ModNation Monday: The 12 Hours of “Le Mod”

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ModNation Monday: The 12 Hours of “Le Mod”

Join the members of the San Diego Studio ModNation Racers team for a day of racing (8am-8pm PST) on Saturday, October 8th for the First Annual ModNation Racers24 12 Hours of Le Mod”!

This is a great opportunity to race many of the best user created tracks ModNation has to offer alongside members of the MNR team. Who knows…you might just walk away with a win in your pocket and the bragging rights that go with that!

le mod

Look for ModNationSD in your local Modpsot throughout the day.

Note – The International Federation of Fictional Kart Racing Federations requires us to take frequent “personal time” breaks and at least two carbo-load sessions to make it through this event safely.

Don’t Be So Skeptical, Double XP Week Coming Soon!
The Modnation community is continually asking us questions such as… are Biff and Gary wearing any pants behind their commentators’ booth?… if I set off a mine on myself would anybody notice? …is the world still flat?… does this sticker make my mod’s butt look big? And our favorite – will there ever be another Double XP week in MNR?

So in observance of International Skeptics Day on October 13th we offer this to you… double XP from October 10th – 17th. So loosen up a little, shrug off those woes and worries because you at least have this to believe in!

Top Tracks:
You would really be missing out on some great tracks if you only raced upon good old “terra firma”. These tracks will keep your head in the clouds for a long time. Check them out in this week’s Top Tracks section in the ModSpot.


ModNation Player Profiles: Stitchless
Currently one of the game’s more prolific Mod / Kart designers, Stitchless blends his keen eye for color and detail with an uncanny look into the future of “Modkind”. We really enjoy how he melds his creation theme across his matching Mod and Kart combos. Read more about Stitchless HERE.

Creations of the Week
Let’s admit it, some days we all wake up a little dazed and confused (me more than most people) and some days’ events leave us a little dumfounded (again, probably me more than most people), but the moment I came across the “APOLLO (reflection)” Mod seen below I found myself transformed into a big, giggling, messy, smiley, drooling, “*mod-paranoid” mess of a human being.


*Mod-Paranoia (mawhd-par-uh-noi-uh) noun. origin 2010 modnation
When a mirrored image of a mirrored image on a mod creation is so realistic that it compels the viewer to constantly look back over their shoulder to confirm the scene in question is not actually behind them. – no known cure at this time.

Hot Lap Track Of The Week: Phantom Cathedral by prob_alex
Two features that set great tracks like this apart are the use of scale and light. Many great tracks begin as a good track placed into a spectacularly designed environment and visa-versa. Tracks like this incorporate the environment and its structures as part of the track. The cathedral prob_alex has built becomes the track as you drive into, over, and through multiple areas of the structure. Add the appropriate gloomy lighting and atmosphere and you have a track that has evolved from a race to an experience. Wednesday’s track Modina City 3D is also a great example of this motif.


Hot Lap Tracks:
Monday: Phantom Cathedral by prob_alex
Tuesday: Stairs to the Gods by its2l84that
Wednesday: Modina City 3D by jefferzone
Thursday: Big In The City by LinKueiNinja
Friday: Hagar’s Icy Retreat by MasterB
Saturday: Serenity Pool Of Gaea by IndustrialSavior
Sunday: Orion Cliffside Refinery by IndustrialSavior

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8 Author Replies

  • WOW REALLY I’m 1st! Mark Why did you make this “Le Mod”!” on the Day of Attonement. You should ATTONE for your sins starting Friday at sundown 10/7 Thru 10/8… after 6:00pm.

  • HI!
    Will you be giving codes in the Le Mod series for example stowaway??. Those astronauts mods are amazing!


  • Track of the week looks incredible~
    And some really creative mods up there too~

  • ModNation Racers is the best!

    Outstanding support since day one, and we’re now on – what – day 526? :D

  • @jason_rb

    Oh god, that made me lol hard.

    Anyways, holy ship! That Phantom Cathedral track looks amazing.

  • Hey Mark when will be released new DLC?

  • Awesome, my track made Hot Lap on Friday. But my id is MabsterB not “MasterB”. Oh well, hope everyone enjoys it.

  • The Double XP week is the same week I get a week off from school. Totally going to play and level up.

  • @1, Jason? Isn’t that requirement just for Jews? Excuse my ignorance of other religions, but I don’t understand. Are you asking Sony to be more cognizant of various religious & cultural blackout days? Because then half the year would be off limits for one group or the other.

  • i can’t race, i’m getting married, so i have a good excuse to miss le mod

  • awesome!!!!! love the space costumes!!!

  • This 12 Hours of Le Mod is an excellent idea! I was never able to join in any of the Thursday night events cause, being on the east coast, they always started too late in the day. I certainly hope i can get into some action this coming weekend!

    Another double XP? SWEET!!!

    And I’ve read on prob_alex’s tutorial on making advanced buildings, but my God how do you create something like that! It’s just jaw-dropping!

    Lastly, thanks to the developers for continually being involved and having an interest in the community. I certainly don’t have enough hands to give this game and its developers the proper thumbs up they deserve!

    • Thank you so much for the kinds words. I will pass that on to the team. This game means a lot to all of us here so comments like this are genuinely appreciated,


  • Hey Mark,

    For the “12 Hours of Le Mod” should we send you a friend request? (it may be hard to find you lol)

  • Space?! No love for the sunset?

    lol… Hey Mabster! Who’s da Master?!

  • Sounds SWEET!!! I’ll definitely be there. Modnation Racers is the first game to have my attention for over a year and still I’m hooked on it!!! Great track by Prob_Alex btw!!! Hopefully a Modnation Racers 2 is on the horizon!!

  • At first I thought “Wow! Mr.Dufus ripped me off hardcore!” but then I realized that you had just used the picture for Space Station 41 instead of Mr. Dufus’ track “space base”.
    So then I downloaded his track and I have to say that I really enjoyed it and I am sorry I had bad feelings toward you for a second Mr.Dufus.

  • I haven’t gone too deep into the creation mode of MNR… but from what I see… you can draw stuff? How is something like the astronaut helmets pieced together?

    • To be honest I don’t know how they do it. It’s pure genius. I know that they use stickers to “draw” as there is no draw tool per se’. That’s what makes them so brilliant!

  • Wow. Long Live Play.

  • @hush404

    You can’t draw stuff but you can put different stickers together and change their properties such as their surface type, color, and transparency! Those mods are just some of the endless possibilities of the sticker creation tools.

  • Oh wow… stickers are compiled to make those?! That is nuts!


  • @hush404: Try downloading one of those Mods. They might be remixable and then you can find out how they compiled all those stickers together to make those images.

  • Man, I need to get back into this game already.

  • guys, this just got me back 2 playing modnationracers

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