PS Store Now Available on Sony Corp “Sony Tablet S”

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PS Store Now Available on Sony Corp “Sony Tablet S”

PS Store Top (US)

We’d like to share an exciting update regarding PlayStation Suite. As you’re aware, PlayStation Suite is focused on delivering the world of PlayStation to Android-based PlayStation Certified devices.

The official PlayStation Store for PlayStation Certified devices launches today in nine countries, including the US and Canada. It is available immediately on Sony Corporation’s “Sony Tablet S.” At launch, 10 PSone games will be available on the PlayStation Store for $5.99 each.

A great line-up of PSone classics and favorites will be available on the PS Store for PlayStation Certified devices at launch, including the following titles available for the Sony Tablet S:

  • Cool Boarders
  • Destruction Derby
  • Hot Shots Golf 2
  • Jet Moto
  • Jet Moto 2
  • Jumping Flash!
  • MediEvil
  • Motor Toon Grand Prix
  • Rally Cross
  • Wild Arms

Installing the PS Store is easy. Sony Tablet S owners will receive a notification letting you know that the PS Store has opened and is available for download. From there, simply follow the on-screen directions to download the PS Store App and start downloading games for the Sony Tablet S.

Working closely with developers across the world, we’re looking forward to continuing to grow and expand on the variety of PlayStation games and content you can access on your Android-based PlayStation Certified devices. Stay tuned, we’ll be providing more updates shortly.

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  • uggggg why not for ipad?

  • Very nice. Congrats on another milestone!

  • Let me test it out, please send me one of your devices.

  • LOL @ #1. Since when was the iPad a Playstation certified device?

  • When do we get our email confirmation for us those were in NY AMC event.

  • So if you own these games already off the PlayStation Store will you have to pay for them again? If the answer is yes please understand that it is part of the reason the Xperia Play sucks.

  • Huh. How do you use the shoulder buttons on a touchscreen device?

  • As per @KazeEternal

    Please clarify, Sony:

    Do we need to re-purchase our content that we already own on PSN if we get PS Certified devices?

    If so, please strongly reconsider your strategy.

    Many PSN users have invested a lot in downloadable games. PS+ users receive PSOne Classics regularly as part of their subscription, and it would be the ultimate reward if we got to transfer all of that content over to PS-Certified devices like the new Sony tablet and the Xperia Play.

    If content is not available on both devices without re-purchase, I have minimal incentive to choose “PlayStation-Certified” over a Windows Phone or iOS device.

  • [continued] …but, if we get to share content across devices, that would be really really nice. I’ve build up quite a collection of PS One Classics and Minis over the last year. I hope you guys work hard to bring Minis to PS Certified devices too ASAP, as – unlike PSOne Classics – Minis are current gen games and designed for portable devices. It seems to be the perfect fit for PS Certified devices.

    Also, for Sony and Sony Ericsson

    Will other Xperia phones eventually get PlayStation Certification?

    The latest Xperia update allows you to use real games controllers with any 2011 Xperia phone, and it would be cool if that meant that I could play PSN games on my Xperia

  • [too many comments from me]

    -Main points-

    1: we can download games without re-purchase
    2: the majority of PSOne Classics and PS Minis currently on the PS Store are available
    3: PS Certification comes to more devices

    …then you have got yourselves a deal. That would be a very very interesting proposition from Sony.

    If one of those doesn’t happen, I probably won’t bother

  • I would consider getting this tablet if it had full access to the PSN (as well as the full PS Store) and the ability to play games on it using a standard Dualshock controller.

  • Nice!

  • Sony tablet S? I want the P, which I have named the clamshell. That will be the sweetest piece of new tech ever, until the Vita. Of course the PLaystation Suite will also be on the Clamshell.

    And, what the heck, what a late blog post. Is “Paul” in Europe?

    And yes, still laughing at comment #1.
    (sent from my iPADD)

  • Sounds cool;) Just one thing tho, i hope it don’t take ages & ages to get more PS1 games for/on PlayStation Suite.

  • I just want the Vita

  • Yay finally, all we need now for the Sony Tablet S is the ability to put our ps1 games from ps+ on the tablet. As well as official ps3 controller support via bluetooth.

  • Same question as #6 and 8. Is it really necessary to buy old games again and again?
    I guess that I’m not the only one who expects that buying a digitial only version of game, allows me to play it on any official platform. If Sony should really expect us to waste our money, guess where you can put all your “PlayStation-Certified Devices” …

  • “Suite” shouldn’t be restricted to “playstation certified” devices
    You guys need to expand to everyone , even if you have to change the application a little bit

  • I was under the impression that when I started buying digital releases, it was to expand the number of devices on which I’d be able to use the content; Both PSP and PS3 for instance. There is not a single defensible reason why the same content cannot and should not work on PlayStation Suite devices. It’s the same content, ripped right from the disc and unaltered. You have said this explicitly. So what’s your excuse?

    Not that I have any interest in your line of tablets. I was legitimately interested in the Xperia Play until you told me I’d have to buy all my content again, assuming the majority of it will ever be available. I’m absolutely positive it won’t. Looking at the abysmal list of content currently available, it’s obvious that this ‘initiative’ is half-hearted at best; [DELETED] at worst.

    Try harder Sony. Ditch Ericsson and get your [DELETED] together.

  • Any plans on bringing this to the Xperia play?

  • Where is Nascar Rubble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Been waiting over 2 years for our Android playstation app. Are we ever getting this??

  • I wish they would support the Xperia Play some more. I’m one of the few to own one, and I would love some more PS One Classics, not just Crash Bandicoot.

  • when is it coming out on android phones?

  • Sweetness. I was waiting for this and PlayStation Suite to take off.

  • One store to rule them all should be the goal. For PS Vita will there be a PSN Crash Bandicoot (I already own) AND a PS Suite Crash Bandicoot? If so, that makes no sense.

  • It’s funny because it’s a horrible line up and you have to rebuy games that you already have, because you only own a “license” to use them

  • Sony late as usual to the party. When is this coming to the Xperia PLAY? Probably just in time for me to buy another phone.
    I also shouldn’t have to buy these games again if I already bought them once on the PSN and still have device activation’s left on my account. At least we have PSXperia so I already have my games on my Xperia PLAY.
    Sony you’re on a real path of fail …

  • I tried it on my Sony Tablet S but couldn’t sync my download list. Will I be able to download my previous PSOne game purchases? and the ones I got from Playstation Plus?

    I would really like to be able to play my PSOne Collection from Playstation Plus on it. It would be a great value.

  • Dear Sony,

    Very nice to see things available for purchase on a tablet. The problem is your tablet has a design issue with me. The shape forces you to hold it landscape with the small edge down. It isn’t very ergonomically to hold in portrait mode. The others have designed their tablets to hold in any direction.

    I do like the SD card slot. Good for adding a common format memory card device. Finally a Sony device that isn’t forcing me to buy your over priced memory cards.

  • PLEASE tell me that, if we already bought the PSone game in the PS store, that it’ll be free on this new one. I’m considering getting a Sony tablet and already bought several of these–I’d LOVE to have a new device to play Jumping Flash on (seriously, 1 was one of my favorite childhood games and, thanks to PSN rereleases, I was able to finally play 2)

  • @ Sony: Please don’t restrict “PlayStation Certified” devices to just Sony and Sony/Ericsson devices. You will get a much larger customer base if you relax your hardware source restrictions. I have no doubt that my Bionic has the horse power to play PS games, not to mention the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Nexus Prime, among others. Actually, all the current top-end Android phones blow the Xperia Play out of the water specs wise so should be trivial to get them PlayStation Certified if there is the will to attempt. Essentially, don’t use PlayStation Certification exclusivity to sell sub-standard hardware. Use good hardware to sell hardware, and sell more software by certifying any Android device that has at least the minimum hardware specs.

  • Ah, so this must by why the iOS app is still MIA for north America? I’d love to make purchases on the PS store from my portable devices to be later downloaded automatically by my plus-enabled PS3. I don’t care if I can’t play PSX games on my iPad, I’ll have a vita someday to deal with that.

  • I’m assuming these games will be free for those who have already purchased them or got them through psn+… because if not I’m not rebuying my games a THIRD time…

  • PSP, PS3, PS2, PSWhatever, we have to re buy the game… why you people think is going to be different? :)

  • nice real nice

  • I was really hoping this would let me download any PSN Update DLC remotely…when I’m away from my PS3…

  • @38

    That would be nice, some sort or connection so we can buy stuff and then it goes directly to our PS3, something like today i do from my PC from the android market (it goes to my tablet)

  • Also wondering if Asus Transformer will be a certify device (since they use the same tegra chip, maybe is just a business call?)

  • @ 39 Thanks u2vini! Glad I’m not the only one who’d find that handy. It’d be nice if DLC was tied to our account, not to our consoles. Afterall, will all of our DLC (PSN released games included) on the PS3 be valid when the PS4 releases if it’s backwards compatible, or will that require a repurchase? Granted the PS4 may be far off, it doesn’t hurt to start questioning it now since the PSN Store is starting to reach pass the PS3/PSP.


    I’ve read in a preview for this device that all previous purchases will not reflect on the PS Store App – requiring us to repurchase the items. Please confirm.

    Also – will there be a Remote Play/Keyboard feature like there is one for the Sony VAIO laptops. If there is – it will own.

    Please let me know? Anyone….

  • To be honest, I struggle to justify buying a tablet right now at current prices when my phone offers me much of the same functionality.

    But, I do see a lot of potential in what a Sony Tablet could offer.

    Firstly, for a device to be taken out of the house:

    – A large chunk of the games that I own should be available on the tablet, without re-purchase
    – I should be able to access player profiles, trophy lists, PSN voice, video and text chat
    – I should be able to access the full PS Store, and even queue items for download on my home PS3, so that they get picked up in the Automatic Update cycle
    – Wireless DualShock controllers should be compatible with the tablet out-of-the-box, so that we can play the games with their original control schemes, with shoulder buttons in the right place.

  • Secondly, for a device to be used in the living room

    – The tablet should work as a media remote and as a qwerty keyboard for a PS3

    Nothing that I have listed is actually hard to do from a programming point of view, and if a Sony Tablet could do those things, I would have bought one already.

    Please think about this, Sony dudes. Android Tablets aren’t selling well, and there’s a reason for that. Tablets just aren’t that useful. A Sony Tablet, however, could be a very useful piece of kit that complements the entire PlayStation ecosystem, if done right.

    As it stands, if the Tablet S doesn’t get the basic PlayStation functionality that I’ve listed above, as well as games without repurchase, then there isn’t really much point in even calling it a PlayStation Certified tablet, as there’s nothing here that can’t be done with a few black market emulators and ROMs.

  • Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ (Wi-Fi only) an Android-based Playstation Certified device?

  • This looks good.

    Will you be supporting Sony laptops in the future also? I currently have a Sony Vaio VPCEE41FX and would love to see it supported.

  • @ 43 & 44, Definitely agree w/ pitythefool852

  • Ok I understand the need for the store for the tablet, but when is it coming to the Xperia Play? I have it now and am waiting for access to the store and some multiplayer games. Will any of the PSP games be available for the Xperia Play? Pixeljunk Monsters?

  • This tablet looks good, but I would really like to get my hands on one before I consider buying. I’ve tried going to my local Best Buy(tm) but they didn’t have a floor model. Is there some way I can find out which of my local stores have it?

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