Meet The First Cast Member of The Tester, Season 3

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Meet The First Cast Member of The Tester, Season 3

After more than two months of watching videos, posting comments, and voting for your favorites for The Tester- Season 3 Casting call, the final votes are tallied to determine your choice for who becomes the first cast member on Season 3.

The winner of The Tester – Season 3 Casting Contest is Arin Hanson, aka Egoraptor!

Arin’s hilarious videos resonated with fans as he received the most votes in the final round. He’ll now join the rest of the cast for Season 3 later this year. Here, now, is a word from your winner.

Please join me in congratulating Arin Hanson for winning the Season 3 casting contest! And, thanks to everyone for participating to make this season’s casting contest so successful. Remember to check back with us on the PlayStation.Blog and on for more updates on the show. Look for the complete cast announcement before the end of the year, and be sure to catch up on previous episodes from season 1 & 2, streaming for free on

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  • Hey Kevin,

    thank you for being TRUE [DELETED]! No subtitle or closed-caption for this show? Because it was that difficult to implement the source directly into MPEG4 or was it MPG4? Anyway, the point is this: LOOK AT WHAT APPLE HAS ACCOMPLISHED BY IMPLEMENTING CLOSED-CAPTION IN THEIR TELEVISION SHOWS AND MOVIES! Your company, Sony, is the frickin’ RICH and there is no way to get this task done? Deal with it and PLEASE find a way to accomplish the task. It is not fair to leave everything out.

  • W00t! Egoraptor Is going to win FOR SURE!

  • love the video. i think the funniest part is that he’s randomly digging a hole in this barren backyard. hope he’s entertaining in the show

  • Ahaha! I was sure it would be Egoraptor even before I clicked the link!

    I’m a fan of your work man, so yeah, good luck and don’t forget to make us laugh.

  • Production level job for unqualified people… YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I guess I’ll wait until the rest of the cast is announced to see if Frawlz made it on the show. I mean I know he SHOULD be on, but I’ll just have to wait and see…




    In other words, I am excited Egoraptor is on the show :P

  • The Tester: Season Awesome.

    Now official.

  • The time & money spent on this would’ve been far better spent on real advertising. Y’know the stuff competitors are doing on tv for example. This is a low budget amateurishly done game show. Who even remembers the real name of the 1st season winner. Put your hands down now, all 2 of you, both of you googled him.

  • hope season 3 is better cast than last season… bring Naucious back <3

  • The vote structure on the tester site was a complete sham. leigions of dummy accounts. It wasn’t a contest for a job at Sony it was a self propigating popularity contest.

    IMHO there were far many more with better qualifications that didn’t make the top 100 and some that did could barely put 3 words together or even speak in comple thoughts in a video, yet they made the top 100.

    It’s very discouriging.

    Gratz to the winner though, I wish you the best of luck.

  • That was hard to watch.

  • @PirateHarlock

    Will “Cyrus” Powers, same name as a character from Phoenix Wright, and a pretty big inspiration to me considering he was someone from the east coast who took this opportunity and has been using it to it’s fullest.

    No Google necessary.

    The time and money being invested into this IS spent into advertising. You get a ton of people to go out and promote themselves to gain an audience to watch a bunch of people fight for an entry level job that possess ridiculous amounts of opportunity. Egoraptor alone has the potential to net in 200,000+ viewers.

    For a Sony only show related to nothing but Sony products

    Think outside the box, you knock this [DELETED] every chance you seem to get in every blog. If you’re going to critique something, make it constructive.

  • Yes, congrats to winner. Hope you don’t turn out to be a big dud like last “winner”, 2 Bit Mick.

    @10, I agree with you. Naucious was my favorite from season 1. Decent, dignified, good sport. I hate it when backstabbers win, as is the case in most reality shows.

  • lol I won! runs into a wall

  • man, that was so corny and was almost hard to watch…anyone else think that?

  • The voting and how everything was so messed up was just pathetic. 2 people who were #1 at separate times both quit because a glitch caused them to get no votes and zero support from Sony. I enjoy this show but Sony is pathetic with these contests

  • @rothbart

    Frawlz in your tester. SG

  • + KevPC on October 20th, 2011 at 11:46 am said:

    man, that was so corny and was almost hard to watch…anyone else think that?

    REALLY????? Hard to watch???? Are you just mad because you’re not on show????

  • I love Egoraptor. But that… that was just awful…

    I sure hope that wasn’t his idea.

  • Fake. This was obviously planned.

  • I’m supposed to get excited about someone who more than a week into round 1 decided to use his legions of youtube drones to basically make the whole contest pointless? Nobody else even had a chance at that point. The sad thing is is that most of his videos are about as lame as the one above, but for some reason, hundreds of fans still like his stuff. OH WAIT, I forgot I was on the interwebs where any drivel will be liked by someone.

  • well, im disappointed… i dont think ill be watching this season.. just so everyone knows, i didnt cast a single vote for this guy… ill just go back and watch season 2 again… War_Princess for the win….

  • It pains me to think people would find the above video funny….

    Well Sony would be hard pressed to make this season worse than #2, but I have a feeling they are striving for that goal.

    I wonder who they have picked for the fixed winner this year? Definitely got to be a girl, since there hasn’t been a female winner yet. Either that or its going to be somebody with some kind of ethnic background, because so far there has been two white male winners, no way there is going to be a third.

  • I wasn’t planning on watching the tester this season but sense Egoraptor is on it I will have to watch it now. Hope he does better than 8-bit Mickey did last year.

  • Digging a hole next to a sack of limbs.. wtf, lol


  • you knew it already? isnt it Arin?….

  • Hey, I have been a PlayStation fan for a very long time and I love this show.. I am deaf/hearing impaired, I could barely understand what they say on “The Tester”.. I have been hoping that for Season 3 there will be English Subtitles or Closed Captioning for the deaf/hard of hearing. I am really looking forward to Season 3 but I really want to see English Subtitles or Closed Captioning.. I saw English Subtitles on Season 1 and 2 sometimes for a second when one of the cast members talk very low and all.. If Sony can add a few subtitles on it then they can make full subtitles from beginning to the end of an episode.. I got PlayStation in Dec 1997, I bought PS2 in Dec 2003, I bought PSP in March 2005, I bought PS3 60GB in 2006, I bought PS3 320GB in June 2011 and with so many PlayStation games.. I think as a loyal customer I could be appreciated with having English Subtitles & Closed Captioning on videos. Looking forward to The Tester on Season 3 (Hopefully its better than the Jersey Shore lol)..

  • In the next season of The Tester, if one is made, try to not be stupid about it. Try your very very best to make it an ACTUAL contest in the voting/casting parts, don’t make it a freaking YouTube celebrity contest you stupid people… Ruin U3 and Ruin Tester, just keep it going why don’t you.

  • Oh lawd, fake video.

    This kid is gonna get tedious pretty fast, I got five bucks on it.

  • when the season 3 start

  • @coinbeast you obviously have no clue at all how advertising or real business works, as has been previously stated many many times by more than just myself this is nothing but a populatrity contest disguised as a game show. And considering its audience logs on to PS home to view it this means its being viewed by existing PS3 owners. Ergo it is not effective advertising. And secondly the job the participants are aiming for is not a high level position. Not even sony would be foolish enough to give a high level position to someone based sole on a game show they themselves sponsored. As for egoraptors “200000+ viewers” that itself is a joke, that succeeded in benifitting exactly one person, egoraptor, I don’t really mind him though its this mindless stupidity you so blindly defend that is the real problem. You make some vaccuous accusation against me in defense of this moronic tripe then proceed to lecture me on coming up with something “constructive”. You sir are nothing short of a mindless troll who’s butthurt about not getting in this silly popularity contest. In short get an education or buy yourself a clue. As it stands now all your doing is showing off your own ignorance.

  • One last & shorter comment. If I was the only person who saw the stupidity in this why are there so many others saying much the same thing. And why is it already rated below 3 and plummeting? Anyone who can’t answer that has no business running their mouth.

  • If I make it onto the show, consider this kid DESTROYED

  • @PirateHarlock

    Jesus dude, way to rant on about everything but WHAT I responded to and do it like a Call of Duty kiddie with a high school vocabulary. I guess it’s my turn then? I apologize for the incoming wall of text.

    Haha, no I don’t.

    You cry that the money going towards this should be spent towards advertising and I replied it IS going towards advertising. A bunch of people are going around explaining what this contest is so they can get a vote, and in order to get a vote, the people they told to vote for them are led to a website plastered with Sony advertisements. Last I checked, that’s advertising. It’s not a commercial or pop-up ad, but it’s advertised via word of mouth, facebook, youtube, whatever. Advertisement. Whether or not it can be done better is an entirely different topic, and if you wanted to debate about that, you probably should’ve made it more obvious.

    Then you blow up saying it’s not “how advertising or real business works” and go off saying that it’s a popularity contest and the position isn’t high a high level position and all this other garbage you say I “blindly” defended.

  • I didn’t defend ANY of that. This WAS a popularity contest. Anything that requires voting is ALWAYS a matter of popularity. Last season some dude with a podcast won, this season wasn’t going to be any different. Lo and behold! A Newgrounds/Youtube celebrity won. That’s why I didn’t jump to it’s defense. I’m no e-celeb. I didn’t go into this thinking I’d beat any ones legions of fans, that would just be delusions of grandeur. I went into this hoping I could reap some sort of benefit from it whether it be casting via judges or opening myself to new opportunities (Which I have, I got a chance to talk with the cinematic director for the Gears of War series and he gave me a BUNCH of insight on how the industry works). EVERY one who knows how the industry works knows this is an entry level position, but it’s one of those positions you have a chance where you can move up the corporate food chain. Any one who truly sees that isn’t fighting for the job, they’re fighting for that chance.

  • The only subject I truly defended was Cyrus because I respect and admire the fact he went through such embarrassing lengths to obtain an entry level position that can easily be applied for via a regular application in order for him to achieve his goals. The dude’s still with Sony and has the potential to move up the corporate ladder. The way you belittled him was ignorant at best.

    There’s plenty of negative surrounding the series, sure. Just like everything else in life there’s drawbacks. If you can’t see the positives yet all you can see is the negatives, then you’re not worth my time.

  • Seriously, before putting words in my mouth you should’ve gone back and read my first comment. I didn’t glorify anything about the show, and how you came to the conclusion that I was trying to lecture you with two sentences is beyond me. If my original comment was one of those standard high school essay questions you’re supposed to respond too, you would’ve failed it for not sticking to the main topic. You sir are nothing more than a close minded pessimistic simpleton with a dictionary and an irritable nature.

    And in response to your last comment, you’re not the only person who see’s the stupidity in this. That’s kinda why I didn’t say it’s not stupid.

  • Alright, your move. If you bother to even reply back to this, please read it carefully. Put words in my mouth and/or bring up other ridiculous points I didn’t even talk about again and I’m just gonna’ fart on my keyboard and reply back with whatever shows up in the comment box.


    lol ur a poopsock bro, y u mad tho?

  • @coinbeast, you sir are a two face liar. Seriously it took you the better part of a week to come up with that river of inept drivel? and you question my level of english throwing out sophmoric insults like “poopsock” and finishing off with “y u mad tho?”. I didn’t put words in your mouth as you imagine. It’s very evident for all to see. You just proved yourself a troll and a liar, saying so is a bit redundant as those go hand in hand really. What makes your stupidity all the more funny is how seriously you take it especially considering you have no point that hasn’t been shot down. Your foolish 8 year old name calling is more amusing than this pathetic piece of “reality tv” your so blindly defending. It’s also why you won’t be finding yourself involved in this industry in any way, not even making an appearance on “the tester”.

  • Funny as your potty mouthed attempts to impress are it affects nothing. For you are just an example of everything thats wrong with what currently passes for “gamer culture”. Now its time for you to stop with the petty attempts at harassment and take your own advice and do something constructive. You can start by shutting your mouth and opening your ears then get yourself the education you sorely lack. Goodbye and good riddance, you will not be missed.

    Btw, any further replies from you will not be read by anyone. You’ve wasted too much of everyones time already. Any more of your ignorance will serve only to further humiliate yourself.

  • This guy is whack as hell. What a lame video. Sony, how about you pay attention to this stupid contest?? Why do you just leave GotCast to their devices and forget about it? Season 2 was worse than Season 1, and you obviously didn’t learn from your mistakes, letting another internet star win the online popularity contest.

    This is just another 8-bit Mickey lame-o with no TV presence or charisma who will get eliminated the first day, after the planned elimination of your two disposable actors. Great to see you are willing to betray the very foundation of your show, giving common gamers the opportunity of a lifetime, so you can place actors and youtube channel guys and waste the spots for actual gamers. Get REAL!!

  • @PirateHarlock

    Oi, you’re terrible at this whole arguing thing, ya’ know? You can’t go around calling other people “potty mouths” after doing nothing but being generally slanderous and negative overall. You don’t even bother to make valid points or statements and give supportive reasoning. You just try belittling and attacking who ever you’re debating while trying to string together a series of impressive words in the attempts of sounding like a scholar. You’re hardly on that level of respectability. Four posts chock full of jolly good reasoning, yet you respond only to the one that hurt your feelings. I wasn’t aware I was arguing with a child.

  • Anyhow, since you won’t be coming back from your temper tantrum, I’ll take the time to suggest to anyone who’s showing some sign of interest in this series to give it a watch. The challenges are… silly as hell. I mean I get the whole interpretation of the challenges in relation to the job world, but a few challenges are like “Really? Knowing random useless information (trivia) helps in finding bugs and glitches?” I can’t promise this season won’t suck or nothing, but it’s always cool to see some of the head honchos in charge of creating these games rip apart the contestants for acting like fools. If anything, watch it for the hopes of an open season 4 casting call and for the love of god.

    Sign up for it and TALK. TO. EVERYONE.

    You never know who you’re going to meet and what they might be able to do for you.

    I hope to see some games being played this season though, last season ya’ll played two games. Better than the first, but that’s like seven minutes of games played total through out the entire series.


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