UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Advanced Tips, New Map Today

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UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Advanced Tips, New Map Today

UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Advanced Tips, New Map Today

We are hitting the start of week three for the Subway Taste For Adventure UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience and we’re noticing that some of you are getting pretty good. But the best player isn’t the best for long. We think it’s a good time to dive into some of the more advanced multiplayer gameplay mechanics and strategies to help you step up your game.

Sure, you can lob a grenade out there, but have you mastered the aim throw yet? How many BBQ medals have you achieved? Did you know that the Idol can be used as a melee weapon? Game Designer Robert Cogburn sat down with the PlayStation.Blog to drop some high-level knowledge regarding UNCHARTED 3’s multiplayer experience. Check out our new video above for some lessons!

Starting today, we’re adding a revamped map — Facility — to the experience so you can practice your new skills on this fresh level. If you were lucky enough to attend New York Comic Con, you may have already gotten a taste of this map and you can now explore it online with some new friends and enemies from the comfort of your couch.

If you’re a freshman, jump into the action by purchasing any specially marked 30oz UNCHARTED 3 themed cup from a participating Subway, heading online to the Subway Taste for Adventure website and redeeming the Subway code printed on your cup. You’ll be granted a PlayStation Store download code redeemable for the full competitive UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience!

UNCHARTED 3: Taste Adventure Subway Cups

Aside from being able to win some very cool prizes like trips to adventurous and exotic locations and collector edition copies of UNCHARTED 3, you will be one of the very first to play our full competitive multiplayer experience. Additionally, all aspects of your profile progress earned during the Subway Taste for Adventure carry over into the final retail copy of the game so you’ll be well-prepared to create some UNCHARTED TV-worthy highlight videos in the coming months!

We’ll be posting up a couple more video with tips and strategies soon so check back regularly to make the most of your UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience. Fortune hunting class is now dismissed! Happy hunting!

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