Pinballistik Brings Battle Pinball to PSN in November

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Pinballistik Brings Battle Pinball to PSN in November

Hey, PlayStation Network friends! :-) I wanted to stop by to tell you that Pinballistik is coming to the PlayStation Store on November 1st for only $3.99! Test your mettle in the non-stop action of battle pinball. You can complete exciting features on your side of the table or try to get the ball past your opponent on the opposing side. We have something for those pinball purists out there too: Each of the uniquely themed battle tables has its own classic table.

Start the Pinballistik experience off with Circle the Wagons. Mosey on down to the saloon or pay a visit to the can-can dancers. Make sure to finish loading that revolver before your opponent, then take aim and FIRE! Pinball has never been this intense.

Pinballistik will launch with day-one DLC tables Sector X and Made of Money. This lets you pick and choose the tables you want to download. Don’t worry about the price: each additional game pack is only $2.99.

Everyone at Creat Studios is incredibly excited to continue supporting PSN with the release of Pinballistik. We’re always listening, and we absolutely love chatting with our fans. Please check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to hear about our current projects and to talk to the team. Let us know what you think of Pinballistik!

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  • “Made of Money” indeed. Granted, $10 for three tables is *way better* than the bad old days of “drive to the store and pay $30-$60 for physical media” but… eh, who am i kidding? DLC really is the way of the future, I guess. It’s those other greedy bastards that want you to pay for DLC on top of a $60 game that I’m mad at :)

    • Yeah, $60+ is pretty brutal. We want to give everyone a shot at Pinballistik! That is why the main game is so cheap : ) Then if you like it, check out some of the additional tables. Buy the game you want : )

  • Only thing you have to tell me is that this is a PSN exclusive and I will gladly help support you

  • Hey guys I know some Creat titles are real hit and miss, any way of getting a demo on this?

    • Sorry, no demo for this one. You should still check it out though. It’s an awesome game and it is only $3.99!!

  • I love me some virtual pinball. Getting this Day 1. One question, is that battle mode able to be played online?

  • I’ve always been a fan of pinball, so I’ll risk the $3.99, and if I like it, I’ll grab the other two tables. Zen Studios has set a high bar for pinball on the PS3, hopefully you guys at Creat Studios can match it!

  • Can’t wait to play this. I’m a huge fan of you guys and I was wondering when your next game was coming out.

    Also, any information on some Wakeboarding HD DLC? Trophies all mention “from the original game”…

    • Glad to hear it! We are working on several projects right now so make sure to stay tuned to our facebook and twitter posts :)

  • I remember this one now, I am and was super excited about it. Can’t wait.
    BTW – I’ll keep my eye out for that dinosaurs in space theme in MagicOrbz ; -)

  • I love zen and marvel pinball but they both give 4 table for $9.99 and charge $2.49 for dlc tables .
    I’m interested in this one but turned off by 2 things

    first , you basically are charging $4 for a demo , try one table for $4 and then add more for $3 each seems wrong .
    I hate money grabs for supposed dlc day 1 that should have been part of the full game , not add-ons .

    second , unless the quality of the physics is as good as the other guys pinball games on psn and graphics are too the price is too high , it should be $6.99 for all 3 tables as a full game and have the first table playable as the demo
    I still might pick it up anyway if reviews are favorable but in the back of my mind I’ll always feel ripped off and that I paid for a demo and dlc was really the full game unlock key

    • Sorry you feel that way DragonRay. We wanted to give the players more of a choice in the game they buy so we gave the two extra table themes as DLC. That way the player can build the game they want. I hope you decide to check it out anyway : )

  • The game interests me and the price isn’t too shabby (better than the Pinball Dreams/Fantasies minis), but I really wish that you had an online mode. I won’t be able to take advantage of the battle mode as it is.

    If the game is successful, please considering making an online mode for the game. Thanks!

    • You should check it out, it is really fun! Don’t worry about the battle mode not being playable, you can play against the computer. We also have classic one player pinball tables in there too : )

  • @8 DragonRay

    I feel the same way, Any DLC should be made AFTER the game not “hey lets take this out of the the game and release it later to get more money Muhahahha”

    I may or may not get this game but the way the whole gaming community is headed with Online Pass fees and Day-1 “DLC” along with lack of either Online or Local Multiplayer is getting to be a bad image. Sorry.

    • Well we could have released a full priced $15.99 game but we decided to release it in pieces so the player can buy the parts of the game they wanted. Also the game plus the two DLC table themes (six pinball tables all together) is only $10. I hope you decide to pick it up anyway : )

  • Should post screenshots or video. It sounds really cool.

    • There is a video in the blog post : ) You can also find trailers on youtube and our website,

  • ChaseHammerJ got it right. Day1 DLC is released for 1 reason only: GREED. There are other choices out there. The stock split mentality only serves to make it a false economy. “made of money” is a humourous irony here. No thanks guys I’ve already got some good pinball games and this really does not impress in the least.

    • Sorry to hear that you feel that way PirateHarlock : ( I hope you decide to give a chance sometime in the future : )

  • As someone that has spent $4000 on 3 pinball machines, I believe I can spare $4-$10 for this. Just keep the DLC coming.

  • as much as I like pinball and your company (I loved Magic Orbz and Digger HD), I just can’t support this business model.

    But if the DLC is free with PS+ like it is for some of your other games then I may have to hop on board :-)

  • Nobody would complain if they could get Modern Warfare or Battlefield for $40 and then have a “choice” of getting more maps. If this model was applied to larger titles, you’d get to try the multiplayer on the cheap, and THEN decide if more maps are worth paying for. Instead, you pay $60 for a short campaign and a few maps, and then pay $15 for even more maps later. NOTE: I don’t own these games, I just enjoy insulting cookie-cutter FPS’s with overpriced DLC.

    Personally, I believe that DLC works the BEST on budget titles. You Don’t Know Jack was $30 at launch and had DLC at basically 50 cents an episode. It was intense value.

    The lack of a demo could really hurt you guys, as many of us already have Zen Pinball (which had a demo).

    • I agree : ) We tried to price it so people could try out our game for cheap and then build there experience the way they wanted to from there.

  • not n2 pinball games but this 1 looks awesome. but idk if thas enough 2 make me buy it

  • Not seeing the video in the post. Shall have to look it up.

  • I used Google Chrome and it worked fine. Just FYI.

    As to the game… I like the new twist on pinball, and you can see that the graphics are clean, clear and colorful (which isn’t as common as it should be) and the gameplay looks creative and original. I’ll certainly try it.


    Just a thought. Why not give folks an option? Bundle the tables so that they’re $2.50 each (say, four tables for ten bucks) for those of us who are completists and sell them ala carte for $2.99. I’m a lot picker when I have to pay for everything individually.

  • Looks amazing. Any chance of a dark ages type table?

  • looks good! price is right! i have a feeling ps plus will have there hands on this. two fav creat games . magic orbz and mushroom wars! keep up the great work guys and gals!

  • Could be interesting tend to enjoy pinball titles and I’ve already bought most for Pinball FX 2 on the 360 and Zen Pinball on the PS3. Not a make or break thing just curiosity does it have trophies or is it a mini?

  • @ DragonWolfJD: The game should contain trophies, since this game contains “add-ons”. Minis don’t have add-on support.

  • @shogun00 I don’t know why I didn’t think of that haha. Just hope it’s fun even though my backlog is already crazy.

  • No online play?? Thumbs down! Booooo!!! What’s the point of battling against the computer?? Zen Pinball FTW.

  • This actually looks really fun, and I like the option to play with a friend/AI, or on a solo table. And for only $4 to try out the first table, it’s cheap to get into, as well. Will definitely pick this up if I’ve got the funds in my wallet when it comes out.

  • I know it’s not one of your games, but I’ve really been wanting to see another pinball game just like Flipnic. Seeing this, it’s way far off, but comes close at least an inch because I like the little twist you guys added. I’m really looking forward to this.

  • So you guys are playstation exclusive? You must make tables based on other ps exclusives! :) If you do, ill buy this game day one O_O

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