Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space on PSN Tomorrow

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Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space on PSN Tomorrow
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space on PSN Tomorrow

The Freelance Police and Telltale Games can’t stay away from the PlayStation Network for long! After gracing the PSN in last year’s Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, the mostly loveable canine and rabbit-thingy duo returns on October 18th (woah, that’s tomorrow) in another one of their off-the-wall adventures, Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space!

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space for PSN

Always up to their neck fur in trouble as they get to the bottom of their cases, Sam & Max come face-to-face with some of the deadliest foes they’ve ever encountered, including Santa Claus, an emo vampire, and Satan himself. Well, two out of three isn’t bad, right?

Sam & Max must survive some of the most exotic locales known to man and animal alike (the game is called Beyond Time and Space, remember?) if they’re going to get themselves out of this somewhat death-defying adventure.

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space for PSNSam & Max: Beyond Time and Space for PSN

Of course, the PS3 version of Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space is chock-full of the Trophies that are coveted dearly by all, so your thorough poring over of every bit of the game is not only encouraged – it’s rewarded!

You’ll be able to get your hands on Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow for $19.99! Also available starting tomorrow for those of you that haven’t grabbed Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse yet is the Sam & Max: MAX Pack – both Beyond Time and Space and The Devil’s Playhouse together for $29.99! In the eternal words of Sam, “What a deal, little buddy!”

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  • Playstation Plus discount or anything? :) Liked the first set of games, just short on money right now.

  • Any improvements in the PS3 version besides the commentary and extras (like using the improved shaders and character models from The Devil’s Playhouse)? Has the audio quality been improved over the 360/Wii versions? Also, is there a platinum trophy this time around?

    The Devil’s Playhouse was the best HD adventure game experience on PS3 I’ve seen after Heavy Rain. I’m really looking forward to a return to form with Jurassic Park meeting (or exceeding) the visual and aural benchmark set by The Devil’s Playhouse.

    Can’t wait for Sam & Max Save The World (season 1) to come to PSN as well, especially if it includes rendering and asset updates that take advantage of the PS3’s unique HD capabilities.

    • Hey! So glad you enjoyed The Devil’s Playhouse! While Beyond Time and Space doesn’t have a Platinum Trophy, we have gone back and made some changes to the game to make sure it plays great on the PlayStation 3!

      You don’t have to wait long for Jurassic Park either – it hits the PlayStation Network on November 15, just a little less than a month away!

  • Btw, the Flickr photos are marked as private… Someone may want to fix that :)

  • I hope there’s a Plus discount. You guys got me hooked with the previously free games :3

  • Sweet! Can you detail some of the changes? Any timetable for season 1 coming to PSN?

  • Wow, I love Sam & Max. Well, actually, I love Telltale Games adventures in general, but especially S&M.

    Great you guys decided to bring this over to PSN and for a fair price.
    Would also be interested to know if this version will have upgraded visuals (on par with your other recent releases) due to your current graphics engine being used (not redoing graphics, that’s not what I mean, it would be a bit too much obviously) ?

    In any case, looking forward to playing this. If only I had more time with all the fantastic games coming out all at the same time!!
    It’s crazy, after a horribly dry summer we have this killer October with more games then anyone can possibly play. :(

  • This will be a Day 1 purchase for me. I love Sam & Max and anything Telltale related. Please bring Sam & Max Season 1 to the PSN in addition to this so our collections can be complete.

  • Wow, more Sam & Max? I had no idea this was coming. Guess I’ll need to refill my PSN Wallet, as I’ve only got a few bucks in there. Keep it coming, Telltale!

  • More Sam and Max is always nice. I was gonna get Season 3, but held out in hope of season 1 and 2 to come so I could play them in order. So here’s hoping for season 1 to come soon….

    Long shot dream. TT works with LA and gets us Sam and Max Hit the Road HD edition.

  • have this on my 360 & I enjoyed it, probably pick this up, it would be nice if you could release season 1 also, so we could have the complete collection

  • Any chance of us getting season one Also? Love Sam & Max.

  • Awesome! Please bring us season 1!

  • Looking forward to it. I loved the previous installment of Sam and Max on the PS3 and your Back to the Future game, so looks like sony will be handing me back $10 next month lol.

  • So I already own Sam and Max Season 2 for my Wii. What are the differences between the two? Will any of the bonus stuff on the Wii Disc or the PC DVD be included?

    Also, any plans for next year? It’s the 25th Anniversary of the Freelance Police!

  • i haven’t played sam and max for about a good 4 years, might consider buying it..

  • Also sony! please bring season 1 onto the ps3! Season 1 was the best, THX :)

  • Dear TellTale (and all game devs really):

    Could you please stop locking save files? My PS3 died and the system restore did not bring back my game saves for Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, Tales of Monkey Island, and Back to the Future (among other non-TellTale games) because the Sony PS3 refurb program as I call it swaps out your dead PS3 for someone elses. Thus making the system backup feature all but useless and causing many game saves to meet their makers. If Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space utilizes locked save files, I may find myself passing on it. :(

  • I LOVE SAM AND MAX ! ! !

    Hope theres a plus discount! :D

  • That’s great news! We’ve wanted this for a long time and I’m so happy to see it finally happening. Just wondering if there’s any interest in Sam & Max PSN avatars? Would LOVE that!

  • Are there any plans to add Sam & Max Save the World to PSN? I’d love to play all of these, but I feel like playing the seasons backwards is going to confuse me a little. I already played The Devil’s Playhouse and was a little confused about some of the interactions referenced in the previous seasons.

  • I love Sam & Max and even though I already have it on pc, I ‘ll buy this again. I just have one question: why did you guys opt to use the exact same trailer from when the game was first released rather than make a new one?

  • I get paid tomorrow. I will buy this. Thank you! I love Sam and Max! :D Can’t wait to see what older and newer telltale titles you’ll give us next! :)

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