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You know we’re in the throes of the holiday release season when most of the links are to reviews. This year, it’s not just the retail games that are getting great reviews (it seems like Batman: Arkham City is pretty darn good), but PSN titles as well. Sideway: New York and Rochard have been rated solidly, and PAYDAY: The Heist is only 2 days away. Did you know that PAYDAY has a Platinum Trophy to be earned? Start planning your bank jobs by looking at the Trophy list here.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 10, 2011)

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  • The UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception previews and Batman: Arkham City reviews have me PUMPED. This gaming season ROCKS!

  • Loved the Payday the Heist trophy list, Can’t wait to get them all!
    Uncharted 3 is one of the games i am looking forward to the most so i love reading articles about it.
    Keep up the great work sony!

  • what about jak and daxter i heard there is an hd collection on the way

  • This holiday season is kicka** so many great games so little money. Uncharted and MGS Collection will for sure be mine though!

  • Tuesday is going to be amazing.

    Arkham City, Payday. and Okabu…oh my!

  • The PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset review was okay. My review is way better because I compaire them to a Pair of Turtle Beach PX5’s. I bought both PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset and the Turtle Beach PX5’s and the sound quality was very close I couldnt decide which is better.

    Compairing PX5 that costs $199 compaired to PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset for $99 you cant beat the deal of a cheaper pair of a headset. I found the setup with the PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset was so easy a 5 year old kid could set it up.

    I ended up buying the PX5’s because of the Ability of playing Music throw the headset throw Bluetooth added to the headset. If the PlayStation had added Bluetooth tech on it along with the Wireless Stereo USB Dongle hookup I would of ditched the PX5’s of the bat.

    I recommend the PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset to any PS3 Gamer.

  • Not only is the sound quality great the Mic Cancelation is the best you can get. I hate hearing little kids screaming in the background at there sibblings or a Adult talking in the background to there sinficant other.

    Every Gamer out there using the PS EYE for a Headset Needs to get myselfs a real Headset. To all the Parents out there reading my Comment Please get your son/daughter the PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset if you dont want to hear there TV blasting and also save yourself money and also can use them for yourself.

    Thanks for Reading Skater_Ricky,

  • Jeff if you can please enable this next link im sending in here.. I know all URL Links get Moderated for review. Thanks. It will be my own personal review of the two Headsets. Maybe someone will have a better decision on getting what they want.

  • Pros and Cons with Turtle Beach PX5 vs PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset!/note.php?note_id=10150460704238761

  • I am loving NHL gamecenter. Now I do not need cable anymore. Thanks, Sony.

  • Our we getting PSvita Accessories like Japan or a bretter version along the way?

  • FTW PlayStation®Vita Accessory Portable Charger must bring to NA

  • Can we know why psone classics and TURBOGRAFX GAME won’t be playable on PSVITA?

  • Very nice to recognize with the PAYDAY trophy list. Very awesome. Thanks US PS BLOG ~paperkut

  • I feel that this

    should be added. I love Naughty Dog, ever since one Christmas 1997 when my parents revealed to me what would be my first console and game; A PlayStation and Crash Bandicoot 2. Since then I got Crash 1 for my birthday the following year and present day I’ve purchased each and every Naughty Dog PlayStation product brand new. I really appreciate Naughty Dog for always having value in their products and that they focus on delivering a quality experience instead of how much they can fleece from me. Seriously, when I grow up, I want to be Naughty Dog. I mean it just like that.

  • @14 The PS Vita does play PSOne games… it was erroneously reported by IGN and Siliconera that it wouldn’t.

  • Updated link showing that the PS Vita in fact does play PSOne games and the site apologizing for the error. Would hope that IGN’s Daily Fix did the same.

  • Playstation Porfavor pongan en psn el grand thef auto san andreas Es el mejor juego mi playstation no agara juego de playstation 2 metan el grand thef auto san andre y varios de ps2 grasias ojala que agan eso.

  • You can connect the PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 and PSP Go to a tv easily to any TV, way not the PSP VITA it has easily the horse power to make a good quality picture (maybe with a overscale option-connected to a power supply?)Whay would they kill the HDMI port thet makes no sense, more people would buy it.I know thet the picture is crisper on a smaller (OLED)screen, but seeing it on a big screen is just AWESOME!, like the first intruduction with MetalGearSolid 4 Guns Of The Patriotes on the big screen.
    At gamescom they had PSP VITAS with HDMI. I would pay more to get the HDMI port.Whay dont they integrate the port on the 299€ version. That sucks!

  • @19 I think that you are looking for is a PS3 not a PS Vita. It’s supposed to be a portable device and the OLED screen looks great not to mention that you wouldn’t have the touchscreen and rear pad functionality playing it on a big screen.

  • Ni no Kuni will be glorious.

  • The more I see of golden abyss, the more I see it as a cash-in gimmick-driven tech demo for vita. There doesn’t seem to be any passion in it, just “hey look, a machete, how convenient… What’s this? Something obviously put in my path requiring the use of a machete! LOOK FINGER SWIPEY!!!”.

    I’m just as eager as the next guy to get my vita on, and UC:GA will probably be my first game, but tbh I don’t expect there to be true-to-heart uncharted game on vita for the first few years.

  • Where is Payday????????? its 5 30 in Ontario and its not out, the store isnt even updated with other demos like NFS and what-not. LOL! seriously though, wheres payday, add me if you have info, pretty please, also ill need a partner in crime too!

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