The PlayStation Recap — Gamesplosion Edition

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In case you hadn’t heard, next week is shaping up to be a real doozy in terms of new game releases. I’ll leave the gory details to Rey with The Drop tomorrow, but suffice it to say that free time is about to become America’s scarcest commodity when Batman: Arkham City, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, PSN exclusive Okabu, and approximately eleven thousand more killer PS3 games release this coming Tuesday. Guys, I’m scared. Hold me!

It wasn’t a light news week, either, with a new Marvel Pinball: Virtue and Vengeance trailer starring Ghost Rider (plus PS Vita plans!), an UNCHARTED 3 dev diary focused on the multiplayer Buddy System, an inFAMOUS 2 contest aimed at fledgling level designers, new Q&As for SSX and Batman: Arkham City, plus new co-op videos for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Okabu, and Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, and a new dancer diary devoted to Everybody Dance’s new Dance Creator mode. Read on to see the top 10 most-read blog posts of the week!

What are you playing this beautiful fall weekend?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

The Most-Watched Video of the Week: UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Launch Trailer

The PlayStation Recap — Gamesplosion Edition

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PlayStation Store Update — New releases include Sideway: New York, the Resistance 3 Survivor Pack DLC, Metal Slug 2, and a pre-order for inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood.
  • UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Goes Gold, Includes Starhawk Beta — It’s a wrap for Naughty Dog! Check out the final box art and get first details on the Starhawk Beta voucher that will be included in all versions of U3.
  • DUST 514 Interview: Changing Console Shooters Forever — Our esteemed European Blog correspondant interviews the creators of the upcoming PS3-exclusive shooter that ties together two games across one massive interactive world.
  • PlayStation Home Announces UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Total Game Integration — UNCHARTED 3 comes to PlayStation Home users with the Fortune Hunter shooting game inspired by the multiplayer mode, exclusive rewards and a lot more. If you tried it, sound off in the comments!
  • ModNation Monday: We’re Givers. We Give. That’s What We Do! — A major DLC giveaway propels ModNation Monday to the top of the most-read list. Kudos!
  • UNCHARTED 3 – New TV Spot with Never-Before-Seen Footage — Naughty Dog bares all in this new UNCHARTED 3 TV spot. If you want to go in as fresh as possible, you may want to avert your eyes!
  • Assassin’s Creed Revelations: Your Questions Answered — Jeff brings home the bacon with new details on control tweaks, Altair, tower-defense-inspired missions and more. A definite must-read.
  • Resistance 3 Survivor Pack: Invasion Mode, New Skins Hit PSN Today — Have you tried out the new team-centric Invasion mode? Let us know what you think in the comments.
  • PAYDAY: The Heist Official Launch Date Unmasked: October 18th — The final PSN PLAY title nears its release. If you’re a fan of co-op shooters, consider signing up with this motley crew.
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    3 Author Replies

    • The week ended on an AMAZING note with that UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception TV spot! Gamesplosion is correct Sid ;)

      I’m Playing: UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune, and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves

      I’m Watching: UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception TV spot and Batman: Arkham City launch trailer, Nikita season 2, and The Walking Dead season 2.

      I’m Reading: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine by Joss Whedon.

      P.S. Hey Sid, if you go onto the Sony Store website, they remodeled a bit and according to that site they have the PlayStation Vita arriving on or around 12/31/2011. Hope that’s true. Happy gaming season everyone!

    • I am extreamly excited about the next few weeks!! To many big games out.

      I’m Playing: Dark Souls ( Pvping xD ), Shadow of The Colossus, MLB 11

      I’m Watching: The Walking Dead season 1, Psych season 5, Ancient Alians

      I’m Reading: Planets

    • Playsation Blog should make a Google+

    • Hey, looking forward to GT5 DLC AND “Monte Carlo” releasing on PS Store on Tuesday! Japanese Touring Cars, Go-Karts, Red Bull X2011, Leighton Meester & Katie Cassidy FTW!

      Playing: GT5 Spec 2.0 and FRICKIN’ LOVING IT.

      Watching: YouTube Videos, especially the first ever footage of Spa-Francorchamps in GT5 (W/O ANY TV whatsoever ;-(]

      Reading: news page with a little bit of PS Blog sprinkled here and there.

    • I am playing: Rage, Dead Rising 2 Off the Record (sandbox mode)

      I am watching: Person of Interest, Fringe, Green Lantern

      I am reading: Programing with VB.Net

      I can’t wait for Batman, BF3, Skyrim.

    • I’m playing: GoW2 HD

      Both Okabu and Rocketbirds in one week! And they both have platinum trophies!! Thanks :)

    • You guys need to Google “The Thing The Musical”… It’s very funny!

    • im playing infamous 1 , infamous 2 , little big planet 1 and playstation home( alot more )

      i wish that some psn games would be free without playstation plus i realy want the game prices to go down.

    • Gamesplosion blowing my mind! There’s like a million games coming Tuesday! Grab the hockey masks, shovels, frozen pizzas, and band-aidss, this is gonna be big.

      I’m playing: Costume Quest (one of the best PSN games ever!!)
      I’m watching: Survivor: South Pacific
      I’m reading: Peak

    • Playing (also): Shadow of the Colossus (just beat my favorite boss, the first flying one) and Uncharted 3 multiplayer Subway thang.

      Winning: The Premium Pass for the DC AMC UC3 event. Won it on Twitter! Rock on!
      The Sodium Bundle: Also won on Twitter. Sweet!

      This week is coming up all sciteach.

    • I just got a new job that pays really good and plenty of hours. Now I can afford all the amazing games I want that are coming out over the next few months! SWEETNESS!!!!

    • Playing God of War 2, Chrono Trigger and Sideway NY. Great game, everybody should at least try the demo.
      Watching Breaking Bad season 1 and Highschool of the Dead on Netflix.
      Reading just the occasional magazine.

      Can’t wait for House of the Dead Overkill on the 25th. Looks really good, hope it doesn’t get buried by all the other games coming out.

    • I just finished Rage. It was good but….. I have been almost everywhere in the game. Where are all those sewer missions? It was like 2 tiny levels that took 5 mins to clear out.

      Now I wait for Batman and Festival of Blood

    • So…when’s that Skyrim interview coming? Less than a month away! =)

    • So much has already come out, I’m having to pick and choose between too many good games. I really want to pick up Batman on Tuesday, but I’m gonna let that be a birthday game. I’ve already picked up Resistance 3, Dead Island, Spacemarine, Dark Souls, Rage and the new headset this crazy fall. Paid off my reserve on Skyrim yesterday!

      I’m playing: Dead Island, Infamous 2, Chrono Trigger!!!

      I’m reading: Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby and The Walking Dead book 4

      I’m watching: Season premiere of the Walking Dead season 2 tomorrow!! And a couple cool movies I checked out from the Library: The Sicilian Girl and The Duel

    • Recently platinum’d Uncharted 2 and currently playing Red Dead Redemption. Really excited for Uncharted 3

    • I’m playing : Madden 12

      I’m watching : Biggest Loser,X Factor also NFL Sunday Ticket via PS3

      I’m reading : The Buffalo Bills Message Board

    • You know what would have made it even LESS of a light news week?! If you guys would announce the NA release date for the Vita already! or!!! even the 3d Display, That would be Swell.
      But all in all, you’re right,

      Going to…………….

      End my relationship with all those close to me……………………………

    • i bought a psn card and pre ordered infamous FOB and i cant wait for okabu!!

      playing-KILLZONE 3 my GOTY,RESISTANCE 3,RAGE,UNCHARTED 3 MP and rochard demo

      watching UNCHARTED 3 videos cant wait for the full game already paid also some brokengameshd youtube channel

      reading-game articles

    • Were any of the Blog crew at the Toronto Holiday event?

    • I’m Playing:Madden 12,Uncharted 3 MP,NBA Jam:On Fire Edition,going back thru Rochard to collect all the trophies(Before next week comes and I be so occupied with Batman,Okabu,and Payday)

      I’m Reading (browsing on the web): where to find the best gaming deals being I’m going to be buying games for a whole month straight and finally bending down to get that new Sony stereo headset

      I’m Watching: Avatar :The Last Airbender Marathon on nicktoons I’ve never knew how good it was until now I dont think I’ve ever seen a movie that follows as close to the series as this does

    • Change the final box art for Uncharted 3!

    • Also, why is the U3 TV spot uploaded to a channel that only has 4 videos?

    • im playin the waiting game for batman arkham city then the following week bf3 then week after that uncharted 3 then mgs and skyrim :D 5 great games to finish the year up well more like 9 games (seeing as mgs has 5 in one)

    • •I’m playing: Sideway: New York, Costume Quest, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
      •I’m watching: The Blob (1958), The Blob (1988), The Walking Dead: Season 1
      •I’m reading: Playstation Blog.

      On a side note, great timing on that spend $60 get $10 back deal!

      With everyone and their grandmothers releasing PSN exclusives, theres so much to choose from, or better yet choose em all and get $10 back to get another one next month.

      One last side note, I hope to see some Kevin Butler PS Vita commercials soon. ;)

    • I’m playing assassin’a creed brotherhood, and UC3 mp

      I’m watching the big bang theory

      I’m reading anti government articles on the Internet

    • im wacthing big movie playing sky fishing reading vibe mag i think they sould have more ps2 in the psn network like the jacky chain one what would be cool if sony adds 3rd party payments or pay thour interact online its easyer facebook dose it dose it alot of sites are doing it that way you dont have to worry aboute leaveing your house and worrying aboute not getting a 20.00psn card ownly getting a 50.00 and putting a visa card online for the hackers

    • This week is going to put a small dent in my wallet, with Okabu, Dungeon Defenders, and possibly Payday the Heist

      * I’m playing: AC Brotherhood (trying to platinum), Sly 3, and trying to platinum Infamous2.
      *I’m watching: Battlestar Galactica and rewatching all Doctor Who episodes on netflix
      *I’m reading: Neptune’s Son by Rick Riordan on my new Kindle :D

      Thinking about buying Sideway: New York while its on sale. Does anybody know if the co-op is fun?

    • @ D-Squad3- Why should they change the final box art?
      It looks great.
      And if you just want some Different box art, then get the collector’s edition like i am, and you’ll get a sweet steel case!

    • Uncharted 3 + Starhawk = <3

    • My launch PS3 bit the dust today:(

    • well dark souls being as demanding as a republicans tax policy , its been tough to play my nba 2k12 or any other games. its like doing a crossword puzzle w/ a dull pencil w/ no eraser.

      batman will be home around midnight and i cant wait, the games ive been waiting for are flooding in and my pockets are turning out,lol… hitman looks incredible. so one more to a long list of pre-orders aka 5 dollar reminders that i am a bit too “involved” w/ video games,lol.. im not a kid anymore but geeez , gaming is my kryptonite.

      i am looking forward to u3 campaign, not a huge fan of the multiplayer but alas, battlefield 3, one week from now i will be an online soldier, brain hardwired 2 devour the multiplayer and dust off the old tritton’s.

      new england weather is unforgiving, but i will be locked into the zone to notice,lol.. lovin this time of year.
      speaking on unforgiving, back 2 dark souls..

      to batman fans, few more hours!

    • *****ATTN:******* HEY SID!!!!!!!






    • im playing infamous 1 -2 ( need to platinum both there very easy to platinum for me currantly finished infamous in hard mode ( not really hard maybe thats me )

      im watching cartoons spongebob =D fish hooks =D devil may cry animations etc

      im ready em? heh never heard the word reading what does it mean?

      does it mean you play ps3 games all day or?


    • btw if any devil may cry fans are angry because of devil may cry 5 then watch this

      and activision are totally going to fail on spyro sky-landers i mean come on your going to put a tv advert for it? in the uk you see how big the box is sony dont you dare sell my other heroes

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