New on PlayStation Video Store and Music Unlimited

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New on PlayStation Video Store and Music Unlimited

Transformers: Dark of the Moon unleashes onto the video store today in New Releases. Three years after the events of the second film, the Decepticons embrace new technology to enslave humanity. Shia LaBeouf (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps), Josh Duhamel (Life As We Know It), John Turturro (Cars 2), Tyrese Gibson (Fast Five) and Victoria’s Secret model Rose Huntington-Whiteley lead the human side of the cast.

The thrilling action film Set Up hits the store this week starring Bruce Willis (RED) in Movies. When a heist goes bad, one man teams with the most dangerous man in town to seek revenge Ryan Phillippe (The Lincoln Lawyer), 50 Cent (13) and Randy Couture (The Expendables) round out the cast.

99 Cent Movie Rents continues in Rent Now with rentals for just 99 cents in SD or $1.99 in HD! Be sure to regularly check our site for what titles are featured each week.

Our Fall TV Survival Guide keeps being updated with the latest episodes from the new television season in TV Shows. For a limited time, check out free episodes of great new shows like Charlie’s Angels, Pan Am and the Steven Spielberg produced Terra Nova.

Fast Five is just a few days away, so you’ll find Fast & Furious to own for just $9.99 in HD and $6.99 in SD this week only our Fast & Furious Collection under Collections & Sales.

For those down on their luck, our Deal of the Week highlights Movies that Will Get You Lucky. Find the perfect date night movies like Killers, My Best Friend’s Girl, Dirty Dancing and Forget Me Not at amazing low prices that serve as great treat for that special someone in your life.

Want intense warrior action on your PlayStation®3 all the time? Then grab the amazing Spartacus: Blood and Sand Dynamic Theme, available now in the Game Store.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store…

Just In TV

US Store: Terra Nova: Season 1, Gossip Girl: Season 5, Mythbusters: Season 11, The Real World: Season 26, Private Practice: Season 5, Happy Endings: Season 2, Hung: Season 2, and more!

Canada Store: Terra Nova: Season 1, Gossip Girl: Season 5, Hung: Season 2, Supernatural: Season 7, and more!

New Release Movies

US Store: Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Set Up, Go For It, Gordon Glass, Good Neighbors, Inside Out, and more!
Canada Store: Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Inside Out, The Boxer and the Bombshell, The Clash of Empires, The Ledge, and more!

Top US Movie Purchases

  1. Bridesmaids (Unrated)
  2. X-Men: First Class
  3. Thor
  4. Hanna
  5. Setup
  6. Bridesmaids
  7. Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown
  8. Paul (Unrated)
  9. Everything Must Go
  10. Priest (2011)

Top US TV Shows Purchases

  1. Sons of Anarchy | Season 4 – Dorylus
  2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Season 7 – The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore
  3. Comedy Central Roasts | Season 5 – The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen: Uncensored
  4. Supernatural | Season 7 – Meet the New Boss
  5. Archer | Season 3 – Heart of Archness: Part II
  6. Jersey Shore | Season 4 – Where Is My Boyfriend?
  7. Family Guy | Season 10 – Lottery Fever
  8. Sons of Anarchy | Season 4 – Booster
  9. The Office | Season 8 – The List
  10. The Vampire Diaries | Season 3 – The Hybrid

Top Themes

  1. South Park Dynamic Theme
  2. The Dark Knight™: Joker Theme
  3. SpongeBob SquarePants Dynamic Theme
  4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Dynamic Theme
  5. Jackass 3.5 Dynamic Theme
  6. Sports Illustrated Swimsuits 2011 Dynamic Theme
  7. Family Guy Theme
  8. Sons Of Anarchy Theme
  9. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Dynamic Theme
  10. 2010 SI Swimsuit Dynamic Theme

Music Unlimited

KORN Announce New Album, “The Path of Totality” – Enter to Win a Chance to Meet Them in NYC!
KORN just released the date for their 10th studio album, The Path of Totality, seeing light on 12/6/11. This album takes the band into new territories, teaming up with dubstep stars Noisia, Kill the Noise and 12th Planet. Their single, “Get Up!” (ft. Skrillex) has been a Music Unlimited favorite, finding it’s way to the top of our rock charts and providing a great window into what this new album will sound like. From curating their own festivals to writing music for video games, KORN continues to push the limits.

Want to meet KORN in NYC? Don’t forget to enter the Music Unlimited Concert Tickets and After Party Sweepstakes for a chance to win for you and four friends! Check out the Sony Entertainment Network Facebook page, click the “like” button and find the “Music Unlimited Concert Tickets and After Party” tab on the left to get started. Contest entries close 10/14/11.

Korn JD up close 2010

Featured New Releases on Music Unlimited:

J. Cole – Cole World: The Sideline Story
Some incredible buzz has been building around J. Cole after signing to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. He’s since graduated from college, put out several hit mixtapes and toured alongside Rihanna and Jay-Z himself. His steady stream of new music and videos has led to this long awaited debut, including 12 tracks he produced himself. Get ready, because now that J. Cole is off the bench, there’s no stopping him.

    If you like: Wiz Khalifa, T.I., Young Jeezy
    Recommended Track: “Mr. Nice Watch (ft. Jay-Z)”

Wilco – The Whole Love
It’s been a good couple of years for Wilco. Create a new music festival? Check. New record label? Check. Sponsor a little league team, create a custom Wilco bike? Check and Check. They even managed to make another great record. Not a bad list of accomplishments for a band on the backend of their second decade blurring the lines between Country, Folk and Alternative Rock.

    If you like: Ryan Adams, Yo La Tengo, Spoon
    Recommended Track: “Capitol City”

Blink 182 – Neighborhoods
While a band reunion is not a novel concept, the circumstance that brought about the return of Blink 182 were the results of tragedy. After an acrimonious split lead to a series of different projects, (Angels and Airwaves for Tom DeLonge, +44 for Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker), a 2008 plane crash that killed four people and left Barker with third degree burns over half his body was the catalyst for reconciliation. A tour in 2009 was a major celebration for fans, but it would be another two years before new material would appear as Neighborhoods. “Up All Night” is a blistering attack of heavy percussion and guitar feedback that might catch long-time fans off-guard at first, but a signature pop-laded chorus along with the lead vocal volley between DeLonge and Hoppus is as familiar as ever.

    If you like: Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Green Day
    Recommended Track: “After Midnight”

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  • I noticed Evangelion is no longer on the Canadian store. Any idea if it will ever come back? I already bought 11 episodes of it and would have liked to buy the rest of the series.

  • Will there be NFL Team avatars coming before the season’s over……Would really like to have one Buffalo Bills style…

  • When will you bring Music Unlimited to more countries (like Israel)?

    • We’re constantly working to expand our services to new territories and continue to investigate the possibility of bringing the great digital services of Sony Entertainment Network to new consumers across the globe. We will be sure to keep you informed as we plan our next steps.

  • I have some feedback regarding the new video store preview that I downloaded this past Tuesday.

    I enjoy the layout and everything except that I’d strongly recommend that you change the font size. I’m playing my video games and renting movies from the video store on a 55″ LED TV and it’s barely readable. I have to literally walk closer to my tv to try and make out the words, pricing, and soforth. (My eye sight is perfect) I never had that problem with the standard video store that’s available to everyone now. I was always able to read everything crystal clear.

    So before it launches, that’s the only recommendation that I would make, would be to make the font larger, it’s tough to read.

    All in all, great job, really enjoyed the preview. =)

  • I like the new video store, but I still don’t want to rent any movies on there. If you guys could bring the price down to 2.99 per rental or so for HD, I feel that would be fair, since we’re not getting any of the extras we could get by renting a blu-ray disc somewhere. I would rent SOOOOO much more if this was the price.

  • Really love the new Video store layout, it’s alot easier on the eyes i find.

    Will the new video preview be replacing the current video store once it rolls out to the public?

  • This seems like the best place to ask, so are there any plans to expand the video store app to the game store? More specifically, as a way to view and organize owned games/DLC/the like? Right now the interface for going through purchased content is a real hassle, and it seems like this new app would be a great for that purpose.

  • I was ready to drop Netflix when I first launched the new video store app.. but then realized it was still $2-5 per episode and not a streaming service. When will you guys offer a comparable video service? I refuse to pay those exorbitant purchase prices.

  • What happened to Breaking Bad? I just bought the latest available video, episode 10. Episode 12, the season finale, just aired tonight. I see that Episode 11 is available on itunes and Amazon Unbox but not PSN. What gives?

  • Breaking Bad skipped an episode and now number 12 is listed as number 11

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