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The calendar now reads October, though I realized it not from the changing of the weather (it’s still warm here in the Bay Area), but because of the density of new game releases. I’m still exploring the HD remake of ICO, and Dark Souls is already looming in the shadows of a Tuesday release. From the looks of the reviews (some links below), it’s every bit as good as Demon’s Souls, and even more difficult – however that’s possible.

The rest of the new release list will follow later on today, but it also includes Rage, a game I’ve thoroughly enjoyed at events. I’m curious to see what everyone else thinks of it as well.

It’s also a great time for PSN-exclusive games. The links below include stories about Amy, Journey, Sideway: New York, Rochard, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, and Elemental Monster Online Card Game.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 26, 2011)

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  • did u hear about Bloody Roar 5 being put back into production?

  • remembering how awesome, chill, and smart Ico is. Almost in a “Portal” sense do I figure out some puzzles.

  • Jeff,

    Is there any word on when the Official iOS/Android PSN App is coming to North America?

    Europe has had it for almost a year I believe.


    • Last I talked to them (at Gamescom) they were targeting late September for a North American rollout. Obviously, that time has passed. I hope to get an update soon – I want it as much as you do (maybe more ^_^)

  • I am so looking forward to die in Dark Souls!!

  • Uncharted 3 is awesome so far!

  • Hey Jeff could you or someone else please give info on the psvita browser? There are tons of people who would like to know of it’s browsing capabilities and if it has flash and/or html5.

  • I really really need to pick up ICO & Shadow of the Colossus..

  • Jeff are you playing the U3 multiplayer? got it yesterday and its awesome. My favorite level is the london underground one. kinda cool fighting on moving subway trains. whats your favorite level?

  • this is some good readings especially the uncharted ones, say are we going to start seeing Uncharted 3 adds soon?? or are the adds coming after the game comes out like every other PS3 games?

    • We’ll of course advertise the game, but it’s a bit soon – it’s still over 4 weeks away. The Subway ad we’ve shown on the blog this week is in rotation now, however.

  • To many games out the past few months :)
    So far i have gotten, ICO & SotC, Dead Island, next Dark Souls on tuesday :) RAGE ( Maybe, looks interesting)
    Im ready to be massacred on dark souls already :)

    BF3 and Skyrim :) on my list as well :)

  • Im getting ICO Collection in the mail and I have Rage and Ace Combat pre-ordered as well as BF 3. Its going to be a fantastic month!

    Question: Is there any new news on the PlayStation 3D display? Release date, full tech specs, footage of use? I picked up the GoW: origins collection and a promo sheet says November 2011. But as a gamer in college, I am suffering at the hands of a really cheap and inferior tv that’s so unreliable, it doesnt even support HDMI cables! Not to mention the internet to but a state-of-the-art TV would greatly help!

    • We should have an update on the 3D TV very soon. I’ve seen it in the office, and it’s really nice. I’m totally getting one.

  • No stories on the mysterious YouTube video?Come on I wanna know what it is. 10.5.11

  • No mention of GT5’s Spec-II content update and DLC… for shame…!/Kaz_Yamauchi/status/118978238050603008

  • hey jeff…. some news on any contest we puertorricans can participate…. thanks….

    other thing…. wats up with FFVS13 man…. its sucks that the game has taken o many many years to develop and not even a new trailer at TGS…why Sony/Square dont show something!

  • What about console Crysis! Super stoked for Tuesday evening :) And they said it could never be done on our consoles… Let’s hope for some banging visuals and a platinum trophy!

  • jeff what is wrong with the eagles. 3 game losing streak

  • Hola Jeff, is Eight Day and The Getaway 3 cancelled or still on hold ?

  • yea Jeff whats the story behind the mysterious youtube video ?

  • I want Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken!

  • I love SONY’S PS3.

  • Just read a article that UC3 will have the same online pass that R3 had. How is it free to play online yet to play games online it costs money? Why charge the little guy? Games are already over priced.

    It should at least be free with PS Plus…. No pass required

    But then again take a game like UC3, I will play it for the SP any way. I got MP early for a Dollar drink at subway.
    Then look at R3, I played the SP and that was it. Why not have a week trial like EA has?

    I will admit I rented Killzone 3. Then got hooked by the MP so I bought it and the Move and the Sharpshooter.

    So why has Sony went to the online pass?

  • PS1+20 Good games
    PS2+20 Good games
    PSX+all of my PS2 games, really liked this one to bad it didn’t make it to the us . it was like a prototype ps3 had the xmb and integrated dvr features.
    PSP+10 really good games
    PS3+30 really good games
    PSV=+ 10 really ………oh wait its not here yet hurry up i want a really good game :P
    Vaio Z+40 really good pc games and remote play = the PS family is all together

    I wanna play ICO as soon as i purchase my ps3 :P sony keep the ps family comin even after the VIta please , also jeff are there any plans for livearea to come to the psp after the vita’s launch , i mean it would offer a sorta less expensive way to experience the livearea ( not that the vita is expensive , although with specs like that it should be :) i wanna test out livearea while waiting in line for the vita. so that when i get to the car before leaving the area ill already know how to use the basic features. PS im goin to MIT after highschool , look forward to me releasing some games as a developer after i get a license :)

  • Here is the thing with online passes. Stop hurting the consumer. How hard is it to just stop doing bussiness with gamestop. Publishers have a double standard, the give exclusives for pre orders and other promotions with that company. So if they have a problem with their business then take it up with them and leave the consumer or person who loans a game from a friend alone. Or just adjust the price of your game to match. Just like retail stores do cause of shop lifters. some times it is just plain hard to find a new copy of a older game. You have no choice to get a used one.

    Stop making me pay and make that company pay instead. They are as big as McDonalds. One in every city, sometimes 2. they promote your new games, and have midnight launches for them. If you know you can only sell a game for a certain price then just put that much in it. Online should be included. They already milk us with all this DLC and games with bugs they can just patch later.

  • Whats up with DCUO going on the market??

  • Which uncharted should i get? i want 1 but not all 3

  • @24 What kind of question is that.. get all of them. Dual pack + Uncharted 3

  • thanks for ignoring…

  • Yo Jeff!

    Are PSN passes tied to the console so more than one player can play, or to accounts? I have no issues with needing a pass for multiplayer. I do think that it would be nice if passes could be activated by a finite number of persons, just family members, dorm mates etc.

  • See I tried to submit an idea to let a pass have a sort of permission system in place but it got rejected.

  • Since when is Amy exclusive again? That was changed months ago, after its delay, and it’s coming out for XBL and PC, too.

  • Why does it say on my PS3 that the Rezurrection map pack for Black Ops is free when I don’t have the hardened or prestige editions. My friend says that on his console it shows the price at $14.99. I had to pay for mine and now it’s showing me that it is free.

  • Hello Sony! I have a question, I can’t activate another PSP in PlayStation Network. It said “An Error has Occurred”
    And in my Account Management, It said that “The server is currently down for maintenance”. What happened Sony?

    Please help me :(

  • Will the remakes of Shadow of the Colossus be on the Playstation Store?

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