UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Way of the Iron Fist

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UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Way of the Iron Fist

Believe it or not we’re now in the final week of the Subway Taste for Adventure, UNCHARTED 3’s full competitive Multiplayer experience! Not only are we in the single digits as we countdown the days until the release of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, but we also recently revealed our launch trailer and the final UNCHARTED 3 TV Spot. If you haven’t watched those be sure to check them out!

We hope you’ve found your time online playing the Uncharted 3 full competitive multiplayer experience enjoyable and wanted to share a video that includes hints on how to effectively use melee, cover, evasion, aiming, and other skills while playing multiplayer. Moves like executing stealth kills and doing an edge grab are great ways to earn medals and achieve a medal kickback quickly. You’ll learn about this and much more as Robert Cogburn returns to talk about the Way of the Iron Fist (or how to use melee and other techniques to your advantage in multiplayer). Check out what he had to say to the PlayStation.Blog in this video:

For week four, we’ll be rolling out the revamped Museum map. If you were lucky enough to attend our AMC events and make it to the final round you might have gotten a chance to play on this map. If not, you’ll have a few days of practice ahead of you before the full retail release of Uncharted 3.

In order to get into the multiplayer before November 1st, you’ll need to hurry down to your local Subway. After you purchase any specially marked 30oz UNCHARTED 3 themed cup from a participating Subway, head online to the Subway Taste for Adventure website and redeem the Subway code printed on your cup. That redemption will give you a PlayStation Store download code redeemable for the full competitive UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience before the full game launches on November 1st!

UNCHARTED 3: Taste Adventure Subway Cups

So get in and be one of the first to play, create and share your matches of the UNCHARTED 3 full competitive multiplayer experience! You can still potentially win a variety of other cool prizes such as a collector’s edition of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception or an adventurous trip that Drake would be proud to take. A full list of prizes can be viewed at the Subway Taste for Adventure website. Of course, one of the coolest parts of it all is that all of your progress earned during the Subway Taste for Adventure carries over into your profile in the final retail copy of the game.

We are only a few days away from 11.1.11 and the release of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception. Be sure to get your final rounds of competitive multiplayer practice in before the full game release by participating in the Subway Taste for Adventure today! See you online!

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  • Reviews in 45 minutes!!!!! Like people need yet another reason to play this game.

  • That lens flare in the video is so stupid. Who do you think you are JJ Abrams ?

  • I wish it was next week. Can’t wait too much longer!!!!

  • all these tips, and I still SUCK! Grr! What am I doing wrong?!

  • Will the Subway-themed items carry over into the full game? I assume they can’t be earned past 11/1/11.

  • ohhhh my gosh i cannot wait till november 1ST

    THANK YOU naughty dog for making such an amazing game yet again :]

  • I can’t wait for Uncharted 3. The last couple of weeks went by fast for me, I hope this week is fast as well.

  • Oh my. 30 minutes to reviews! Both look forward to them and dread them (in case of spoilers).

  • Wow, can’t wait to finally get my hands on the final game and it’s awesome amount of content. I want to Uncover the Truth on 1-11-2011, so better hurry up Tuesday!

    Oh, and speaking of content, are you going to post some details on the day of release about some of the content included on the disc? Like the Official maps list, official fixes coming, official days when you guys (ND) will be joining us in the MP? I want a post on Tuesday before the game releases about some interesting stuff.

    And please, regarding the giveaways of ND AK, ND Para 9 and other stuff, please repeat them again on the ND Forums, I’ve missed them because I was asleep. I have 1,000+ posts on there and would like another chance to grab those codes as I want everything for UC3’s MP. I’ve pre-ordered the Hunter’s Club and would like to have all Subway DLCs. :)

    Oh, and I love you and Uncharted Franchise Naughty Dog, and I hope you guys support the game post luach too, I’ll be playing the game as long as you care for us!

    An Uncharted fan since Drake’s Fortune.

  • And, how are we going to recieve the Beta Tester avatar and other goodies we were promised by playing the July Beta and completing set tasks? Details?

  • 20 MINUTES TO REVIEW!!!!! although probably not gonna read it just look at score

  • Love using the Kal-7 and Blindfiring like crazy. Regeneration Max+ Kickback Endurance Max+ Milita Kickback= GLORY!

  • Whoa! I had no idea you could Melee a dude that was above or below you on a wall!!! I have been in that situation so many times already in the Subway Promo and never thought to melee them that way. Very cool.

  • IGN gave it a 10!!!!!!!

  • thank you Naughty Dog, for another amazing game…. but this gamer is buying it for single player only… Have absolutely zero interest in the multiplayer…

  • I can’t wait to get this game this week!! I have been putting all other games aside in anticipation for this. My question is that if I have the full game, will I still be able to play with people on the Subway promotion? Just curious.

  • CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!! why cant i log in naughtydog.com and will the naughty dog weapon skins and subway taunt be availible in a DLC or in the actual game? please answer!!! :)

  • 3 Perfect scores ND! Congratz!! IGN gave it 10/10! Getting ready now for my day 1 copy!

  • The subway stuff will all be removed from the actual game, according to the 2 members of the team that were at the AMC event in D.C.

  • @16 no because the uc3 subway demo will go inactive the day of release

  • Damn i wish you guys would of also made it possible to stealth kill from above like the Single Player…i have had sooo many chances to do that on the MP.

  • Another revamped map? Boo…

  • @voyte4 I think it’s ReyRey Abrams :)

    By the way, guys, IGN’s SWEET review is already up.

    Get over there and have a look

  • Congrats Naughty Dog for the great review scores!

    Can’t wait to play this game in 3D!

  • A) I don’t need no stinking’ reviews. Uncharted & Naughty Dog’s record speaks for itself.

    B) Too much has been seen/commented/revealed already. I’m going media blackout on this until 11/1.

  • And that’s what’s breaking the multiplayer, the hipfiing/blindfiring.

  • Eric, I just want you to know that you are a super cool guy. Congrats on being part of the best game dev team in the world. I can’t wait to play this game.

    • I’m super lucky. This dev team is awesome and you fans are equally awesome. Thank you for all the support!

  • “…how to use melee and other techniques to your advantage in multiplayer.”

    Perhaps I can learn how to not make it so my opponent and I punch each other to death SIMULTANEOUSLY.

  • Wow. So you’re actually promoting the one biggest complaint with the gameplay now. You guys already know how big of an issue blindfire is on the forums. Why encourage it as a tactic. And wait around in high traffic areas? lol yea that’s a nice specific definition of camping. I disapprove of this video. I wish the stopping power actually worked. Then I wouldn’t care if clowns ran around blindfire all day.

  • Only one more week!!!

  • Can’t wait to get my U3 collectors edition! Uncharted is so freaking awesome! Naughty Dog you are the best!

  • multiplayer access was great .. enjoyed leveling up to level 35 … will I loose these stats? that would suck …

  • Please Please Please!!! Fix the Blindfire! It is just ridiculous how easy it is to kill people by blindfiring and/or meleeing. I am not enjoying this beta/demo (it’s not full multiplayer experience because not all the guns, maps, skins, etc are in it,) and believe the multiplayer build in the summer beta was much much better.

    Please I beg you! I want to enjoy this multiplayer along with the amazing singleplayer and coop. Please!

  • This game will be awesome, too bad I won’t be buying it soon since I’m not supporting the lame PSN Pass, even when this is one of my favorite franchises

  • @Basindo … what are you talking about? You should learn how to blindfire … and melee’ing has always been rewarding in this game …

  • can’t wait for the game. melee and blind fire was in UC2 get over it. its just a game and its always fun. love the character customization. hoping for new clothes and such with the multiplayer skin packs.

  • As Nate would say ” Oh CRAP CRAP CRAP, it’s almost here” lol, I can’t wait to pick up my collector’s edition!!! 8)

  • When I first downloaded the beta off the code I got from inFamous 2, I thought that the multiplayer was some of the best 3rd person gaming I’d ever had. Now, with the updates in the Subway promotion, I’m starting think a bit less of it. The G-MAL is basically useless now, and the only way people seem to be able to get kills is with the “Iron Fist.” What happened?

  • can u please make the game non noob friendly because that sucks for the people who know how 2 play so now just 2 get kills we have to stoop to the noob level n thats not cool i actualy like to aim at people

  • You’ve forgotten the cover melee kill! It’s my fav. pls bring headcahe back!

  • Glad you finally updated on how to get the $5 footlong taunt. Any chance you could do a give away that doesn’t involve trying to get to the computer FAST at a given time :(? Oh, and reviews have stated you toned down the amount of shots to kill someone * beta style * in the multiplayer. Why didn’t you guys implement this into the subway thing?

  • Stoked for U3. Especially since the public beta for Starhawk is included :D



  • Anyone else having problems signing into the ND Forums? It’s the same as here but it’s not working for me on any browser.

  • Wow. i recognized some of you from the ND forums. Hi friends.

  • Freducken, yes, it takes about 1 to two minutes to log into the ND forums.

  • Naughty should be crying right now. BECAUSE THEY GOT A 10 out of a 10 review from IGN!

  • Ahhh…I have to disagree with the running-and-gunning technique. Its always been the cheapest way to get a kill. Obviously I have used it, but its because its the first thing most players resort to when very close to each other. You kind of feel forced to use it, which sucks because you can’t get away by rolling most of the time. But it does not change my enthusiasm towards the release of Uncharted 3.

    Words of wisdom, adapt to your opponents. :P


    Can anyone help? thank you

    As well as that special “Naughty Dog AK-47”????

    (I’ve gotten alot of tresure sets but none seem to unlock any of these items. it says “Need Subway Code”)

  • Whatever happenned with the PSN online codes that were available at amazon? GT5 DLC comes out tomorrow and that´s my only way to insert funds to my PSN account.

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