Prepare for Glory: Dungeon Defenders is Available Now on PSN

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Prepare for Glory: Dungeon Defenders is Available Now on PSN
Prepare for Glory: Dungeon Defenders is Available Now on PSN

Hello again Sony fans! Phillip Asher here from Trendy Entertainment with some of the best news you’ll hear all week – Dungeon Defenders is launching TODAY on the PlayStation Network! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re excited to finally be here and have our hard work on PSN for all of you to enjoy.

To commemorate today’s fantastic news, we wanted to give all of you a sneak peak at some of the awesome and EXCLUSIVE pets (or familiars) you can get simply by playing Dungeon Defenders with Playstation Plus.

Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense/action RPG/hack-and-slash hybrid that supports four player, drop-in/drop out co-op with persistent and fully customizable characters across four classes. And on top of all that , there are pets: unique and upgradeable familiars that follow you and assist you in your quest, either by attacking enemies, healing you, repairing your towers, granting you extra mana, or more!

Here are the exclusive Playstation Plus familiars:


Cowboy Monkey: Has dual-banana pistols that he shoots at close-range, and a sniper-banana rifle that he unleashes at far range, and wears the PS Plus logo on his hat (!)


Drakon the Dragon: A special dragon that has very good stats for its level, this critter will attack any nearby enemies with flame.


Naimi the Fairy: A special fairy that has very good stats for its level, she’ll heal you and nearby allies when you need it.


Cog the Robot: A special robot that has very good stats for its level, it’ll bash nearby enemies with a barrel-roll attack, knocking them back and doing serious damage.

We hope you enjoy Dungeon Defenders and hope to see you online later this week!

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  • Played the demo. I am quite pleased with the way how this game turned out. Fun to play.

    I was wondering for all of us who are in Playstation Plus membership…

    Will we get anything special discount on the full game itself? Let’s say it is for $14.99, but with Playstation Plus incentive discount- will we get anything less than $14.99 originally? Or nothing is in the work yet?

    I am aware that there is a free Downloadable Content for Playstation Plus members… But come on!… :-p

  • Nice animation there.

  • So PS+ members are the only ones to get those extras?

    Congratz…. you just lost yourself a sale!

  • I wasn’t thinking much of this game but I’m glad to have seen the video. If the demo is still available, I may try it out and pick up the full game. PS+ pets look great too!

  • To add to my comment….

    This is the stupidest advertising ever. If this had been a pre-order bonus then that would be different, but to lock out a feature just because someone doesnt want/need PS+ is just stupid.

    They already get discounts on games, advance betas, and so on, and now they getting special content in a game just because they choose to be a PS+ member.


    Oh well. I’ll wait till your prejudice game goes on sale for cheap since thats what it is worth when you cutting out features for a group of ppl.

  • 5# Dude I’m pretty sure they well sell does pets at a later time anyway.

    But you will miss out on a great game!

  • #6

    Lets see i have WKC2 & Dark Souls to play. Was gonna add this game until i saw that BS above.

    Im sure my money can be better spent on a game that doesnt lock out features just because someone doesnt want PS+

  • Was going to pick this up yesterday, but the store updated too late…I’ll try to get it today or tomorrow.

  • This game just looks really great.

    Do you guys have any future DLC plans for the game?

  • @mixedkidbx

    They don’t get it free….they have to pay for PS+. It’s just ONE of the reasons to be a PS+ member. The average peasant will still be able to purchase the DLC.

    I’m not a PS+ member, so I’m not biased.

    But I “think” this is why they call it PlayStation PLUS. The PLUS means extra, more, additional, above the norm, etc. Just guessing.

  • It will not be released to non plus members, if you click on it in the plus section it says Free and Exclusive to Playstation Plus.

    Also, that’s no reason not to get a game, just because you can’t get some extra content. And it is completely fair, we paid for plus, and plus gets us extra stuff, that non paying people can’t get.

  • @Grendolai

    Thats the problem. They not saying, “Non PS+ members can also get these extra items by buying them for $1 each.

    All their saying is, “Hey PS+ members heres some extra items to help you in the game that no one else can get!”

  • @chaos_789

    Actually its the perfect reason not to get a game. If all non PS+ just keep buying games that have benifits only PS+ members can get, then more and more devs will do the same. Next thing you know non PS+ members will be getting half a game unless you buy PS+, then you can play the rest of it.

  • I totally agree with the 1st post: There should be a discount (20-40%) for PS Plus members off the $14.99 price of this game.

  • @mixedkidbx

    “They already get discounts on games, advance betas, and so on, and now they getting special content in a game just because they choose to be a PS+ member.”

    What the hell, last time I checked we deserve this stuff because we payed to become a plus member. Stop complaining about the stuff we get and just get plus then!

  • Please fix the 3D, add the 3D Dept Setting and Fix the In games Status Windows Depth. Make it at least +5 Depth like a 3D movie subtitle.
    Developer is already ruin this 3D Mode. Its unplayable !!!

  • Played the demo a bit this morning, the first 3 or 4 waves, then I just couldn’t stand the tedium any longer. Run to chest, get mana, build 1 tower. Run to chest, get man, build 1 tower. Run to chest, get mana, build 1 tower. I did this 4 times each wave and just couldn’t stand doing it anymore anymore. I know you guys have been working on this game for years so there are probably reasons why not, but I would really like to be able to just have the mana to start the level, just put out towers on the map like PvZ, start the level from anywhere and not have to run back to the crystal. I love just about all tower defense games and Diablo clones like Torchlight and Titan Quest and Dungeon Hunter Alliance but I’m still not sure about this one. Too much running around from place to place in build mode followed by too much running around from place to place fighting – which is the much better part, and it really seems like there shouldn’t even be a build mode, just build as you go. Maybe I’ll try that later. I really want to like this game, but I don’t yet. Maybe if the first level were just a rectangle like PvZ.

    thanks much for the day 1 demo.

  • @JLP_M

    Sorry i have no need for PS+, nor do i see the point in ppl paying $50/yearly to have the same free games show up 7 times a year lmao.

  • @mixedkidbx Nobody cares if you are not buying this game. They are a few familiars out of an entire game’s worth of content. People that pay for extra get extra. If they were locking out an actual feature from the game I would agree with you despite being a PLUS member but all they are doing is giving those that paid for more content a little more content. That is perfectly fair. The fact that you monitored this page for hours just to complain says a lot about you though and I really doubt anything that anybody could say would get through to you.

  • I haven’t been able to find a list of the trophies. Anyone have a link?

  • @mixedkidbx

    You realise, it could possibly be an early access item. For example: all SEGA Genesis (individual) titles were released to PS+ early. It stated on the item “PS PLUS EXCLUSIVE,” yet after a week or so, they released the game to the rest of the PSN community.

    I’m sure a developer wouldn’t disregard an entire group of players just because they didn’t want to purchase a premium service.

    More than likely, in a couple weeks, they’ll have the same DLC for download in the store (for the exception of the monkey, it seems to be sporting the PS+ logo, which will definitely be an exclusive).

    Gaming is entertainment, correct? Entertainment is about making money… I doubt anyone would want to pass up the opportunity to make a few extra bucks. Not even to make those who pay for PS+ feel special.

  • looks sweet, but i agree with mixedkidbx.just because some of you are paying for playstation plus doesnt mean that they should cut/lock content from the rest of the players.while this may seem to be a good business on paper,because they could get more $$$.they just would split their own fanbase in two and thats never a good thing…anyways,to guys like that think like me and mixedkidbx,this practice is going to get much more worse before if gets any better..yup, the playstation brand has become like the xbox but with a blu-ray player attach to it.if you wanna play an online game play extra, if you want features that should be in the game, play extra,if you want stuff that should be in the console,hey play extra!!

    but to the fanboys dont mind me or mixedkidbx rant, just do what you keep doing and sooner than later you’ll have to pay just to turn the console on LOL

  • @21 true gaming is an entertainment but that doesnt mean that they should make us pay for every single thing that they put out there.

  • thank you sony, for deleting my rant.that was a pretty nice off you guys

  • @burningwind

    Its called checking the page when you have time. I would expect this kind of response from someone who is a PS+ member.


    Sadly it wont. It’s clearly stated above that they are only for PS+ members.

    I could careless bout PS+ members getting all the benifits they do now (hey you wanna pay $50/yearly for the same games over and over thats your own issue). But when we start getting into the point where games are offering extra content to PS+ members that non PS+ members have no way of getting is starting to be a little to much.

    Just like that Online save file thing. I saw tons of ppl complain when they announced how it was PS+ only and there was no way for anyone else to get it. I saw ppl say in those posts they would pay extra for the option but no nothing was done about it. Why should PS+ only have the options of having Cloud save game files, but others are just SOL?

    I understand SNEA wants to make money from PS+, but certain features that everyone may want should also have a way of getting, with out buying into something they dont want, need, nor care about.

  • @mixedkidbx

    So you want the DLC, but you don’t want anything + has to offer?

    People want cloud saving, but they don’t want anything + has to offer?

    You obviously want a benefit of being a + member, so pay the $50 and quit complaining about it.

  • This reminds me of midevil game from back in the day. ( I really did enjoy it ) WOW! SO MANY GREAT GAMES these past few weeks that its hard to decide what to buy. This 1 looks really awesome! I think I’m gonna have to squeeze this 1 in along side of Battlefield 3. Yes I think I can juggle both ;)
    Should keep me busy, what u think?
    Thanks people

  • What the hell is wrong with this game. At the beginning with warning of saves, pushed everything and it would click ok, till I hit R1? Then I go to options, move everything and push everything, nothing happens. Can’t even get out of options. Is there traditional controls on this thing?

  • When goin through character selection, why is it goin through them at random, sometimes repeatedly? Why don’t yah just have them in order? Why is there so many broken things in this demo?

  • Now I can’t choose a character. Is this ONLY a MOVE game?????? Those who wanna play with dual shock can’t???????

  • I found this to be a really nice game just by playing the demo. I found it a little challenging as the waves grew on when playing by myself which means I’ll need to team up with some buds. I’ll definitely pick this up but I’ll need another PSN card since Rocketbirds put me down to $8. A lot to pick up. Think I’ll get myself Zombie Apocalypse, Burnout Crash, and this game too. I wish Dungeon Defenders had a discount for PS+ members though but I guess the bonus DLC will do it for me =) With so many discounts and games this month, being a Plus member never felt so good!


    Just buy PS+…. I don’t understand what you’re saying. You want these benefits? Then pay $50.

  • This game looks pretty cool. I haven’t played RPG’s in a while but could probably try this one out.

  • I think SONY should have better QC for its PSN Games.
    DungDef 3D Mode is lacking in quality, in my opinion.
    I never felt disappointed before, that makes me wanting my $15 back.

  • So where’s Dungeon Defenders then?…
    It’s not in my store?…

  • I was going to get this game, but sadly $15 is really too much.

    Especially when you pull content out for PS+.

    If it was $10 like most PSN games of this caliber I would have considered it.

  • I need to know how you get the close-up view in this game; I can’t figure it out.

  • @mixedkidbx

    You want the benefits of PS Plus but you don’t want to pay for it. That’s just like saying you want the benefits of Gamestop’s point system without paying for the yearly subscription for the card.

    I bought the 3 month subscription of PS Plus last month. I got my money’s worth within the first 2 weeks following that. $10 off Resident Evil 4 and $10 off Code Veronica. Not only that, I get free and discounted games, discounted DLC, and other stuff such as early access, cloud saves, and automatic updates. It is well worth it.

  • You know this game looks so awesome. Great art etc. I really want to get it… but it looks like it is Move only. Move makes me want to gouge my eyes out. I have the move and I usually end up breaking something when I try using the miserable move. there is no reason why this game should only be move on ps3. It can be played through almost any platform. why move? Why isn’t there an option? my options don’t work either in the game. I tried adjusting the screen bc the scale is too large and I can’t see the full menus. Infuriating especially bc the game looks so nice and I want to play it so badly. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be buying it bc it is move only. BOO!

  • re: the Move players –
    I have a Move/Eye hooked up to my PS3 but I played the demo w/o it, still haven’t purchased the full game but I would think if the demo worked with the dualshock then so would the full game.

    I played this solo and found it meh but my 2 sons playing together had a lot of fun, 1 mage 1 soldier so they had a good mixture of traps. Makes me think this was made to be multiplayer, you can’t really just barrel ahead 1 player like Castle Crashers, it’s meant to be a team effort.

  • @38
    This was a iPod,iPad,mobile game before being released on consoles.the devs try to say they designed it around the consoles but the problems non move users are having with it shows they used it as a cash in title on the mobile market.Then when it no longer made a large profit on mobile platforms they decided to port it to consoles with upgraded graphics.

  • It’s a little frustrating that Amazon is selling the PC download of this game for 11.99 but we don’t get a PS+ discount. Still, it’s a cool looking game.

  • Looks like it was a glitch or error, it is working for dual shock now yay!

  • Ummmmm cowboy monkey looks a little crazy. I don’t know how I would react to a monkey with banana guns, lol. Go

  • @mixedkidbx

    They are not locking out any content from the game by offering this. Pets are a standard part of this game and it includes around 60 (I believe) right out of the box(so to speak). These 4 pets are just something that they decided to give as a bonus to PS+ members. They are in no way game breaking items, and as someone mentioned before they could very well sell them at a later time on the PS Store, I know it says exclusive above but that hasn’t stopped companies from selling “exclusive” pre-order/bonus content before. PS+ members pay a premium in order to get special content and features. You complain about PS+ members getting this treatment and act as if you would pay for said features if they were sold individually in the Store, so I ask, why not just pay for PS+? In the long run it pays off, with all the discounts/betas/features/bonus content/free games!

  • It’s coming to non-plus members. Not only does the PC version have them along with the portal gun, but it’s obvious a small company like Trendy Entertainment will want the extra money from those pets.

  • @Mixedkidbx, you realize that you’re complaining WHEN THE GAME HAS A BUNCH OF FAMILIARS/ANIMALS ANYWAY. You can buy them with gold from the shop (shock), I bought one in the PC version it’s a Dragon. I even locked out a really cute creature that I want to save up for. Oh, and Steam and 2 other digital distribution services got their own unique creatures too. Steam got Team Fortress 2 familiars and a Portal gun. Pretty sweet stuff imo.

    I’ll be buying this on PSN later as well, because it’s a great game and I want to try out the PS+ content eventually anyway. Waiting for a sale though.

    Tired of people complaining about PS+ getting additional features and how PS+ “isn’t worth it”. If it wasn’t worth it then you wouldn’t want anything it offers, so you wouldn’t complain about the additional content and features we get. So either pay for it, or just sulk in the corner quietly so we can just get on with our gaming lives.

  • @17 Your mana increases as you level up… that’s part of the game. :/ It has RPG elements. You can increase your health, mana, speed, and your tower’s stats too (defense, attack, how fast you build towers). After you start leveling up, that frustration will go away and you can simply enjoy the game for what it is. Give it a go.

    Also, you can skip the build phase and just build during battle if you want to do it that way. Not sure if that was you who said this, or someone else I’m mixing up with but whoever mentioned that. You have that option, you just build a lot slower during battle for obvious reasons.

  • @45: No they don’t… they have different ones for different digital services. Steam has Team Fortress 2 familiars and Portal gun, and two other services have a different dragon and something else.

    There are pets/familiars in the game already. I bought one from the store you buy weapons at… big shocker. Locked one in there that I want to get later because it’s so cute <3

    @mixedkidbx: You're complaining for nothing, there are plenty of other familiars for you to buy ingame already. It's not like this is something you can't substitute with ingame items. Like they didn't put any ranged weaponry in the game, but give them out to PS+ members for the lulz and the money grubbin! Take a step back and chill out.

  • This game looks very interesting, I may have to give this a try. After Uncharted 3 that is. -Smirks-

  • This should nice on my little 46″ Sony Bravia 3D TV

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