It’s Okabu Launch Day

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It’s Okabu Launch Day

It’s time to warm up your flippers and take to the skies of Okabu! Today is launch day, and if you head to the PlayStation Store in a few hours, you’ll find Okabu waiting there for you. The free demo is also available today, so if you’d like to take it for a spin, now’s your chance!

It’s Okabu Launch Day

In case this is the first time that you’ve seen the game, it’s time for a bit of background. Okabu is a co-op action-adventure following the adventures of two cloud-whale brothers, Kumulo and Nimbe. They’ve been dispatched from their aerial homelands to investigate the source of a toxic pollution that’s been poisoning their people.

As they reach the surface, they encounter four cloud-flying heroes, each with their own unique powers: from the Harpoon-wielding Captain Monkfish to the animal-charming powers of Picolo. Teaming up, they embark on an epic adventure to free their people and put a stop to the onward march of the industrialized Doza tribe.

Featuring a Platinum trophy, two player couch co-op, four expansive worlds, online leaderboards and four unique minigames, we hope Okabu is going to keep you busy for a LONG time!

If you’d like to find out a little more about the game, you can check out our previous posts on the PlayStation blog to meet the heroes, and find out about the gameplay and four worlds that make up the adventure. This game is also part of October’s Only on PSN program.

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