Sweet, Sweet Starhawk BETA News!!!

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Sweet, Sweet Starhawk BETA News!!!

Boy, do I have some exciting news to share with all of our Warhawk fans today, but first, let me serve you all some delicious hors d’oeuvres de internets!

We were so happy with the response to Starhawk at PAX that the SCEA marketing machine leveled-up, cast Videozzaga and summoned a quick video of our Santa Monica Sr. Producer Harvard Bonin talking with people at the show in Seattle after they got hands-on with Starhawk!

Not only was it great to see people loving Starhawk at PAX, the team and I love seeing coverage and buzz about the game start to pick up speed. And with our announcement last week that early access keys for the Starhawk Public Beta will be included in Uncharted 3, well… things are now moving forward at ludicrous speed! It was great to read all the comments, tweets and Facebook posts from players who are just now getting introduced to Starhawk’s gameplay and universe and the LightBox Interactive team and I can’t wait to see all of you online in early 2012!

But Dylan, you ask, what about now? Did you forget about us? What about all of the die-hard Warhawk fans who waited patiently for Starhawk to emerge from the shadowy nether regions of game development?

Five words: Private. Beta. Starting. In. November!

Let me explain.

Normally before a team releases a Public Beta for a game, the dev team goes through a phase known as the closed beta or “Private Beta.” This is when the dev team works very closely with a small group of colleagues from the publisher, quality assurance (QA) team, or very close friends to make sure things are solid, the gameplay is tuned, big bugs are squashed, etc. It’s all about a tight feedback loop and close interaction with the developer.

And we want the team here at LightBox Interactive to have that close communication with our Warhawk fans! Even as I write this blog post I’m still blown away that SCEA has approved this!

Ok, let’s break it down:

We’re going to be starting the Private Beta in November and we’ll be sending a bunch of our Warhawk players (European players too!!) special email invites with Starhawk Private Beta keys. We’re going to be letting players into the Private Beta in waves so we can manage the server load, watch the game balance analytics, etc. The order in which players are granted access is a dark art known only to Sith-IT-Managers and Gywn, Lord of Cinder. But, suffice it to say it’s a mix of your rank/level in Warhawk, your involvement in the Warhawk community, and a few other magical parameters.

So keep checking your email like a Hawk!

Like what I did there?

SCEA has setup a secure forum where all the Warhawk players that are granted access into the Starhawk Private Beta will be able to talk directly with me, and some of our other team members here at LightBox Interactive. We’ll be posting our special PlayStation Network handles so you know when you’re playing with one of us online and we’ll be on VOIP in-game so you can talk directly to us if you want to!

We’re really looking for lots of feedback to help make sure Starhawk is as solid and tuned as possible. So we’ll be actively requesting comments on tuning changes and other game updates that we’ll be making to Starhawk throughout the Private Beta.

And this is a *key* part of the process because we are going to be validating our SkillScore player ranking system as well as weapon and Build & Battle game balance. Our new Hot-Fix system lets us really keep up with the demands of the community so we’ll be trying to push updates almost every day.

We’ll be going into more details on which features will be included in the Private Beta in the coming weeks, but for now, I hope our Warhawk player community is as excited about this opportunity as we are!!!

And for all the Warhawk players that are going to be helping us play Starhawk during the Private Beta, we have a special “gift” planned for all of you when Starhawk is officially released. Oh the
anticipation… THE ANTICIPATION!!!!!

*deep breath*

Ok…what’s next? Oh yeah…

And lastly, no blog post would be complete without my obligatory mention of our website, www.StarhawkTheGame.com —so keep tabs on it because SCEA will be updating it with all the latest as things really start to get rolling for Starhawk!

Rock on!

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  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Oh, and Awesome. Even with the holiday releases coming up, for me, this is the most exciting news I’ve heard all year! I can’t wait for this game.

    I would love to be chosen for the beta. Thanks again for keeping us informed.

  • were you not just making fun of us for talking about how much time we poured in? Now you are doing the same thing. Hypocrisy thy name is Rorek.

  • I really hope I get into this private beta Ill do what I can to provide feedback. Warhawk is my favorite game of all time.
    Hope to see you guys there. High hopes =)

  • Awesome news! Although I loved Warhawk and am very passionate about Starhawk, I do not have the hours in WH like some of the other players, so it seems unlikely I will make it into the private beta. Oh well, I can still hope!

    BTW, you wrote in the blog: “Even as I write this blog post I’m still blown away that SCEA has approved this!”

    Why is that? Not too long ago private betas with unofficial Sony people (you know, us, the players) was the norm. I take it this is no longer done? Maybe this is why so many recent Sony MP games fail miserably when they release. A true private beta is one that also consists of non-Sony employees/family, and it is KEY to the development/success of a game.

    Public betas don’t amount to a hill of beans, private betas is where the real work is done. So I hope the best for this one, and I am glad to hear that a real beta is happening!

  • WOW! Those graphics look really nice! Then again all Sony published games usually are spectacular!! :)

  • @Rorek: How are they going to base their decisions against anything but stats alone? Forum posts at PSU? C’mon that makes no sense. It’s a video game beta, not a forum posting beta. Closed beta is going to be for a few weeks, and then in another few weeks there will be an open and then the release. If you don’ t get into the closed beta, it’s not the end of the world. Although from reading your posts, clearly you seem to think so. Most of the people you’re poking fun at, seem to be excited and hopeful. You come across as miserable and bitter. Not sure what you’re grief is, but the vets posting here play warhawk bro, I haven’t seen you in 2 years. I came out of an official server less than an hour ago. So why don’t you save your whining for a forum where it’s appropriate, because this is neither the time or the place. A lot of people are excited for this game and reading these comments. If you claim to be a vet, clean up your act, you’re making us all look bad. If you have a response to this message, PM me.

  • I got some few question about the beta and it would be nice if you get the chance to rely :)
    1) how much people can get in the Private beta?
    2) what is the minimum rank or time of play you have be to get in the beta? (btw i am a brig gen with all the points for general but dont have to a2a kills yet)
    3) does youtubers get free beta codes and do you guys watch warhawk montages? XD

    thank you and I hope I get in the beta :) i run a starhawk channel on youtube called “StarhawkVideos” so I can upload and tell everyone how the game like :) I will support 100% of my power to Starhawk!!


  • ive played so much warhawk and can never rank up got lots of kills seem i can never get that rank up badge witch bits

  • cool but how many players are “A BUNCH OF OUR WARHAWK PLAYERS”? 100, 1000 or even more?
    Between i’m a diehard Warhawker, General, have a championsblade and about 1300 hours played (play since 2007) is that enough to get into the private BETA?

  • the stupid ranking system sucks in warhawk what what where they thinking

  • Beta would be awesomeeee, haven’t played WH in too long, but i’m totally free in November:)

  • wooho! I was informed that I`m in the private beta!

  • a 1st person option is needed

  • I hope hours of play from Warhawk will be taken into count. I never got that high in ranks but I put a metric crap ton of hours in.

    In Jobe We Trust.

  • Awesome news. I can’t wait.

  • This game looks amazing.

  • I am reallyyyyyyy pumped about starhawk!! I was such a fan on warhawk about 2000 hours of playing time and general status reached!! :) I also ran about a 90 person clan for a year….i was just wondering, dylan, if you could give more info on how the beta will work…..are people like me going to be sent emails first? and do I have to sign up for anything to get the beta….you just have to have played warhawk alot right?

  • @Mini-Sal,

    Right. I’m the one “bragging” and “flaunting”. Totally got me. Not. Just stating that anyone and everyone whom seems to “love” Warhawk can whip out a huge ressume of goodies and bullet points from their Warhawk past or as some would put it Warhawk career, but of course! I’m just a hypocrite. Totally (can you sense the sarcasm? I feel it’s obvious enough for even you.)


    Alright I am going to be as “nice” just for you as possible as I can be (since I am so, “bitter” as you put it.) I do “not” give a damn about whom gets into the “beta” or not. I don’t like betas, and I am not one for demos even most of the time (which when it involves “open” betas they are pretty much glorified demos anyway.) I don’t claim anything though in title or prestige, or to be even recognizable. I play though. I just do not play like my life is dependant upon playing Warhawk or video games in general. My PlayStation3 is a glorified (wannabe) Ipod (virtually.) As for my “grief” again as you put it; I just want it o be “fair”. Unfortunetly Warhawk is a game proven that “any” statistical can be manipulated or inflated, and my behavior? Well, I’m sorry I’m not all sunshines and giggles.

  • o and when are you guys begining to send out emails?(so i can check everyday!! haha I think it is pretty sweet that you are doing this for the warhawk community…i hope all i have contributed gets me involved in the beta :)

  • Another post so Sony knows this is going to be HUGE! Can’t wait, day one for me. Now just need in the beta.

  • Awesome. Never have a spent as much time on a game as I did with Warhawk. It was a joy becoming a general and getting platinum. Let’s just say I plan on playing this without wearing any pants.

  • I am not a general but i’ve been playing since launch.
    i hope i get picked! :)
    here to represent the normal flighers! heck ya!!!

  • SO excited about this game 2012 is an exciting year for any gamer !!. i hope to be selected as i am a general in Warhawk and have clocked over 2000hrs since i started playing in late 2009 somehow i feel the fact im European will not help me wit the selection process though lol Is there anymore you can tell us about how you will be selecting the players for the private Beta ?

    Tnks xD

  • Okay I have only checked my e-mail 50 times… Haven’t checked it for months prior…

  • Awesome! I want in!

  • I’ve been waiting on this news for longer than soon! LOL I hope to get in and put it through the paces!

  • Each release of information and vids of game play are making this game look more and more exciting. It is refreshing to see such dynamic game play. There seems to be something to suit the tastes of all sorts of gamers. Can not wait to give it a go!

    Marketing this game to the broader gaming community is obviously critical and I’m sure LBI and Sony can rely on the diehard warhawkers to help in any way we can! Just ask!!!

  • sounds fun is it just like warhawk i used to play warhawk 24/7

  • I see alot of familiar names here.

  • I don’t see any familiar names here!

    ….Or do I?


  • Yes, if only a few people who played Warhawk would post here…

  • Will there be a collector edition with a warhawk that can transformer? You know, like those transformer toys?

  • SWEET!!!!!!!

  • Play just about everyday… can’t wait!!!!!

  • I am an epic warhawk fan woot EPIC PRIVATE BETA

  • Private beta resumes FTW! (j/k)

  • I have three General accounts on warhawkalready if im not one of those lucky guys selected im going to be upset
    i just wish i knew if i was going to be one of those selected for the private beta
    im little burnt out on warhawk i find it to easy so im ready for a new game
    but my wife going to hate it i have put years into warhawk already

  • i bought UC3 just have back up plan but its not going to work yet till the go through private one first.

  • i like how they setup warhawk
    i dont know if starhawk can compare to
    warhawk but Dylan made some great games
    in the past. my friend plays motion sensor and
    he is not liking them doing away with that option
    in flying mode

  • i like how they setup warhawk
    i dont know if starhawk can compare to
    warhawk but Dylan made some great games
    in the past. my friend plays motion sensor and
    he is not liking them doing away with that option
    in flying mode are they completely done with motion sensor
    in starhawk and is starhawk setup similar to uc3 the way it shoots

  • Dylan what do you say to wife that nags that you play to much starhawk i can hear it coming now

  • I sure hope brig general ground players like myself can get a quick chance at the beta. Game stores down here in Darwin, Australia don’t know anything about the beta with U3.

    There is a heap of die hard warhawk fans down here and New Zealand that have been waiting for this game for 2 years. Bring on early 2012!!!!!!!!

    Nothing better than warhawk!!!!!!………….yet.

  • will we be able to participate if we have a code from uncharted 3?

  • OMG I’m a warhawkfan, really my psn name is “warhawkfan5” really! And I still haven’t recieved an email for the beta =( and i have a good profile. I’m pretty suprised oh well but really i should get the email look my profile up in myhawk.com its pretty good.

  • Thanks for setting this up Dylan also waitng on my Invite and Beat Dark Souls.

  • Hey Dylan, it’d be awesome if you guys gave Warhawk beta’s top players / contributors the first wave of Starhawk private beta access… =)


    Good luck with Starhawk regardless!

  • Sounds like with the release of Starhawk and PSVita coming out early 2012 together, its being set up to either be played on the PS3 system or the new PSVita on the go via its 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. Any Rumors on that, because it seems like that’s what’s going on since the PSVita and Starhawk are not available until after Christmas. If this is the case, I can’t wait… We’ll be able to play literally anywhere.

  • Dudes and dudettes, I come from the distant future, a future where not a single person is seen on the streets, for each one is playing StarHawk, either Solo or Multiplayer, perhaps splitscreen. It is a time when such betas, private and public, no longer matter, because in every single store across the land, from your local corner store to that Bed, Bath and Beyond two towns over, will sell you a copy of StarHawk, the NUMBER #1 game in history, in the future, looking back.

    So fret not if the email inbox does not light up from Sony, a private beta invite will not bring an end to hunger. Just make sure you got Uncharted 3, like I did, and sleep secure knowing that you have a beta invite for early 2012. It’s just around the corner.

    keep an eye out for a Battle for the Beta, I heard those things offered private beta invites as the grand prize..

  • OMG… I am SO excited. I’ll cry if I don’t get this beta.

    Leave it to Mini_Sal to ask Mr. Jobe if he’s wearing pants. LOL

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