Worms Crazy Golf Hits PSN October 25th

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Worms Crazy Golf Hits PSN October 25th

Hi everyone! With Worms Crazy Golf launching on the U.S. PlayStation Store on Tuesday, October 25th, for $9.99 (PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive a 20% launch discount for the first 2 weeks of release).

We’d like to introduce the game to you all by answering a few key questions:

Q: Can you describe how the intriguing idea of combining Worms and golf came about?

A: We started with the fact Worms is a pretty crazy and surreal game anyway, so we felt it would be ideally suited for combining with ‘crazy golf’. Coupled with the fact that both Worms and golf are both turn-based games, it seemed pretty natural to us that the two games could be mixed together into some sort of highly entertaining cocktail! And with the fun, competitive nature of both Worms and golf gameplay, we thought it would work very well in a social multi-player setting. Fortunately, I think our instincts were proven right!


Q: Can you tell us about the game. How does the world of Worms combine with golf?

A: Anyone expecting a straight golf game will be in for a bit of a surprise… it’s got a lot of the favourite aspects of Worms, including explosive sheep, grumpy old women, moles, magnets, mines, colourful environments and crazy chain reactions. It is set across three surreal 18-hole golf courses, (plus a diverse range of skill-based challenge modes), with each hole being more like a puzzle than those found on traditional golf courses. Completing each hole in par or under unlocks the next one, but there’s a bunch of things standing in your way, including increasingly challenging hole design and an array of obstacles; from castles that teleport your ball, cannons that shoot it across the landscape and even obstructive comedy bats! The game is based on the “Worms” gameplay mechanic of choosing shot power and trajectory, although “Worms Crazy Golf” is a completely new entity in itself. It’s neither a traditional golf game nor is it a traditional “Worms” game. It’s the absolute best of both worlds and we think it’s really good fun and very compelling.


When taking a shot each golfer also has a selection of unlockable special utilities they can call on such as the parachute ball, the ability to reverse gravity, or the ability to slow time down to maximise the effects of top-spin or back-spin – they are pretty funny and really encourage replay of the courses in order to get better scores. With four-player social multiplayer support, it has all the hallmarks of the “Worms” brand: the trash-talking, pressure to make the shot, terribly unhelpful ‘advice’ from your opponents, and often hilarious consequences when that risky shot that could have won the game goes terribly wrong.

Q: Do you have any plans for DLC after launch?
A: Yes, we have the Carnival Course DLC pack, which includes the surreal and colourful (very pink!) Carnival Course (a new 18 hole golf course), a selection of new challenges, a new utility (the ‘bouncy ball’) and more customization options too. This is set for release on Tuesday 1st November 2011, and best of all, it will be absolutely free!

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  • Sigh.

  • i love golf and the worms game. there should be more games like the worms releasing. most of the psn games are boring.

  • I own both Worms and Worms 2: Armaggeddon, and well…



    This game really does not attract me…

    I hope you upload a demo to judge it well…

  • I 2nd that


  • I love golf games but I can’t picture this game. Are you guys gonna gives us a demo? If not at least a video would be nice ;)
    I’m glad devs are making golf games, because I feel there aren’t many of them out there.
    always happy to read new ideas. Thanks guys/gals.

  • Sorry i should have included:

    Why would I buy this obvious attempt at a “money maker”. I bet there was no heart. No effert, simply remove weapons replace with a golf ball. change worm animation with golf club swing.

    Sorry will never buy this, this should be free game. No way you will be getting anywhere near $10 for this from me.

    • Sorry you feel that way, but that is not the case, a hell of a lot of work has gone into making this game really special.

  • The people posting above me are lame. I thought this sounded like a weird idea when I read about it a month or so ago, but seeing those screens and descriptions, it looks like a blast for 10 bucks (even better with my plus discount).

  • i agree with @7 at first announcement i thought “Oh this is going to be a disaster” but with that screenshot and some thought i think “hey this might not be that bad” so i hope there will be demo so i can reaaly make my mind on this purchase

  • ok seriously how come all posts on this topic have small letters and are italicized

  • ChaseHammerJ – You, my friend, seem to be a grade A jerk. How can you judge something so harshly that you haven’t even played? Have you ever developed a game? You have no clue how much “effert” was put into this, and your lack of respect for the trade is obvious. Sure, you are entitled to your own opinion. Everyone is, that is what is great about gaming….if you don’t like it, don’t worry. There are more games coming out, find a game that appeals to you and stop wasting your time bashing one that you obviously gave no chance to begin with. $9.99 is a great price in a market that almost always tries to overcharge. Mr. Mark Baldwin here was nice enough to respond to your slandering in a respectful manner, if I were you I would feel genuinely ashamed of myself. Just saying.

    Anywaaaaays, Mark and co., this game looks like it will be great fun! The Worms games are all excellent gaming goodness, and a room full of people always makes them all the more excellent. Thank you for the hard work, and don’t let all the bashers get ya down. Some gamer’s are the most entitled nitwits I have ever come across. Keep up the great work!

  • I’ve just been told that there will be a preview video on the store when the game goes live next week.

  • yawn dullsville fore yes a hole in one right into the pool.

  • Any news on when Worms: Ultimate Mayhem will be available on the PS Store?

  • My daughter and I love the Worms games, and always find ourselves going back to it to compete. We’re also both getting a little bit into golf recently, so this looks like a perfect combination of the two!

    I’m wondering, though, will there be random level generation like in the other worms games? I can’t imagine how that could be programmed with the precision needed to make a golf course. Maybe a level editor? There seems like there’s going to be a lot of replay value trying to get the best score, but perhaps I’m being too greedy in hoping for a bit more?

  • I’m buying this because I love Worms, I love golf, and I love Team 17! From the AMIGA days!!

    Is it PSN exclusive????

  • Oh, and I want a new Lemmings game.

  • Nice! i love the worms games, have both of them on ps and all the add ons
    i noticed there are also videos for other worms games like worms ultimate mayhem will any of these be coming to playstation

  • My face when: nobody respects Team17 or realizes that 2D golfing is a fun and hardly touched genre.

    There’s an EXTREMELY simple game on iOS called Stick Golf, or something. That game was so simple, yet it was very addicting. It was on a fairly simple 2D plane, with not much visuals or excellent level design, yet it was still very addicting.

    Judging by the gameplay videos, T17 has made a very deep and crazy golf game.

    One question, how many different worm voice banks are there? I love me some Double-oh Seven dialogue.

  • it looks really really fun but im still not buying it for 10 or whatever it is with my PS+…..ill get it when PSN has their spring sale.

  • This should be an add-on to the existing Worms action.

  • Ahh! I rely on you for platinum trophies Team17, what happened? I’ll be picking this up because I love you guys, but please remember for your next release!

  • Just watched the trailer video on teh Team17 website, this game actually looks hot! Mark, you should see if a video can be posted on the blog to help get the word out – people need a visual to see what it’s all about!

  • I have to say that this is an interesting take on the worms franchise, but im very hesitant to invest money into it. a demo would really help with that decision, is there one coming?

  • I pretty much will blindly buy any game that is worms. I have loved worms games since worms games were invented. I have been using the same team name and worm names and using the poor rapper talk. Team17 I will gladly hand you my money for this game. I love it. Great concept. Now that I have said all that I’m gonna go watch the videos and still say I am getting this game.

  • So, there is no demo coming?

    That doesn’t make sense, previous PSN Worms games had demos which I played and enjoyed before buying the full games.

    This seems to be something different to the Worms experience that most of us are used to, definitively there should be a demo so gamers can test the gameplay…

  • Don’t listen to the haters. I’m actually quite interested and like the little golf twist. I can see you guys did make this a labor of love. :)

  • Looks like something I can play with my girlfriend and we are almost done with Costume Quest. I would also like to see a demo. It looks cool but from the videos I seen but looks hard too, maybe too hard for my girlfriend who isn’t a big gamer but likes cartoonish games.

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