Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest Strikes Gold

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Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest Strikes Gold

I am excited to announce that Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest has indeed “gone gold” and is ready to ship to stores on November 15th!

Soon after completing Sports Champions for the PS3, our team was hard at work on this exciting new project. Taking what we had learned from creating a “best in breed” motion control game, we further refined the controls for this fun action-adventure game specifically designed for the PlayStation Move.

Medieval Moves box

Game Modes:

Story Mode – The evil Sorcerer Morgrimm has invaded Prince Edmund’s Castle and plots to take over the kingdom, raising an army of skeletons from beyond. Now, let the adventure begin as you battle Morgrimm, and his minions, to restore order to the kingdom!

Battle Mode – Play solo, split-screen, or online in three distinct game types. Survive for as long as you can in Invasion, defend the symbol of your kingdom against Morgrimm’s army in Royal Guard, or conjure up minions to attack your opponent in Cauldron Chaos.

Game Features:
Seamless PlayStation Move gameplay, full 3D support, optional dual controller combat, fantastic musical score as well as plenty of fun character unlockables and weapon upgrades to aid you in your epic battles!

Whether you are fighting in one of the large multi stage boss battles in story mode, voice chatting in online competitive matches, striving for supremacy on the leaderboards, or playing as a team in co-op split-screen there is plenty of fun to be had and fun ye shall have!

Thanks to all of our games supporters! We hope you will enjoy the game and ultimately agree that yes, indeed we have done a “GREAT JOB!”

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  • I enjoyed Sports Champions a lot and this seems to take some of that gameplay and add a quest to it. Definitely interested in this one.

  • Tried the demo in stores and liked what I saw! Loved the precise controls that were in Sports Champions, and it was cool to see it put in a story-based game.

    seriously, Great job Zindagi Games! Looking forward to the full release!

  • Does this support dual wielding move controllers like Sports Champions does?

  • Hi, you know I was going to pass on this after the E3 presentation, but the more I see, more I like. I also have a growing appreciation of Move, so I need more games. I will get this, after the fall deluge subsides for me (Dark Souls, U3, Skyrim, Revalations).

  • perhaps you could post some news about sorcery too, at least let us know if it still being developed

  • Want to get a Move. Where is the price drop?

  • @ 6..i feel the same way about Sorcery. Ever since they announced the game ive bin keeping an eye out for it but there just no new anywhere about it. I hope they reveal something really soon! i think they are just making it the most anticipated game with the Move controller and ITS WORKING :/

  • Wow… congrats. WHEN WILL WE HEAR SOMETHING ABOUT SORCERY??? Is it still being worked on?

  • Finally can use my Move again!

  • Looking forward too this but this game had alot more potencial if the navigation controller was used too actually controll the movement of your character, not sure why you chose too miss that out but it ill give it ago anyway seing as the tracking on sports champions was awsome.

    • This is something we discussed early on, but decided that a focus on the team’s strength of pure 1:1 motion controls was best for this game. A lot of effort was made to make you feel like you aren’t missing anything without a more traditional analog movement control. Hopefully you will agree if you get a chance to try it. A demo will be available around launch if you’d like to try it that way.

  • Sorcery sony , wheres sorcery ? anyways i hope theres a Medieval moves demos so i can try it before buying it , oh btw a MediEvil playstation move game would be so kool , bring back Sir Daniel Fortesque !!!

  • This is a cool game and all, but I want Sorcery. Where is it? Can we at least get an update on the game? I’m not the only one who wants to know and Move is dying a quick, but painful death. There needs to be more.


  • @KazeEternal

    I believe it does support two controllers. In the trailer, one of the guys uses two controllers briefly.

  • I am getting this and also sorcery. One request from a move fan. When are you going to release a Star Wars like move game? the move has potential for light saber fight. I wish to beat up people with my saber online!

  • That fact that this has nothing to do with Medievil makes me sad.

    The fact that this looks like fun makes me happy.

    I am so conflicted (but still buying!)

  • I’ve had this pre-ordered for a while, back when sites had it listed as an Oct. 18th release. Imagine my disappointment when on the 17th, I noticed those sites had updated it to Nov. 15th. Crushed, I was. Now I won’t be able to play it before UC3/Skyrim/AC:R. I’ll still pick it up, but it’s going on the bottom of the pile. It looks really fun, but not THAT fun. :)

  • Should have been a MediEvil game… I’d like to try a demo of this, though.

  • Nice. I remember seeing this in E3 this year and it looked cool. Can’t wait to hear and read more about this game and how much it will cost. Hopefully it ain’t $60 (lol but it can be worth it)

  • ps3 eye and most games need 2 move sticks,. not just 1 move. i’ll wait for ps4 lol. oh and nothing against the game as it does look sweet.

    • i don’t have a breakdown for every Move game, but I know most of the ones I have seen only require 1 Move controller. Our two games, Sports Champions and this one, only require 1 move controller as well.

  • No thanks to this game, just want Sorcery news already. Not good to announce a game at E3 that is coming in the spring and then go silent for over a year about it.

  • what ever happened to sorcery?

  • @7

    There was a one month(?) sale at GameStop on Septermber. Most move stuff was half the price, including move controllers. Shame you missed it.

  • i hope this game rocks. it looks great. I am also looking forward to using my move. The gameplay for move heroes was a big let down. I liked the use of the move but i felt it was not enough. It was a great game but lacked a flowing story and level feel to it.

  • “Oh, a brute, what are we going to do about this guy? This guy’s a lot tougher…”

    *Slashes once and brute dies*

    “Great job Jeremy.”

  • @ 23 &7: yes, that GameStop sale was awesome & many of us touted it on the blog so if you keep up you won’t miss important or useful info. For little more than a pittance I bought a second controller a nav and the official charging stand, so I can move it, move it on both of my PS3’s.

    Now to the point: Where the frak is Sorcery?!!!!!! We’re starting to form an angry mob here, Mr. Sony worldwide producer.

    • i am not on the Sorcery team so sorry I cannot really help out with any info on that title beyond what I saw at E3 2010 which I agree also looked very cool.

  • Wait, this game has no analog controls? It’s essentially an on-rails swordfighting game? Pass.

    Skyward Sword has 1:1 swordfighting AND direct character control.

  • @27, I admit I have pre-ordered Skyward Sword special gold bundle, but I shudder @ the thought of that gosh darn wiimote. I hated their version of motion control when I tried Twilight Princess & Okami. Zelda is great, no question, but I am sticking with the Move.

    And thank you for your reply, Mr. Producer, but I’m still mad about the Sorcery silence conspiracy.

  • Good to hear, and I Already have it per-ordered. =^)

  • Thanks Jeremy for the reply. You will be happy to hear/read that i did put in the order for the move (at amazon) and i will be buying your game. ” Medievil moves & Battlefield 3″ are going to be my time killers :)
    Oh yesssss it’s gonna be a nice winter (well it’s cold here in connecticut). Well take care & perhaps i’ll Cya online.

    • Thanks, I will be online as much as I can especially when it launches before everybody gets too good for me. :)

  • you are so pathetic station3fever. The only move game that requires two controllers is the fight: lights out. Sports Champions is a lot more fun with two controllers, though.

    oooo you put the order in for a move controller from amazon… who cares, you fruit cake. You shoulda bought two of them. Not to mention that less than a month ago, gamestop was selling move controllers for $25 each.

    It is not expensive, at all to get into the Move if you already have a ps3.

  • Wow, I didn’t think this would be coming out till next year. Hopefully MM:DQ does not fall under people’s radars as the game looks great and makes good use of the move.

  • So looking forward to this. Bring on more move titles!


  • i saw this at the fan festival! i didnt get a chance to play, (someone was always on it) but from everything i looked at i came away impressed, with all the options to play, and multilayer boss battles, with move! i cannot wait. day 1 im there

  • easily has the potential to be sleeper of the year.

  • not many Move exclusive games have been released on the PSN store..
    will this game see a PSN store release?

    • The plans are that eventually it will be available digitally in every territory, but the release dates will vary by region and in the US probably significantly later than the Blu-ray version. The game team doesn’t really have a lot of influence over the release schedule, and I can’t really say any more than that now.

  • Great job, Jeremy!

    E3 was great.

  • Looks good for youngins…..Any word on a possible proper Medieval sequel?

    • Conceptually it did test very well with kids, but like anyone that has played Sports Champions through all of the cups could tell you we tried to make sure that the gameplay was not only very accessible for casuals and kids, but rewards more advanced players with a real challenge on harder settings.

      If you are referring to the “MediEvil” series sorry I don’t know anything about that. I believe they came out of SCEE (Europe group) and just to be clear this game is not connected with that series.

  • My meds include Rational Thinking and Logic. But thanks anyways :)

  • @lisatsunami (28)

    PS Move and the Wii Remote Plus use the same basic tech. The only difference is the number of buttons and the pointer tech that’s used.

  • @lisatsunami (28)

    The MotionPlus adapter gives the controller much more precision, and it’s now built into the controller (Wii Remote Plus), so you don’t have to buy it separately anymore. Play Wii Sports Resort, specifically the swordfighting, frisbee, archery, and bowling games.

    Twilight Princess and Okami came out before the MotionPlus was made, so they don’t use true 1:1 motion controls.

  • this is gonna be a workout for my arms like sports champion was

  • maybe in the future if you decide to make another adventure game, you can use the move mechanic that coldwood used for their fighting game. you hold down the move button and tilt the controller a little and the character moves in that direction.
    this will allow you to use two controllers and still move around with your character.

    so far, zindagi and coldwood are the only two companies that seem to understand 1:1 motion control. PS3 Move players are still waiting for a realistic fun tennis game. Perhaps zindagi could make one ?

    question: What is the replay value for the story ? Do the enemies change behavior or locations on the hard level or will it always be the same ?




    Otherwise, great job Jeremy ;)

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