PULSE 10/4: “Only On PSN” with Eufloria, Rochard, Plus Batman: Arkham City

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PULSE 10/4: “Only On PSN” with Eufloria, Rochard, Plus Batman: Arkham City

The October 4th edition of PULSE is available in HD later today when the PlayStation Store updates. Join Christina Lee as the “Only On PSN” event kicks off with Eufloria and Rochard. There’s also a sneak peek of the upcoming upgrade to PlayStation Home and don’t miss a Top 10 that’s all about PlayStation Exclusives. In new video releases Johnny Depp returns in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Cameron Diaz is a really Bad Teacher.

Watch the full episode of PULSE right here, and in PlayStation Home, or download in HD to your PS3 (SD to your PSP) when the PlayStation Store updates later today.

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  • Cool! Iritated that you didnt tell us about the “Payday” delay.

  • I want RE Zero

  • This has been a presentation of the PlayStation Network :)

  • Only for Mrs lee ;)

  • that suck i just purchase ROCHARD last week hope sony will count it in for the 60$ spend for october

    if not this is my last game i buy on release date i wait for discount or offer coz it not fun went you buy right aways and 1 week after they offer special and deal

  • Dear Sony,
    Please abandon the online pass. All it does is hurt those consumers who may not be able to afford to buy games new, but still wants to purchase your products. Used games do NOT hurt your bottom line since they were already bought beforehand as new. If you’re trying to get more people to buy new then there are MUCH better ways to go about it. What id software is doing with Rage is a perfect example. Also, you can try to prevent people from wanting to sell their games by way of new DLC.
    Yours truly,
    A concerned Sony fan.

    reference: http://www.destructoid.com/confirmed-online-pass-for-all-future-online-sony-games-212882.phtml

  • We have so much to look forward to this month! Home update, Only of PSN games, and I’m really looking forward to see Qore for the games upcoming for Move!

  • I agree with you 5. I will not buy any games on the store the week of release ever. If you do buy one, it gets a sale or on plus soon after and you get no credit at all. 2 games I bought on release were trash panic and flower, and then later they offered free themes for people who bought it, plus it was on sale. Great thinking, screw over the people who supported you day one. I won’t be buying anything from those developers again. The marketing people for these companies should be fired. I could do a heck of alot better job and I would do it for half of what they are making.

  • Oh Christina Lee your one of the reason i am staying the Sony.

  • Ok, I’ll say it again, Pulse should be weekly. There’s more than enough content for that. The UK store has a new weekly video called Access, which is a lot like Pulse, except it covers a more diverse content & the English hostess is kind of grating.

  • just one thing to say……Johnny Depp is the best actor…Pirates of the Caribbean is the best movie ver made….and I love Christina Lee….hum also her legs too.

  • It’d be nice to see Pulse combine with PlayStation Store Update and just give us a weekly video breakdown of what’s coming out. It was nice to see a list of top PSN Exclusives, more of that in the future would be awesome!

  • Christina Lee DynamicTheme please…

  • Christina, I love you!

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