UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Advanced Tips, New Map Today

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UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Advanced Tips, New Map Today

UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Advanced Tips, New Map Today

We are hitting the start of week three for the Subway Taste For Adventure UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience and we’re noticing that some of you are getting pretty good. But the best player isn’t the best for long. We think it’s a good time to dive into some of the more advanced multiplayer gameplay mechanics and strategies to help you step up your game.

Sure, you can lob a grenade out there, but have you mastered the aim throw yet? How many BBQ medals have you achieved? Did you know that the Idol can be used as a melee weapon? Game Designer Robert Cogburn sat down with the PlayStation.Blog to drop some high-level knowledge regarding UNCHARTED 3’s multiplayer experience. Check out our new video above for some lessons!

Starting today, we’re adding a revamped map — Facility — to the experience so you can practice your new skills on this fresh level. If you were lucky enough to attend New York Comic Con, you may have already gotten a taste of this map and you can now explore it online with some new friends and enemies from the comfort of your couch.

If you’re a freshman, jump into the action by purchasing any specially marked 30oz UNCHARTED 3 themed cup from a participating Subway, heading online to the Subway Taste for Adventure website and redeeming the Subway code printed on your cup. You’ll be granted a PlayStation Store download code redeemable for the full competitive UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience!

UNCHARTED 3: Taste Adventure Subway Cups

Aside from being able to win some very cool prizes like trips to adventurous and exotic locations and collector edition copies of UNCHARTED 3, you will be one of the very first to play our full competitive multiplayer experience. Additionally, all aspects of your profile progress earned during the Subway Taste for Adventure carry over into the final retail copy of the game so you’ll be well-prepared to create some UNCHARTED TV-worthy highlight videos in the coming months!

We’ll be posting up a couple more video with tips and strategies soon so check back regularly to make the most of your UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience. Fortune hunting class is now dismissed! Happy hunting!

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  • Didn’t know you could throw a grenade in mid air. Thanks ND! Looking forward to that new map as well, and the actual freaking game!!!!! GAH CAN’T WAIT!

  • Um… Any news on when or how will we unlock Subway’s own “Five Footlong Sandwich” taunt? Anyone knows how to do that?

    • You have to get a code on cup at Subway and unlock it via the Taste for Adventure website. They are pretty rare! Good luck!

  • I like Grenade, Uncharted 3 GOTY :)

  • Can’t see the video. Can anyone else?

  • I think that the hip fire needs to be a tad bit less accurate and the melee needs to be less powerful. Other than that great MP but the problems it has needs some considerable tweaking. Still won’t stop me from enjoying it because ND will definitely fix it.

  • Can see the videos in IE, but can’t log in. Can’t see the videos in Chrome, but can log in. WTF!! ROTFL!!

  • I can see it just fine ObiWan2000. I’m using Chrome if that helps.

    Can’t wait to play the new map!

  • Oh and if Anyone wants to Buddy Up Online Today, add me on PSN.

  • Video doesnt show when using Firefox 8 Beta

  • Good Game

  • Thanks for the reply spunnups a& TheCraZyCloWn. Just tried it again in Chrome. 1st time no joy then I refreshed using the right click menu and the videos appeared.

  • You guys are hammering this Uncharted 3 publicity to a really tacky level.

  • I am a bit disturbed by this Subway promotion. I live in Puerto Rico, which, many of you should know, is a territory of the United States, and I am a proud US resident and citizen like any other of you. I believe that this promotion is totally unfair. The promotion has only been for the 50 states of the US and District of Columbia, and here in Puerto Rico, we have Subway restaurants but there is no Uncharted promotion and when the game come’s by we’ll be left behind since the progress you make in this Multiplayer Experience passes on to the actual game. Please, Naughty Dog, Sony, SCEA or SCEI resolve this as we are many gamers here in Puerto Rico who want to be included in your promotions as we are always left out. I am only claiming what is rightful since we many LOYAL PlayStation Gamers who are feeling completely left out. A true loyal fan hoping that you listen to my claim;

    Noel Rodríguez (GameBoss01)

  • Why did EU PS Plus got the Uc 3 Multiplayer Experience and why didn’t we didn’t get it???? :@

  • *Correction* Why didn’t we get it

  • @shaikhrabi I SUPPORT YOU!

  • I just posted a comment to show my indignation to this promotion but it never showed up, are you censoring me?

  • So will the online trophies be retro active when we buy the game?


  • When and/or how will we be able to get the $5 footlong taunt?

  • Why don’t y’all team up with a Clothing-line to produce some Drake’s-like Scarf replica?
    I’d personally buy mine, cause it’s cool like that. ;-)

    Oh, and announce it through here the PS.Blog. That way I can tell when it has become officially released for consumers.


  • Is there a Title Update or even a live update that fixes issues along with the new map release today? And why didn’t you post about the update or the latest fixes you’re working on addressing this week? I’m surious to know about this. =)

  • Curious*

  • Everyone is the best player with the Kal and the R1 button.

  • Eric, I’ve decided I can’t marry this game after all, it’s way too good for a man like me.


  • any word on the “$5 Dollar Footlong” taunt? Is it super rare? And I’ve primarily played Objective mode, reached level 35, and have yet to receive the last treasure to unlock Elena’s G-MAL. Do I move on?

  • Love all this Uncharted news and updates! Looking forward to playing this. For now will be playing Batman Arkham City tomorrow up until Uncharted 3 release!!

  • @24 yah seriously. also when is the update going live because i just played it 1 hr ago and there was no update

  • online pass = no buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You guys need some tips to get better at Uncharted? Don’t aim. Seriously, just never ever aim. You don’t have to touch the L1 button once and you can be the best player on your team everytime.

    Seriously though, I mean…does it not seem pathetic that AIMING is less accurate and powerful than blindfiring? You can’t aim even if you want to when usinh the kal-7! This game is ridiculous! I’m almost done unlocking everything, (besides clothes and stuff) but when I finally finish I’m done, and am going to play other games like Ibfamous and Payday: The Heist until Nov 1. If it is still not fixed then I won’t touch the MP, I’ll just play campaign and coop.

    Naughtydog is just sooo……OCD with their multiplayer for both UC2 and 3. They feel like they have to change everything all the time!

  • also when are guns like the fal ss and tau sniper going to be available you just showcased 2 things you CANT have

  • Uncharted 3 >all games

  • well then @30 your going to be really disappointed then because that is the future of all sony games now

  • @21,

    The scarf worn by Emmitt Graves of Starhawk and Nathan Drake of Uncharted is found all over Afghanistan for no more than $3. If you know anyone in the military currently deployed, see if they can send you some.

  • really enjoying MP Experience for UC3 … is MP capped at level 35? I’m starting to see a lot of users running around on this level … (it’s also nuts that’s people already achieved that in such a short time … )

  • Fix the multiplayer ND! It takes way too many bullets to kill someone.

  • I’m Furious! I live in Tulsa, OK and ABSOLUTELY NONE of the subway’s here carry the Cups, and have told me they wont be carrying them. All i can use is the stupid sunchips bag codes AND THOSE DONT GRANT ACCESS TO THE GAME!

    This promotion is EPIC FAIL!

  • @35 FORMIK

    Wow, then a real tough item to acquire in my opinion. lol I don’t have any Military friends or family.
    Therefor I’d settle by purchasing it if they do produce them.

    I appreciate your idea though, thanks. ;-)

  • @Eric Monacelli and @ Robert Cogburn

    Thanks a lot for the tips videos, I will take a lot of it on board. (I didn’t even know about aim-throw for grenades)


    I really hope you guys realise this

    There are a lot of guys playing Uncharted 3 right now who have a very clear strategy that is annoying the hell out of almost every Uncharted player I know

    Never press L1
    Always sprint and zigzag
    Spray everyone, preferably with a KAL

    I don’t really blame the players, because this strategy is too effective. Perhaps a solution would be to decrease power when firing from the hip, and decrease mobility when sprinting.

    The KAL could do with much smaller clip sizes too as it just seems way overpowered – almost like it was designed for those zigzagging players. At least the PAK is hard to run and gun with.

    I trust you guys will make UC3 great by the time it launches, but these issues do exist, and I hope you guys can balance it better.

  • Honestly, my biggest gripe about the game is the grenades, there are far too many of them at any given time. They practically make up the majority of the combat in the game.

    I sincerely hope you guys consider an option or a game mode where players DO NOT start off with grenades but instead have to pick them up. Or perhaps a game mode without them at all.

  • I like the ONE (blind) shoot and the punch in face for an instant kill. Really needs tweaked. But that is the only grip I have about it . Rocks other wise!!!!

  • Can someone from Naughty Dog please reveal how to get the Naughty Dog AK, Naughty Dog Para 9, Footlong Taunt, or Subway Heroes Shirt? Don’t tell me that they come from the cup codes. They do NOT. The entire community is stumped on this topic as they have said on this topic at the Naughty Dog forums: http://forums.naughtydog.com/t5/Subway-Taste-for-Adventure/Footlong-Taunt-Naughty-Dog-weapons-Subway-Heroes-Shirt/td-p/528985

  • Part 1 of 2
    @ WoolySpud and GameBoss01 wanna play the game? do what I did, I’m in Canada and there is no promotion here so I got one of my friends on my psn list in america to go buy a drink and get me a code. it works and I have been playing since the friday after it started. I had to dload it thru my american based account but it still went through.

    the game is pretty good and all, but like others have said that blind fire is more accurate than that of zoomed fire. also does your character take more hits to kill the higher up in rank you get? Because it seems like it. I have unloaded 4 clips into people and thgey just stay alive whereas they shoot me with just ONE bullet and I die.

    also the grenade hit detection system is way off. i mean miss a person by half a foot and they survive, sorry but shrapnel would rip them to shreds( i know its just a game but seriously it needs work).

  • part 2 of 2
    Another thing I would like to see changed is the way you load into maps. there should be lobbies that have each map as the lobby header and then the different games modes listed below. Do you understand how many times I’ve played chateau or airstrip? please remove them from this build for the remainder of the promotion. Im so sick of them and leave when I see em. There is no back or quit button so I have to quit the game to the xmb and reload back into it.

    Now that sucks.

    cant wait to play campaign mode and co-ops, those are the real challenges.

  • Is there any way for Canadians to get this early access?

    I buy food at subway (my fav fast food) all the time, we have 5 stores in my small (30k people) town alone.

    So why when subway is so very very common in Canada, are we getting screwed over?

    And why if we can’t do the subway thing, is there no alternative to get a canadian access?

    I’m a PS Plus user since it came out. I pre-ordered the collectors version of U3 the moment I was able. I am a very loyal customer to both sony and the Uncharted series, so why are Canadians getting short-changed?

    Especially when you consider that pretty much every non subway (or slushie) promotion for bonus video game items/experiences/betas include both the USA and Canada (it’s all the same gaming region)..

    If it’s true that the subway multiplayer xp/gains carry over to the game when it comes out, you’ve basically made the online portion unplayable for those of use who will be starting off from scratch (and aren’t very good at shooters to begin with) going up against maxed out people with weeks of practice…

    What the heck ND? I love your games, but I’m starting to hate your business approach.

  • Sony & Naughty dog, i bought $10 worth of stuff from subway to not get codes for multiplayer items? oh! your going to have them as paid dlc later. hmmm


  • this sucks man, so if i aint a stupid american i cant go to subway to get the multiplayer wth :(

  • now that i sat and actually thought about it, it is probably for americans to eat healthy not McD’s everyday lol idk how they even do it i cant stand their food plus its tiny plus its not even real food lol. also did you know americans eat 9 acres of pizza a day :S could you imagine how much unhealthy fast food they eat in a year :P

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