Everybody Dance Launches Today! See ‘Party Play’ with the 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders

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Everybody Dance Launches Today! See ‘Party Play’ with the 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders

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Everybody Dance, the ultimate party game for PlayStation 3, launches today! Now, with the power of PlayStation Move, you’ll be able to dance alongside authentic music videos for 40 of your favorite hit tracks.

To celebrate the game’s release, we’re happy to unveil the latest addition to our Dancer Diaries video series – Party Play with the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush cheerleaders! A few weekends ago, we invited the squad over to PlayStation HQ for an Everybody Dance party. Check out the video for a glimpse of the 49ers Gold Rush showing off their best dance moves while playing Everybody Dance!


Everybody Dance Launches Today! See ‘Party Play’ with the 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders

Spirits were high as the ladies played through several rounds of Everybody Dance’s Party Play mode, which allows up to 20 people to compete in head to head dance-offs. To get the party started, each dancer simply sets up their profile by taking a photo with the PlayStation®Eye camera and then the game automatically matches players up and tracks their wins. After each song, players can scroll through the results screens and review their scores and highlights from every round. Photos and highlight videos from the party can then be shared through Facebook and Twitter with a single click.

In addition to Party Play, Everybody Dance offers a great selection of fun features such as the Dance Creator mode that lets you to choreograph your own unique routines, the Dance Workout mode that helps you keep track of the calories that you burn while you work up a sweat on the dance floor, and Dance Class mode which helps you perfect your moves.

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Make sure to grab a copy of Everybody Dance today to check out these cool features and throw your own dance party!

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  • Sharon, I saw the song list. You had me at “Kung Fu Fighting”. This should be a welcome relief when Dark Souls and Skyrim and U3 get me wound up too much.

    By the way, the Move is great for dancing games, based on my Michael Jackson Experience experience.

  • lol any more gaga as dlc also can you please add katty perry last fri night and others of her tracks like e.t. or hot and cold.

  • Love those hot girls!!! (L) XD

  • WHERE DID SHE GET THAT HUGE SACKBOY!?!?!?! I NEED IT!!!!!! Please, post a link!?!?!

  • come on sony advertise this game

  • heh, That one cheerleader sure did love Sackboy…

    anywho, Pretty cool! I was really wondering how the heck the 20-player party mode worked out!

    Tried the game at Best Buy this past week: I liked it! The thing I liked on Everybody Dance that all the extra features it has that’s kinda missing in other dance games for some reason, the big one being sharing your moves online. The best (and probably worst, depending on how you play) feature!

    also: GO 49ers!

  • I’ve been playing this game for about an hour or two and so far I’m really loving it. It accurately captures my motions and is really fun. Party Rock Anthem is awesome to dance to on this game!

  • Most EPIC game EVER!!! Can you hear the sarcasm? What a complete waste of developer/gamer time and money…

  • Let’s Go 49ers!!

  • Is everybody’s dance coming to psn store downloadable release at all? If so what’s the price

  • Is there anyway to get the game to save the complete video performance instead of just highlights. In other words have the video playback more similar to Singstars method rather than Just Dances highlights only method?

  • i played singstar dance and it sucked as far as the game recognizing my moves. i also played so you think you can dance for the wii and it was great. Im a huge PS3 fan, i dont own a wii. i played it at my friends house. I will rent it but i wont get my hopes up.

    is this game just for ps3 or will it come out on the kinect?

  • snore. I bet this gets the same crappy support for music downloads as singstar did.

  • @ #12: it is a Sony game, so PS3 exclusive.
    Fun game, though I am terrible at it, and I look ridiculous trying to dance on I’m still standing.

  • Just watching the girls.

  • Been playing for about a half an hour and I already love it. When are we getting more songs to DL off of PSN?

  • Any chance of releasing a cross compatibility patch with Singstar. I’ll buy the game just to sing the songs (Via disk swap on Singstar)

  • @also the promotions with Enrique/Pitbull concert tour were o.k. Let the Ad crew pick the dance song not the “lucky” concert attendees.

  • Who else played this with the sound turned off?

  • lady gaga judas for dlc please! i been watching her music videos and i think it would be a great dance track to dance to with all her real dance moves from the video.

  • The game is awesome just waitng for more DLC. I like the variety that it came with but could use some more jams to move too.

  • Why we never see a fatty on those kind of videos? Not only would be great, but funny too! xD Fat people on a dancing game, that would be funny!!

  • The game is pretty cool. I played for like 2 hours straight. Fun times. Thanks Partyhouse.

  • Had a blast with this game with my wife. The first DLC pack is a bit lacking, any word on upcoming DLC songs?

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