PS Store Now Available on Sony Corp “Sony Tablet S”

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PS Store Now Available on Sony Corp “Sony Tablet S”

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We’d like to share an exciting update regarding PlayStation Suite. As you’re aware, PlayStation Suite is focused on delivering the world of PlayStation to Android-based PlayStation Certified devices.

The official PlayStation Store for PlayStation Certified devices launches today in nine countries, including the US and Canada. It is available immediately on Sony Corporation’s “Sony Tablet S.” At launch, 10 PSone games will be available on the PlayStation Store for $5.99 each.

A great line-up of PSone classics and favorites will be available on the PS Store for PlayStation Certified devices at launch, including the following titles available for the Sony Tablet S:

  • Cool Boarders
  • Destruction Derby
  • Hot Shots Golf 2
  • Jet Moto
  • Jet Moto 2
  • Jumping Flash!
  • MediEvil
  • Motor Toon Grand Prix
  • Rally Cross
  • Wild Arms

Installing the PS Store is easy. Sony Tablet S owners will receive a notification letting you know that the PS Store has opened and is available for download. From there, simply follow the on-screen directions to download the PS Store App and start downloading games for the Sony Tablet S.

Working closely with developers across the world, we’re looking forward to continuing to grow and expand on the variety of PlayStation games and content you can access on your Android-based PlayStation Certified devices. Stay tuned, we’ll be providing more updates shortly.

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  • @#1 – You’re a moron.

  • Hello folks! I’m writing this message on my new Sony S Tablet, which I bought today. I was told by more than one Sony store employee that any PSN game that plays on PSP will play on the S Tablet, and be free if already purchased.

    Now that I have gotten it home and set up, I am disturbed to learn that this is absolutely NOT true: only a small selection of PS1 titles are available to buy, at $6 each, and must be purchased again even if already purchased on the Playstation Network Store.

    I’m extremely disappointed in this. There’s no way in hell I am buying these old games all over again! As it stands now, the tablet is going back for a refund before the week is out.

  • Please attempt to certify more devices, or at least make the requirements more transparent. For example, I’d really like the Galaxy Nexus I’m getting soon to be able to access this content.

  • Should be able to download already purchased psone classics on both tablets and vita. If not “no vita for me”

  • I thought the S Tablet would be a good purchase. As of right now I can’t watch netflix on it and I can’t download my old PSone classics. Stay away from this tablet!! GET IT TOGETHER SONY!!!!!!!

  • Looks cool may get or idk

  • The Galaxy Tab is made by Samsung, not by Sony, so it is not a PlayStation Certified device, JKar275

  • Are there going to be any free ones?
    Any demos?

  • what a pile of excuse my french, crap… i’ve had my experia play since day 1 and it’s the same 10 lame games they had since march, looks more like to me they’re letting this lot go the same way as the pspgo which i am unfortunate to own… all words but little title backup to prove it… why time and time again do we get let down after believing all the hype of these devices.

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