UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Launch Trailer

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UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Launch Trailer

Last night at five select AMC Theaters from coast-to-coast and now here online, we are stoked to premiere the launch trailer for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception. Launch? Yes, we’re a couple weeks away from November 1st but we were so excited after finishing up this trailer that we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

This trailer is taken entirely from in-game footage. Click play and check it out!

UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Launch Trailer

Drake’s secret waits. If that didn’t get you ready to uncover the truth November 1st, I’m not sure you’re ready for the truth. In fact you might not even be able to handle it regardless but you’ll definitely have a great, fun adventure ahead of you once November 1st hits. We’ll have more info and video to get you primed and pumped so check back to the PlayStation.Blog and over on Naughtydog.com regularly. We’re looking forward to reading, watching and hearing about your reactions to what’s revealed in UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception!

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  • There are no words to describe how amazing that trailer is.

  • Do I need to buy a Season Trailer Pass to watch this?

  • spoilers?

  • PURE EPICNESS!! You guys should put the Harrison Ford one also. Awsome to see his reactions as he plays the game. Ahhhhhhhh November needs to get here faster! I want to play the campaign today!

  • Looks awesome.

  • Long Live Uncharted! Can’t wait for my Collector’s Edition!

  • @2 hahaha I know right?

    I’m not watching the trailer. I didn’t watch the desert village gameplay either. You guys have released TOO much gameplay. I’m not even going to watch or read any reviews before I finish the campaign.

    But thanks anyway. Now if only you would fix the multiplayer. (Blindfire & quickboom grenades)

  • Thought about not watching the trailer in case of spoilers…but couldn’t resist…I must now go on a media blackout, as I don’t want anymore information on this game before I play it…

  • Damn!

    I’m still not done with Dark Souls and I got Arkham City yesterday, but in two weeks, those two will be on a break for a few weeks!

  • OMG I cant wait to get this game in 2 weeks! and yay horsies! *hugs them*

  • I think “Wow!” pretty much summarizes this trailer

  • Please change that horrible photoshopped cover!! Why is Nathan Drake a CG render unlike the other box arts?

    Anyway this is The GOTY. I just preordered my CE yesterday!

  • every video for this games just gets me more amped, collectors edition here i come cant wait!!!

  • i just saw harrison ford playing the game!!!!!(ign.com)

  • This needs to be shown in the previews in movie theatres, I’m sure we’d get some new gaming converts

  • I frickin Love UNCHARTED So

  • Also, Elena looked a little asian in the trailer. I think it would be cool to see her hair not in a ponytail/bun in the game.

  • Did they show too much???? Either way this game is going to be EPIC……Can’t wait till I get to push Start on this one…..

  • Freaking awesome!! The graphics are just amazing! Can’t wait for my collectors edition! Naughty Dog RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A bit off topic but still a valid question. Whats with the rabid soviet style censorship in the blog here over the past while? Are those allegedly in charge of the blog so afraid of any failings that they resort to such unproffessional menas? It doesn’t work that way, it really has the opposite effect of making illegitimate actions all the more glaring and irresponsible.

  • Long Live Uncharted i love uncharted best reason to buy a ps3

  • Can’t wait but I think you guys showed way to much on this game, I mean I know you want to hype us up but would of been awesome if the plane scene was a surprise! Then again could be my fault for watching videos of the game!

  • I should be doing the same thing for Uncharted 3 that I did with God of War 3: avoiding all trailers/gameplay in case of spoilers…but you guys sure are making it hard to resist ;)

  • Saw this last night, it’s a sexy beast of a trailer lol!!! 8)

  • OMG!!!!!!! Game of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In the immortal words of Keanu Reeves, “Whoa.”

  • “Last night at five select AMC Theaters from coast-to-coast”

    Shouldn’t that read AMC Theaters only on the coasts? (I count Texas as a coastal area given the proximity to the Gulf) Bring these things to the rest of us!

    /End rant

  • @26 where did you get that avatar ? Awsome skull!

  • Awesome stuff. Also, kudos on your Mets avatar!

  • Epicness at it’s finest.

  • @2 Why don’t you go QQ in the corner.

  • Dudes.

    The part where he throws the gun to the guy and sez “Hold this”, then punches him?


  • Words cannot describe……..

  • is it me? or have every Uncharted 3 trailer since E3 GRADUALLY got better! all this will be epic in 3D…wish i was at the event in dallas last night :( could of had it next week..shux


  • Subtitles would be bad, in all trailers, not just on this. With youtube isn’t difficult…. automatic recognition doesn’t work at all…

  • Looks amazing. The only game I ever been excited enough to count down the days as I have it pre-ordered are the Metal Gear Solid series and now finally Uncharted 3.

    Please add a Rika Raja skin for multi-player =) (My favorite Uncharted 2 Online character.)

  • Super amazing trailer you have there Naughty Dog. Simple fantastic. Just be sure to have another one on the Launch Day. We want more of those babies! ;)

  • Nope, can’t make me look! I’m saving myself for tomorrow, when I watch this on the giant screen. See you ND folk soon.

    By the way, you’ll recognize me as I look almost exactly like my new avatar.

  • Drake’s a treasure hunter I gladly open my wallet to. CAN’T WAIT!

    12 days left ;O i can’t breathe!

  • Holy freaking freak. Why must these last two weeks go by SOOOOO SLOWLY!? I swear, anyone who won’t buy this game is messed up. Can’t wait! Literally….

  • NOW THATS THE BEST TRIALER IVE EVER SEEN!!!!! naughty dog is pushing it to the limits for sure it will be game of the year why have you ever felt more attached to a game wanting more its like watching a movie or soap opras. that should have been the best trialer on GT.TV’s best trialers of all time i swear naughty dog always has somthing new better that surprises and dominates. :)

  • The only way you guys are going to top this one is if Uncharted 4 takes place while searching for a lost diamond 36 feet in diameter located in a secret compartment on the inside of an active volcano.
    An active Volcano located next to a nuclear power plant.
    A Nuclear power plant located next to a Fusion research facility.
    A fusion research facility located next to a Large enough Hadron Collider to produce true black holes.
    So yeah.
    Good luck with 4.
    But i’m looking forward to 3!!! Collector’s edition Baby!!!!!! :]

    Seriously, what the heck are you guys going to do for the next one?!?!

  • AMAZING!!!!

  • Pre-order people! I need this game to have a midnight release because I can’t wait an extra 10 hours to play it!

  • is it November 1st yet lol

  • oh please hurry up ND I don’t think I can wait! :)

    EPIC trailer by the way….when is the movie out ;-) ??

  • Wow! I can´t wait. I tried not clicking it… afraid of spoilers but I couldn’t stop myself. This all looks amazing and I´m even more exited now… if that´s possible. This will be the best gaming experience of my life.

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