Everybody Dance Video Series: Creating Choreography With the Dance Creator

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Everybody Dance Video Series: Creating Choreography With the Dance Creator

The launch of Everybody Dance, the all-new party game for the PlayStation Move, is just a few days away! To illustrate some of the coolest features in the game, we have created the Dancer Diaries, a series of videos where professional dancers record and share their experiences playing Everybody Dance.

Everybody Dance Video Series: Creating Choreography With the Dance Creator

Today, we want to share the first in the series, which provides a walk-through of Everybody Dance’s Dance Creator mode. With Dance Creator, anyone can easily choreograph their own dances, record their routines, and then save them in-game so they can challenge friends to compete against their moves.

To show you just how awesome Dance Creator is, our very own Rey Gutierrez traveled to Miami to direct the Everybody Dance dev diary series with the expertise of Emmy-nominated dancer, actor, and choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard. Watch the video to see how Glenn and his crew of professional dancers stack up against Dance Creator.

Also, this week marked the launch of our Everybody Dance tab on the PlayStation Facebook page. Check out the new tab where you can enter to win great prizes including: T Shirts, copies of Everybody Dance, or even the grand prize of a PS3, PlayStation Eye camera, and two PlayStation Move motion controllers!

Everybody Dance: Facebook

Stay tuned next week for our launch post on 10/18 with more behind-the-scenes videos and upcoming events!

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  • Does it work better than SingStar Dance?
    I wasn’t at all impressed with the mechanics in that game.

    With the PSEye this game should be better than Just Dance shouldn’t it?

    • Everybody Dance has been built from the ground-up as a dancing game and is extremely easy to pick-up-and-play for anyone. The team focused on providing a great social experience with a lot of cool and unique modes, such as Dance Creator.

      The PS Eye camera is a huge advantage since you can perfect your performance by seeing yourself in the game. Not to mention, it takes pictures and videos that give you some great blackmail material on your friends ;)

  • should get this for my cousin

  • Am I missing something? Should there not be a video (a walk-through of Everybody Dance’s Dance Creator mode) inside this post?

  • My bad, I hit refresh and it appeared…either that or you fixed it. :-)

  • Hi! Will be are digital version? It would be a good new! Bye!

  • Hi, thank you for answering questions. I have the Michael Jackson Experience for PS3, & it’s great exercise because it’s fun so you don’t mind dancing over & over to, say, Beat It, or Thriller.

    What songs will be in Everybody Dance?
    Is there a single player mode?
    Is the blackmail video an option that can be turned off?

    • Song list and many of the features/modes are listed in the original post (linked through “Everybody Dance” in the text)

      Videos/pictures are recorded while you play, and at the end of each song, you have the option to save & share. If you prefer to not watch yourself, the game also streams the official music videos for each song instead. Lots of choices!

  • For Battlefield 3:

    I know it is a late to address this problem. I am realy disappointed to hear thet there will be only 24 players in multiplayer and don’t tell me thet the PS3 is not strong enough to play 64 players, because that is not true, from what i heard from DICE.I pre-orderd the PS3 version but I am thinking of buying the PC version insted. If there are only 24 players, its not a battlefield!.

    There are a lot of players that are outraged about this!

    PS: I would like a replay! ( Big FAN of SONY and Playstation)

  • Just what we need, more fitness game. It’s cool because we want to show people video game is not all about shooting violent like the media portray them as. I welcome this.

  • two important things that will determine if I buy this:
    1) does it have a practice mode that gives *specific* feedback on wrong moves? trying to get 100% is really frustrating when there’s no feedback on what a player needs to do differently

    2) has the audio and video quality impr

  • two important things that will determine if I buy this:
    1) does it have a practice mode that gives *specific* feedback on wrong moves? trying to get 100% is really frustrating when there’s no feedback on what a player needs to do differently

    2) has the audio and video quality improved versus SingStar? we all have HDTVs hooked up to home theater systems, so sub-DVD quality is below what any of us expect from PS3.

    3) is there a way for indie artists to author and upload songs, a la Rock Band Network?

    thanks in advance for answering!

  • wanted this for halloween part, a bit broke at the moment unfortunately…will still get this somewhere down the line. the fact that you can choreograph a whole dance mmade this an intant buy for me

  • will def have it by mid nov…unfortunately for me this also means house of the dead will have to wait a week or 2

  • Awesome. I look forward to playing it then!
    Thanks for answering.

  • Hey! offTopic: i have a problem with a Purchase on modNation racer today, idownloaded the taril one month ago and it expired, today I purchased the full game but it expired again after 60minutes of play… the money was discounted from my credit card and trying to activate it again I purchased the game again… and Now I have bought double…

    Where can I make a Claim? There was a error on the first purchase that didn’t recognize that I already own the game… and Now I’m download it again despite I already have on the PS3 hard disk…
    PLEASE any mail to contact, the PSN Store need a contact option in these case.

  • 1. i’m glad you guys did the video link via youtube because as now i can play them through my ipod or my android phone. i love ya for that :)

    2. if i buy the game, can i get all those girls to train with me for at least a few weeks? (i tried lol)

    3. thanks

  • Should leave c r a p games like these to derps….

  • @KANE8891…It is strong enough look at MAG for instance..

  • Pre-ordered! Really looking forward to playing it next week

  • @Demoniotaku:
    You should contact customer service. Sorry, the people on the blog can’t really do anything. You should call Sony or email them.

    and @ Deathspear…stop being immature and stop trolling.
    There are plenty other articles you can comment on if you don’t like this one.

  • Thanks for the reply, Sharon. I’ll check out the earlier post & will probably purchase.

  • Give me one hour of “dancing lessons” with Sophie and this is a day one buy for me!

  • Pretty women + PS3 = HEAVEN :P

  • I played the Demo and before i just started um thinking in my head this game should have LMFAO song and my thinks right and am so happy while dancing i can also share my Photo and video of dancing on twitter and Facebook or save it on hard drive that’s so much fun 5/5 Star to this awesome game i can bring over 20 player can dance with me too to burn a party with a fun, Thanks Sony !

  • haha dang! no vanilla ice or limp bizkit there?

  • ugh the reason i never brought the ps move hasn’t got real games just dance games and party games

    hope festival of blood with move can work properly if so then il buy it

  • Who else only played this vid for the hot chick? Be honest…

  • The game is pretty fun, and the system is pretty nice. Wish the dances were a little closer matching to the music video at times but the moves are really nice. It is also nice to see that the difficulty actually means something in this game.

    But have a few questions:
    Is there anyway to get the game to save the complete video performance instead of just highlights. In other words have the video playback more similar to Singstars method rather than Just Dances highlights only method? Will there be anyway to preview the Songs for download aka like Singstar so we know if we want the song or not? Or will it be like RockBand you just have to know the song and purchase through the PSN store?


  • Will there be a way to download someone elses choreographed dance?

  • Is there a way to get the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset to register the singing? And anyway to playback the dance and singing portions together?

  • HOW DO YOU POST TO FACEBOOK ! I click on the facebook post button, it says its completed and then it’s not on facebook ????

  • I’d like to get an answer to Tactical’s question. The photos upload fine but the videos do not. Are you guys working on a way to fix this?

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