras. :/

  • does the bundled camera still 0.3 megapixels or what?

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