ModNation Monday: Our Official Title Revealed!

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ModNation Monday: Our Official Title Revealed!

We are so very excited to introduce to you our official title ModNation Racers: Road Trip for the upcoming PlayStation Vita!


In the upcoming months we will begin to roll out more details on where the future of ModNation is going to take us. We are thoroughly excited to have you join with us in this great time of the ModNation Racers franchise. Hang on people, the fun has just begun!

Thanks to all who submitted thousands of great ideas for the title of the new game. As we mentioned, we have some “goodies” to hand out to a few gamers who helped us choose the name ModNation Racers: Road Trip. We will be contacting them very soon.

Here are some more that didn’t make the cut (WHY we don’t know, lol)

  1. VitaMeataVegeModNation Racers
  2. Honey I Shrunk The Modnation Racers
  3. In-A-Gotta-Mod-Vita
  4. Steve
  5. Modnation Racers: Purple Monkey Dishwasher

This Week’s Top Tracks: Our Favorite Water Themed Tracks


The 12 Hours Of Le Mod Wrap-up
Saturday, October 8th ModNationSD hosted a half day marathon we titled “The 12 Hours of Le Mod”. Close to 100 players participated in this fun community casual racing event. Many players popped in and out for a few races, some stayed for an hour or two, and one racer made it the complete 12 hours – AlphaOmegaBreakr. Congrats to all who made the event so great! See you next time!

Trick OR Treat, We’re Good With Either
Be on the lookout for some really “Halloween-y” Mods, Karts and Tracks for our upcoming Spooktacular ModNation Monday Halloween blog. If you find any let us know HERE

Creations of the Week


Hot Lap Tracks Of The Week: Sunset Slope by apricot-jam-IS

Sunset Slope at first may just seem like a nice, simple looking snow track, but this is a perfect example of looks being deceiving. This track features over 30 possible paths to take! Winning races on this track will surely take some exploration and creative thinking. Step back and take a look at the mountainous world apricot-jam-IS has created. Very, very impressive!


Monday: Sunset Slope by apricot-jam-IS
Tuesday: Verazzo Pass by atheistsw
Wednesday: Tactical Base SkyTek Labs by IndustrialSavior
Thursday: Circuit du Culte by Assyrion
Friday: Alien Mini Golf by apricot-jam-IS
Saturday: Alien Base by marusarusa
Sunday: Downhill Blitz by prob_alex

A truly global lineup of tracks with creators these from France, U.K., Japan and the U.S.!

Remember, you can submit tracks you have created to be considered for Hot Lap recognition HERE

A great new chapter in the ModNation begins!

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15 Author Replies

  • I heard that the PS3 DLC is compatible with the Vita version, do we have to re-purchase the DLC for the Vita if we already bought it for PS3. And if possible, can we get a Game of the Year version for Modnation Racers since Little Big Planet got one?

  • Also curious, what does “Purple Monkey Dishwasher” mean, I’ve heard it in an episode of The Simpsons when the teachers were on strike, the episode entitled, “The PTA Disbands” if any of u remember that. Season 6 I believe it was.

  • I like it.

    Hopefully Sony will announce the release date for the Vita soon!!!

    I need to know! LOL!

  • I really like these new “Creations of the Week”. They’re stuff I would never think of searching and they really help to show off other creators that are worth getting noticed. I don’t know why they don’t post them to mod and kart forums, they’re really good!

    And congrats to those who came up with the PS Vita title, and to AlphaOmegaBreakr for going a full 12 hours. I’m sure his fingers must’ve been hurting after that much racing. :)

    • The creations of the week are really fun to find. Amazing skills!

      If you ever come across anything that blows your mind let me know.


  • You should probably extend the Double XP week by a few days considering all the server issues this week.

  • I don’t play it much anymore but I’m just amazed at what people can come up with. Your community rocks and I will pick up Road Trip when I get my Vita!!

  • Hello, are you going to upload Halloween spooky DLC to the PSN? I’d like to see ghosts and goblins Mods, and for Karts maybe a pumpkin, a giant spider or something like that, hehe…

    Or better yet, if you could add a Spooky career extension with races in dark, creepy lands, Gothic castles or black swamps… that would be the best DLC ever!!! :o

  • alright now tell us that were not seriously going to be waiting till march 2012 for the vita

  • “Modnation Racers: Purple Monkey Dishwasher” LOL nice name but ill definitely get this day one

  • “Steve” made me LOL. So random.

    I think ModNation Racers: Road Trip is a fitting name.

  • I don’t play this game anymore(It ended up being a well made game, but not what I was looking for) but it always makes me smile to see these ModNation Monday posts. I love it when a developer or publisher really sticks with the community. Even if I ended up not like MNR…there’s no denying that it’s insanely creative, original, and fun. I’m glad to know there’s a big community out there to support titles that are actually original, I’m so tired of all the boring brown colored shooter games that clog up the industry!

    More than likely I’ll be keeping my copy of Road Trip. I still play my PSP version of the first game. For some reason, I just like to play this game on a portable system.

    • Thanks for the VERY kind words! It means a lot to the team! i will pass this on to all.

      You are going to love the game on Vita!

      “Brown colored shooter” LOL. My new favorite term!

  • I kinda gave up on ModNation Monday features. ModNation Monday almost exclusively falls in love with these “tee hee I am thinking Outside the Box!” things that don’t fit with the game’s art style. And that’s fine and all, but if it’s to the exclusion of stuff that works “inside the box”, that sucks. Working in the box is the harder thing to do.

    I mean, me, I design most of my mods to fit into the game’s art design. I feel like I’ve designed a poor Mod if he doesn’t look like he could possibly be an AI racer in the game, like Aloha or Fade and such. I and many others don’t do stuff that slaps ponytails all over the place to be things that aren’t ponytails, stuff that’s airbrushed super “detailed”, stuff that’s a pretend-it-isn’t-there black suit with a weird head, et cetera.

    And ModNation Monday isn’t about that kind of stuff, and we’re all the poorer for it.

  • I do want to say I still love MNR and I am grateful for the support that UFG and Sony are still providing it, don’t get me wrong. I just wish the ModNation Monday wasn’t all about the gonzo gimmick mods.

  • Steve was MINE!!! I LOST WITH STYLE!!! For the record, I also submitted a female name, which didn’t make the dis-honorable mention list. :-(

  • This looks like it’s coming along nicely, the graphics look ridonkculous. Will this have cross-platform play or is it only the tracks that we can use from the PS3 version?

    Also I was totally one of the 5,000 people that suggested Road Trip, it really is the perfect title. Well second to Honey I Shrunk the ModNation Racers.

  • Excellent title. At least it wasn’t MNR: Racers

  • Steve would have been a great name! Why didn’t it make the cut??

  • I am truly honored that my suggestion of VitaMeataVegeModNation Racers was mentioned.

    It probably would have fared better if I had included a mockup, a la:

    Congrats on the selection, however =)

  • Hey.

    Will the upcoming new MNR game for the Vita work on the PSP? (a digital copy maybe?)

    I love MNR, I have both the ps3 and psp versions and would definately enjoy a new MNR game.

    But I will never buy a touch screen gaming system (or phone, or computer, tablet, etc…)

    So, any chance it will also work on the PSP? If Vita games can’t work on the psp… other than ps1 classics that will be the end of my handheld gaming after 15ish years.

    • Hi boomstickbhg,

      Games made for Vita will only work on Vita. Hopefully ModNation Racers: Road Trip will be one of the games to convince you to take another look at touch screen gaming. Remember the Vita still incorporates D-Pad, thumb sticks, buttons, etc… similar to your PSP. It just happens to have a touch screen. Don’t rule it out. As a long time gamer I know you will be very impressed!

  • Yay yay yay!

  • First of all, I really love the name for the PlayStation Vita version of MNR!

    But I was really hoping for Frozen River Descent or Leiyu Canal System to be chosen for Hot Lap.

    Both of the tracks were created by me.

    • Hi,

      Don’t give up!
      I could tell a lot of hard work went into them.
      Keep em coming.
      This week just had a lot of tough competition

  • Pretty good Hot lap tracks this week, I want to see my friends track on Hot Lap someday, he deserves it.

    P.S. I can’t wait for the PS Vita, so many great games that are going to be on it :D

  • Hi Mark, thanks for your answer, I haven’t got the Haunted pack yet, but I will get to it someday, hehe…

    Anyway, I have a question about it, does it include parts for Mods and Karts creation? O is it only for Tracks?

    Also, Halloween is really close, I was wondering if you are going to put that DLC on sale or if you are going to upload something new for the celebration?

    Thanks Mark!

  • @ 23 I’m pretty sure its only for track creating. I never got it yet so I don’t know

  • Oh WTF? It’s Not Steve? I would of bought Steve… I dunno about MNR RT….

  • Hi Mark, great title for the Vita version, VERY fitting and thanks for choosing Verazzo Pass as hotlap, I had so much fun making that one! :D

  • I would keep making tracks, but I STILL don’t have the Big City theme or ANYTHING ahead of that, otherwise I would’ve had a lot more tracks made by now.

    A lot of tough competition has come across, and I understand.

  • Thanks for the reply to my comment.

    As much as i don’t want/can’t imagine buying a touch screen device of any kind, if any of the games coming out can tempt me into actually buying a Vita it’s a game like MNR Road Trip.

    Shame there’s no psp digital ability for Vita games (since the umd won’t be used) but I wasn’t really expecting it to work like that, but no harm asking.

    Guess I’ll have to take a good look at the Vita when it comes out (or whenever my local store has one on display to actually interact with) . Don’t want to miss out on any MNR game :)

  • Can’t wait to see modnation 2: scenic route :P

    Interesting selection as usual.WIth any luck I’ll buy the download version and be back big time…soon.

  • ha funny names….also so many good tracks….I need to play in them.

  • @ CBas92 – hey man how do you get this avatar?

  • NO WAY! That was my suggestion! Thanks for picking it guys!

  • Wait? I get goodies? =)

  • See, I was totally first to suggest Modnation Racers: Road Trip

    htt*p://*om/2011/08/08/modnation-racers-suggest-a-name-for-the-upcoming-ps-vita-game/ (remove aterisk)

    Comment #28

  • It’s true, I was there, I saw it.

  • Does this mean I get my name in the credits?
    like, “Special thanks to……………………..and Cecil Wilson for the idea of Modnation Racers: Road Trip.”

    Sorry for all the comments, but it’s just so cool you chose my idea.

  • @WelmoscaBR Right here man , just click the Reward Unlocked box

  • I’ve never played a MNR game think it’s about time. Just need a Vita first.

    • If you purchase ModNation Racers for the PS3 you can take all of your creations with you on the Vita!



  • will there be new different karts in the in the game of modnation racers:Road trip or will we just wait for new dlc

  • We’re going to need a Steve DLC pack.

  • I want this new Modnation for PS3 please!!!

  • Not a bad title. :)

  • @CBas92 – Hey man I got them…thanks a lot….you’re a great person homie.

  • I want Steve! It would have been the best!

  • I was wondering would you share some new info around the Vita version -we haven’t seen almost anything except the name-I mean more gameplay videos,pricing,release dates etc.

    • We will be rolling out new details and features over the next few months. We are REALLY excited to show you some very cool stuff!

      …and thanks to all for the great reception of the game’s name – ModNation Racers: Road Trip!


  • Man i hoped my name for the new Modnation racers game was picked it was called

    Modnation Racers: Revamped

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