NAMCO BANDAI Games Inviting Fans to “Touch My Katamari” This February!

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NAMCO BANDAI Games Inviting Fans to “Touch My Katamari” This February!

Hey guys! It’s me again, Rich Bantegui, aka @FilthieRich, Community Manager for NAMCO BANDAI Games America. This week was epic! The PlayStation Nation now has a final release date for when they can get their mitts on the PS Vita, and February 22nd couldn’t come soon enough!

Why am I back today to steal the spotlight on the blog yet again? If you remember back during the Tokyo Game Show, I let all of you know that our team was producing a new Katamari game for the PS Vita, and I got to give you the first scoop on the news. Well, today NAMCO BANDAI is finally ready to reveal what that Katarmari game will officially be dubbed here in the US of A… and that name is…. TOUCH MY KATAMARI!


The very best part of this aside from the giggle-inducing name? TOUCH MY KATAMARI is going to be available on February 22nd, 2012, day and date of the launch of the PS Vita! The King of All Cosmos has commanded it so!

I’ve been checking out the latest builds of the game since TGS, and the Prince’s next adventure is just as nonsensical as ever. Fans have been dying to have an on-the-go, two-analog stick version of Katamari for ages, and TOUCH MY KATAMARI does it right. In addition to the two sticks, players can also opt to use the front touch screen itself to control the ball, but what’s unique is what can be done with the rear touch panel….


Players use their fingers to stretch and squeeze the ball into oblong shapes that will help the Prince navigate under short passageways or into narrow crevasses. Just a quick tap of both fingers on the rear panel and *SPROOOIIING* – your Katamari is perfectly spherical again!

What’s that? You want more? Don’t worry, we’ll have more info to share on TOUCH MY KATAMARI very soon, and I’ll be back to dish more deets before you know it. In the meantime, remember that TOUCH MY KATAMARI is but only one of THREE new PS Vita titles from NAMCO BANDAI Games on February 22nd. The blisteringly fast online racer RIDGE RACER and the dead-by-the-time-you-see-them assassin-based action of SHINOBIDO 2: REVENGE OF ZEN will also be hitting on the PS Vita launch day this February.

Is it all going to rock? Yes. Will I be back with more info? Double yes. Will they let me take a PS Vita home with me yet? TRIPLE NO!!! February 22nd can’t come soon enough…


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