Double Dreamcast Tuesday: SEGA Bass Fishing & Space Channel 5 Part 2

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Double Dreamcast Tuesday: SEGA Bass Fishing & Space Channel 5 Part 2

Space Channel 5 Part 2 will be boogieing into the PlayStation Store later on today along with SEGA Bass Fishing – can you say Double Dreamcast Tuesday? Pick up either one for a smooth $10 each. Man, that’s refreshing.

SEGA Bass Fishing has been an arcade favorite for years, gobbling up quarters since 1998 here in the US. Bass Fishing then caused quite a splash when it launched with the Dreamcast on 9/9/99 – a day very dear to all of us Dreamcast fans.

In terms of gameplay, Bass Fishing is surprisingly easy to pick up and get into, and it keeps you coming back for more with layers of depth added by the different fishing conditions and locations. Cast out in 8 different locations and lure in the biggest, baddest bass. Want to look like a pro? Use your Move controller! If you’re fishing in the morning try a surface lure. If you’re fishing in the middle of the day, use a heavier lure to drop down to the cooler waters and pick up the prize bass you’ve been huntin’. The biggest one I’ve caught is 33lbs – can you beat me?

Last but not least I thoroughly recommend playing Bass Fishing while blasting my favorite song: “I’m on a boat, I’m on a boat, everybody look at me coz I’m sailing on a boat…”

What is Space Channel 5 exactly? Excellent question. It’s a rhythm action dancing game. Throughout the game you encounter “Dance Offs”, where your challenger will spit a bunch of moves at you, and it’s up to you to show that you’re not going to be one-upped, out-fancied and out-swaggered. Get your timing right to free the hostages, shoot robots, and generally show off your killer dance moves.

Space Channel 5 Part 2 never made it over to the US for its original Dreamcast release, instead it was first playable on the PlayStation 2 as part of a bundle with the original Space Channel 5 game. Today you can grab it with HD graphics, full 16:9 support, a 2 player co-op mode, and a substantial cameo appearance from the late King of Pop himself – Space Michael.

We here at SEGA have a special soft spot in our hearts for Dreamcast games, and we know there are a lot of Dreamcast fans out there who’d love to get their hands on some of those other Dreamcast gems. Tell all of your friends about Space Channel 5 and SEGA Bass Fishing, and we’ll do our best to get some of those other gems out for ya as soon as possible.

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  • Space Channel 5? Looks interesting. I may get that game.

  • Any Plans on releasing more Dreamcast Games like Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Grind Radio?

    • Hey Shinra_Soilder – I’d personally love to bring back more of these Dreamcast games – but at this moment there’s nothing officially coming from SEGA yet. Any reason in particular you want to see Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Grind Radio?

  • Remember when you announced these games at E3 2010? Your motto was ‘The Dreamcast is back’. Four games released over two years is not “back”, especially when all of these games have already had multiple ports. Unless you’re porting Jet Grind Radio and Shenmue in November, then the Dreamcast is dead, and you killed it.

  • Sega Bass Fishing! Still got that and the fishing controller for the Dreamcast. I may have to pick this up again and try it with the move controller. Fun game.

  • DAYTONA!!!

  • I really hope these are better quality than Crazy taxi, that was a complete disgrace. DC ports would be awesome but please take the time to do them the justice they deserve.

  • Please add PowerStone 2 and Tech Romancer. PLEASE!!! next week PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh! and READY TO RUMBLE. PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  • i wish sega would add shining force

  • @mi33ke
    Tech Romancer and Power Stone are both Capcom, neither Sega nor Sony can do anything about bringing them to PSN.

    I might get Sega Bass Fishing since I never owned that for the Dreamcast. I’d also like to see us PSN users getting some Saturn love. Radiant Silvergun and Guardian Heroes only on XBLA so far. How about giving us the Clockwork Knights and Shining Force 3?

  • Ben,

    Give us Shenmue 1 & 2 (2 was never released in NA on the Dreamcast!!!) on the PSN Store and I will love you forever!

  • I definitely am enjoying Dreamcast games on PSN, but how about Shenmue?? I would buy the first two in a heartbeat.

  • Cool, might have to pick up Space Channel 5.

    Will Skies of Arcadia ever get a re-release? Or better yet a sequel?

  • I’d love to see Sega tap their Saturn library more. While I liked the Dreamcast, the Saturn is still a classic to me.

  • I don’t care what the haters say, I <3 SEGA! You guys gave me Valkyria Chronicles so anything else is just icing for me! :)

  • Any reason why the Dreamcast Collection disc wasn’t released to PS3? It’s only Xbox 360 that got it! Bought it anyway, but I’d rather have it on PS3…

    Will it be released eventually?

  • I agree with Phoenix8387: Re-re-release of Skies Of Arcadia would be extremely awesome. I still have my dream cast copy and game cube copy of the game and if its available to ps3 download i will own that too xD

  • Bass Fishing! damn i remember playing that game when i was little! so much fun :D cheers for more old classics!

  • I *love* Space Channel 5! Can’t wait to buy it.

  • I might buy Space Channel 5 2, I enjoyed the 1st one. I agree with Phoenix8387, Skies of Arcadia needs to be released. It is one of the best rpgs ever made. I don’t understand how there was never a sequel. Give us Vyse and Aika! I would also love to play Jet Grind Radio and Grandia 2 again. Please!?!

  • Hey! SEGA is here! Let’s make some requests:
    -Sonic Adventure 2;
    -Any Panzer Dragoon;
    -Any Shining Force;
    -Sonic 4’s remaining episodes. (please, bring Knuckles back. He is from the classic series too);
    -Sonic 3 & Knuckles for Sega Vintage on PSN (if possible, make the Lock-on feature work on Sonic 2 as well);
    -Landstalker for Sega Vintage on PSN (what happened to that remake for the PSP?)
    -Phantasy Star IV for Sega Vintage on PSN;
    -Ristar for Sega Vintage on PSN.
    Well, for starters, that’s enough.

  • Dreamcast?

  • Skies of Arcadia? I would buy it for 30 bucks!

  • If we’re going to re-release some of the great Dreamcast games, it’d make sense to release Sonic Adventure 2. Why? Its probably the most beloved 3D Sonic game. Great story, good levels, nice characters, a lot of moments from the game were memorable including Sonic nearly dying. I bet if you were to put SA2 on PSN, it’s sales would be insane and it could possibly get even better if you released DLC for it like you did with the first Adventure.

  • I would love to see Virtua Fighter 3tb especially in anticipation of VF5: Final Showdown on consoles next summer.

  • Thank you!!! Sega Bass Fishing is my second favorite Dreamcast game after Shenmue.

    Sega Please release Shenmue next.

  • @ Ben Harborne

    I will can give you the reason you asked DMcgee627 for releasing Sonic Adventure 2:
    Sonic Adventure is already on the PSN and Sonic Generations will have some references to SA 2. I’d say a good number of people will be interested to play it.

  • @27, that too. A lot of people will be playing through that time period, and will more than likely want to see the entire game itself.

  • it would be great if you release a “Sonic’s ultimate Dreamcast collection” or something like that on blu-ray :)

  • I would love to be able to play shenmue 1 & 2 on my ps3 in hd.

  • Sonic Adventure 2 PLEASE!! I’v been anticipating that game since Sega announced bringing Dreamcast. And maybe Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein too. Its a great fighting game full of nostalgia.

    Man, I was just talking about sonic in class today and half the people in there said they played that game and are looking forward to the PSN release. Serious props if you guys get it in by the end of the year with the rumored ‘Multi player online’ additions ;P

  • I agree with the others before me. Jet Grind Radio PLEASEEEEEEE. I played that game so much on the dreamcast. and it was the only time i touched the original xbox was when I played Jet Set Radio. Loved those games so much

  • @ thundercat17

    Shining Force was a Sega Genesis game, not Dreamcast. Although I will agree that is a super awesome game ;)

  • Space Channel 5 reminds me of Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker) from fifth element lol

  • Here’s why people want Jet Set/Grind Radio: Because the game has amazing aesthetics and soundtrack, and the gameplay to back it up. JGR is a Sonic game in 3D that actually works. It is the first game I actually put time into score attacking.

    But I can save you the effort of shooting it down because I can also tell you why SEGA will never be able to port it: the soundtrack. You can’t relicense all those tracks because the publisher who handled that no longer exists. You’d have to gut the soundtrack just like you gutted Crazy Taxi’s soundtrack, and that would not be a version of JGR that would be worth playing.

  • Give us House Of The Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What about Sega Marine Fishing? Anyone?

  • Wasn’t this game also on the PS1? I remember playing this on the Playstation One

  • I think I speak for all of us Sonic fans if I say Sonic Adventures 2 needs to be next! Not only is that one of the best 3D Sonic titles, but it was also the last great Dreamcast released here in the states. Sonic Adventures was a hit last year in the store, and this year sonic 1 and 2 were hits as well. So why not 1 more HD remake for us loyal fans :)

    (Please pass this along to Sonic team and Sega, We Hedgehogs out there would really appreciate it!)

  • “Trust me and we will escape from the city!” I <3 SONIC!

  • To the administrator asking “Why do you want to see Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Set (grind) Radio on PSN”? That is a silly question :) Sonic Adventure 2 is one of the better 3D sonic games and Jet Set Radio is STILL a unique, refreshing experience even 12 years later. They are two of the best games on Dreamcast. Would either really sell all that much on PSN? Prolly not. And to add to that the licensing costs on Jet Set Radio would be a nightmare since all of the music in the game is licensed content. As much as I’d personally love to see such a beloved game on PSN, it would be too big of a gamble for Sega to spend the money to re-licence the soundtrack along with Sony’s networking costs, ESRB costs, etc etc. A return on investment would be needed and I doubt they would see that. Sonic Adventure 2 would depend on the amount of sales and interest SA1 has generated since it was released. Being as shoddy of a port as it is, SA2 would be a gamble too. We can still dream though :)

  • Why no Payday The heist , you no gimme Payday, I no give you no moneeeyz this week .
    Ook thanks bye .

  • Why is there no Chrono Trigger yet ? Are we not Tuesday ? almost half the day is passed !! you should call your post Double Dreamcast Wednesday !! Seriously guys why dont you release your stuff in the morning ???

  • if you do bring SA2 can you see if the mp can be made online, it would be cool to be able to play with my online friends

  • Really cool to see Space Channel 5. Would be even more awesome to see a Panzer Dragoon HD Collection. Panzer Dragoon Oorta was one of the most beautiful Xbox1 games, and really deserved to be experienced by more people. (The PS3 has an NVidia GPU in it, so the shaders should still work and make porting easier! ;) The same goes for Jet Set Radio Future and Gunvalkyrie, also great games that would be awesome to see in 1080p with lossless audio.

    16:9 aspect is cool, but is it rendering in (at least) 720p natively with anti-aliasing of some sort? The open source Dreamcast emulators have been doing that for a while…

    Looking forward to seeing more Dreamcast and Xbox1 re-releases!


  • I will get Space Channel 5 part 2 because I had, and loved the original on my Dreamcast and I never played the second. Also, Chrono Trigger. I’m now waiting for my Chrono Cross. All I really want from the Dreamcast now are Jet Grind Radio and both parts of ShenMue. the second came out on X-Box instead of dreamcast… the second half of the story… to have parts 1 and 2 on the same system so you can use your save file on the next would be good.

  • Space Channel looks good, never got a chance to play it back in the day. Also if you guys still have plans on “bringing dreamcast back” i would like to see jet grind radio and sonic adventure 2. also sonic shuffle and shenmue because they both are good looking games i never got to play.

  • I gotta agree with everyone else here: I’d love the Jet Set series (Jet Grind/Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future), and Sonic Adventure 2.

    Other SEGA Dreamcast games that come to my head:
    ChuChu Rocket
    Ecco the Dolphin
    House of the Dead (if it hasn’t been done already)

    Seriously, I’m excited that SEGA’S gonna continue releasing their classics (Rooooooollllliiiiing STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART!), and if they added Sonic Adventure 2 and the Jet Set series I’d be ecstatic.

  • Bring over Sega Marine Fishing and Daytona! Still play them on my Dreamcast!

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