UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception – Race to the Ring on Spike TV Premiere

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UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception – Race to the Ring on Spike TV Premiere

Nathan Drake’s adventures are never easy: There’s danger around every corner! As you may remember from our casting call, Spike TV developed a blockbuster reality competition that brings that action to life in the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Race to the Ring TV special that airs on Spike TV Monday, October 31st at 11:30pm Pacific Time (10:30pm Central).

We were stoked to hear from so many wannabe Drakes out there. After we sorted through the mountain of die-hard UNCHARTED fans that entered, we chose five lucky contestants — all with very different backgrounds — to participate in a competition worthy of an UNCHARTED adventure. The competition will test the limits of their endurance, strength, accuracy, and agility while pushing their knowledge of Drake’s adventures to the extreme. For a taste of the action, check out our preview video for the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Race to the Ring Special above.

After they tackle the grueling challenges seen in the video (and more!), and if they can overcome the other competitors, the winner will receive an incredible UNCHARTED-themed prize package including the ultimate Sony home theater system valued at over $12,000!

So who will win? Who does the best Nathan Drake impression? You’ll find out very soon. Just hours before UNCHARTED 3 officially launches on 11.1.11, tune in to the premiere on Spike TV on October 31st at 11:30pm Pacific/10:30pm Central. It’s a great way to get ready to jump into the action.

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  • As the one who won the God of War III: Last Titan Standing contest, I wish these guys the best of luck and hope it all turns out well. Can’t wait!

  • I am a bigger fan then these guys, but heck, I’m watching anyways! I’ll be well on my way to pick up my Collectors edition by the time this comes on, but that is why i love DVR’s “D

  • Eric, I’ve man’d up and decided I want to marry Uncharted 3, but I don’t know how to get up the courage to propose. Any tips?

  • Woh this looks good, would love to try those challenges!

    Also @Nintendo451 Late Congrats!

  • I’m jelly, I wish I was old enough to compete.

  • Good thing I live in the west, so I can watch it at 8:30 pm and still have time to go to the midnight release! :D

  • What is this Uncharted 3 game you’re talking about? Never heard of it..

  • Awesome!!!
    This is totally Ashley approved >.<

  • Saw this at AMC, when are posting the blog with the subway info?

  • I got kind of put off when Keighley said that the creepy crawler kickback is exclusive to Gamestop pre-orders. My pre-order is through Amazon. I’m not a fan of exclusive content nor DLC.

    Basically what I want to know is, can a player unlock this kickback by simply playing the game?

  • “Having sniper like accuracy”, with a paintball gun? Come on, give them a real 50 caliber sniper rifle then maybe I’ll be interested in watching this corny looking reality show LOL! xD

  • cant wait till uc3 its driving me crazy

  • This looks pretty awesome, definitely PVRing this. The U3 DLC Club seems like a good deal too. Ill be heading to 711 to get another PSN Card. My question is when you buy the DLC Club are all the 7 DLCs free or do you get them like half off?

  • Hi, Eric, I’m exhausted after the AMC event last night. You were the only one there that I ever heard of. My friend said Amy was @ his SF event yesterday. Dammit, I wanted her autograph.

    Anyway, the tournament was freakin’ awesome. More exciting than watching ANY sports event. I must attend more of these.
    PS: I love the Drake’s journal in our gift bags!!!!!!!

  • This is interesting. Reminds me of The Tester for some reason.

  • lol … this is silly but whatevs … prize is cool

  • Ahahaha. Nice. Can’t wait for Uncharted 3. Already got my Collector’s Edition and Fortune Hunter’s pack. :D

  • How can i unlock the Subway Taunt?

  • I’m stoked for U3. This thing you got goin on at Subway, is it happening in Canada?

  • Disappointment. Oh well, only a couple more days until collectors edition of U3 shows up at my door :D

  • Gonna be watching this, then hopefully the gamestop by my house is doing a midnight launch, I’ll be going to that!

  • Hey Eric is Sony going to make a new bluetooth headset?

  • Ok like # 1 said bout GOW 3 contest … Where do u even find out about this kinda stuff ? I never hear about these awesome things. Damn I wanna be Drake (the kick butt adventurer not the whiny singer) BURN wooooo

  • Laaamme. They put netting on the wall to climb it.
    If they really wanna be like Drake then they need to learn Parkour.

    Show still looks fun.

  • I think you mean 11:30 pm EDT. I sure wouldn’t be watching it at 11:30 Pacific time (2:30 am here)! I could go to a midnight launch of U3 if I really wanted to (and I kind of want to), but I’ve too much stuff with school coming up in these next 2 months to do much gaming. Definitely asking for it for Christmas, though!

  • Pointless….

  • This looks horribly corny.. I’d be surprised if these “fans” have actually ever picked up a PS3 controller in their life…

  • This might be off topic, but are there any exclusive bonuses for platinum trophy owners from the previous games or this one?

  • NAUGHTY DOG IS PISSING ME OFF!!! im only sixteen ive been doing everything to get extra content for this game went to subway 3 times got all avalible stuff from ther and tried to go to an AMC theater and i cant now to get the extra content from twitter with alot of followers hogging the codes with 1 week left its to much explain stuff good ND and make it easier for us!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! >:(

  • and for some reason i cant log on into naughtydog.com and all the stuff that i explained can gettem after the game is out in a DLC or by playin the game cause some 1 asked that if they pre order somwhere else will they be able to still get creepy crawler in the game and was replied yes…

  • I’m probably going to be drunk when this comes on.

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