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Tomorrow, I’ll have the chance to play the first few hours of Assassin’s Creed Revelations‘ single-player story. As a big fan of the series thus far, I’ve got plenty of questions. But I’d like to know what *you* want to know about the game’s campaign. Please feel free to guide me with your suggestions in the comments.

In the meantime, you can find stories on Batman: Arkham City, Eufloria, Rage, PlayStation Vita, and more below.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 3, 2011)

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  • Xenosaga, .hack//GU, Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus for PS2 Classics!

  • Nice respect for the community, posting links with explicit language…

  • Great stories to read. Loved the Life’s a [DELETED] story from Giant Bomb. We need more RPG’s like this.

    As for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations’ campaign, I want to know how it sets the stage for Desmond going into his story’s conclusion.

  • any chance of a Modnation Racers: Game of the Year edition, I tried making this an idea on the blog share

  • 9 more days!

  • Fatal Frame!! FATAL FRAME!!!

  • How about you read about how online passes hurt true gamers. i would love to buy resistance 3 or uncharted 3 but because of the online pass my wife cant play online unless we pay extra. good idea on battling used and pirated games cause this just makes me want to buy old and used games. Out of my 22 games that I’ve bought only 1 is used, LBP, but what does that matter I spent over $100 on LBP add ons not to mention preordered LBP2 collectors edition and bought all the add ons for that. I just bought Uncharted dual pack all because I don’t have the trophies for the first game and to get ready for 3, but now I’m not going to buy it because if my wife wanted to enjoy the game she would have to play on my profile or pay extra which isn’t right considering the game would be new, $80 for a new game for my wife and I to enjoy that’s outrageous SONY. When people pirate a game they usually play by themselves not online so including online pass wont stop pirating and stop using used game sales as an excuse, i’m a perfectly good example of how they don’t hurt the game industry.

  • I have been a SONY customer since I was 4 (don’t argue i had a walkman tape player) I had always bought SONY from walkman tape players to the psp go. When the PS2 was the next gen console I was happy, now that the PS3 is out SONY has gone to [DELETED]. You charged up the [DELETED] for the PS3’s launch I’m happy I didn’t get one, but now that I do have one I couldn’t be more miserable. $300 on a psp go which I had hope to have a 1tb card memory card but no you scrapped the go within a year. Over a grand into my PS3 and I want to throw it out the window all because my saves keep getting corrupted and I can’t back them up because I’m not a PS+ member. Thanks a lot SONY for not caring about your customers and only trying to get more money from them. :)

  • Gametrailers had video coverage of the PS Vita Games and Gamasutra has an article on the lecture Hideo Kojima gave at USC.

  • @6 So how does it really hurt the real player? If you buy the game new you get the online pass which covers your PS3 and any other PS3 you tie your account to; along with all the accounts in the console. Meaning that if your wife plays in same console as you or has your account on her PS3 (whichever account you used the online pass) you can download it and she can play online on her own account. If you are going to complain do some research first and make sure what you say are facts.

  • can’t wait to get PlayStation Vita :3

  • As far as questions, I’d like to know what MGS easter egg they will add to Assassin’s Creed: Revelations if any.

  • @9 well it doesn’t seem to work that way with my friends copy of resistance 3

  • @aeolus426 thats a good point that your making, which btw i agree with you on your take on online passes.the people that are pirates are always going to find a way to their illegal stuff.while most of us, i mean millions of us decent gamers get punished for the actions of a few.also, renting or buying used its not a crime either because both avenues can be used for people that lived on a fixed income or for people that are low in dont see book authors charging extra if you buy an old book or charging extra for an alternate ending or extra chapters…or car dealers going after people that tend to buy used cars due to economic reasons.dont get me wrong here, i love our devs and publishers because thanks to them we get to play some amazing games,but one thing is to make decent money off their products and another thing is to abuse your customers with all the nickel and diming,DLC that are already on disc and stuff like online fear that this will escalate someday in which us gamers will have to pay extra in order to advance the story,playing for chapters etc etc etc

  • its bad enough when most games are being gimped because of these issues. there was a time in which games took awhile to clear, now though, games can be cleared in a hurry like in 10-20 or even 30 hours. my fear, is that we are moving towards the “arcade” model in which you had to pay 25-50 and even 1 buck every time you lose back in the day….>_>

  • aah really happy with the arrival of ps2 classic games, altough, I still hope I can expect Tomba 1 and 2 to release on ps1 classic :D

  • Sony!! I can’t thank you enough for introducing the PS2 classics. I can only hope this means backwards compatibility through emulation is eventually possible. I ran into a problem with the PS2 classics though and hope to get an answer:

    I downloaded Maximo; a game that I already own on disc. I did this because I haven’t yet finished the game and it would look so much better via HDMI connection and with the upscaling on my PS3. I started the game and found that I am unable to use my PS2 memory card files. I have the Sony brand memory card reader and the downloadable PS1 classics support my memory cards. Can this be fixed with the PS2 classics? I’m sure people who have spend hundreds of hours on RPGs, etc. wouldn’t want to have to start over.

    I have put down a lot of hard earned cash on a huge collection of PS1 and PS2 discs, so I truly appreciate the PS1 emulation. I actually bought a PS2 game for a second time (Maximo; digital copy) to see how cool the PS2 classics are going to be. If backwards compatibility for PS2 isn’t possible (at least for now), please add compatibility with the virtual PS2 memory cards.

    Many thanks…

  • @16 They really should do a new update where you can install PS2 games from ISO files via storage media or have the ps3 copy the PS2 disc’s data to the HDD and play it from the HDD

  • Glad we are finally getting some PS2 games on PSN :P (i would rather have PS2 playback back tho on a PS3 i.e i can use my PS2 discs on a PS3)

    + That ‘Long Live Play’ Advert is BRILLIANT! ! ! :P Please put it on PSN? So i keep it on my PS3;)

  • “ANY” updates on the vita? is been quiet

  • Please sony ask capcom to bring in okami. i will love you guys forever. i miss okami. also could you guys bring the ps2 versions of ratchet and clank to the psn store i miss playing those as well

  • Keep those ps2 classics coming! It’s great that finally ps2 games are on psn, we may not have gotten ps2 emulation, but at least converting ps2 games to ps3 is better than nothing and I see them doing well.


  • @17
    Not possible. The versions on the PlayStation Store are Dynamic recompilations of the PS2 games so they can be used on the PS3. They need to be tested extensively. I’m sure there is still a thin layer of emulation still being used, but part of those games have likely been broken down into some sort of byte code form so the PS3 can run the original ps2 instructions at full speed without the overhead of real time interpretation.

    Long story short, they won’t be able to allow us to take straight ISO’s, install them onto the PS3 and then play them. They’ll simply break.



  • ps2 classics yay rite WRONG!!!!!! the ps3 slim will and never play ps2 games those are just a remade version. it is not the real thing downloaded :(

  • @11 Try it yourself… maybe he’s not doing something right, but it has been working perfectly fine for me. I have two PS3s and one copy of Resistance 3. I downloaded the online pass on both of them and they work just fine with any PSN account.

  • I’d love to see hookers in an Infamous game

  • @28, mad meet001, u win my favorite comment of the day, lol.

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