Zombie Driver HD is Coming to PSN

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Zombie Driver HD is Coming to PSN

This is my first post on the US PlayStation.Blog – nice to meet everyone! After months and months of hard work I am proud to tell you that Zombie Driver HD will soon be coming to the PlayStation Network. Zombie Driver was originally released on the PC and after lots and lots of improvements it will soon be ready for you to enjoy on PS3.

In the game’s Story campaign, you find yourself trapped in a city full of walking corpses, locked in by a military quarantine. Your only way to survive is to use your driving skills to smash through hordes of zombies and try to save anyone left alive in the city.

Zombie Driver HD features a more varied narrative campaign that is twice as long as the original, adding epic boss fights, demolition missions, new enemies and special vehicles such as a fire truck, bulldozer and even a tank, as well as many more gameplay enhancements. The gameplay mechanics have received a new round of polish by introducing an improved camera system, a recharging afterburner that will help you get out of tough spots and a minimap that will guide you through a labyrinth of zombie-filled streets.


If you’re not interested in complicated plot lines and corporate conspiracy theories, you might want to check out the adrenaline-pumping Blood Race mode full of insane cars, guns, and explosions. It includes three distinct game types that will satisfy all racing and reckless driving fans. In Race events the objective is simple – the first zombie driver to past the finish line wins (unless he gets ripped to shreds by his opponents, that is!). Eliminator events are even simpler in that you have to destroy as many opponents as you can before the time runs out. Finally, Endurance events place a ticking time bomb on your car and you’re forced to smash zombies, demolish the race track, and pass through checkpoints to extend the timer. Not to mention that the entire Blood Race campaign includes 30 different events…


Even that’s not all! The third available game mode is called Slaughter and it puts you in a desperate fight against endless zombie waves on specially crafted arenas. The goal is to survive as long as possible, make huge kill combos, and show your friends who is the best zombie driver on the leaderboards.

I don’t have a final release date to share with you yet, but I’ll try to do my best to keep you updated. I’m looking forward to your questions in the comments below. You can also find more information about Zombie Driver HD on its website and our forums.

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  • Is there splitscreen coop in this? If so, Sold!

  • Tried the demo on Steam. Pretty fun game, glad it’s coming to consoles.


  • kinda like old school GTA… looks cool

  • Looks pretty awesome to me!
    Will there be online co-op?

  • Yeah, please say that there is 2 player co-op campaign! Split screen would be awesome! :D

  • where the hell is BF3 beta dam

  • Here’s a few questions about Zombie Driver HD.

    1. Is this a PSN Exclusive?
    2. Does this support Multiplayer (Online/Offline)
    3. Will there be a demo released?

    Thank you.

  • Got it thru steam last year, think it was part of those indie packs, pretty cool game, lots of fun.

    Out of topic.
    Can someone upload the Patapon 3 world map to the store, so that the add ons that were put in the store this week can actually be of any use? Thanks.

    it is alredy on the eur, why not on the us??
    come on!!!!

  • Renegate Ops + Zombie Nation = Zombie Driver

  • Reminds me of GTA (wich is good). Sounds like a lot of fun. :-)

  • What’s next? katamari zombieci?

  • Looks Awesome, But where’s battlefield 3 beta?

  • I’ve been playing the Battlefield 3 Beta for 2 days. Gotta love getting the early access by purchasing Medal of Honor.

    This game looks pretty fun. Might have to give it a shot.

  • Better than burnout crash.. XD

  • Top down. Looks interesting. But I’m kinda getting tired of these top down games. It would be nice if there was an option to zoom in on all the action. What’s the point of extensive carnage and destruction when you can’t witness it clearly?

    If the price is lower than the steam version, I’m sold.

    Another thing, to all the losers whining about the Battlefield Beta. Go to the forum.
    Rambling about related topics in the comments is one thing, being completely unrelated to the topic at hand is another.

  • Meh looks like a clone of Armageddon Riders that was just released on PS+ for discount.

    Hopefully there is a demo on day one.

  • This game looks like its going to be fun!

  • Looks great, day 1 for me. Please don’t make trophies mp dependent.

  • Very kewl :) I played it on steam and it’s a lot of fun :D

  • 5:00 pm eastern is around when you can expect to find the bf3 beta

  • Looks more fun then an open casket funeral —COUNT ME IN


  • Looks interesting. I hope there is a demo.

  • Thanks! This looks cool

  • Every game now is based on zombies.I
    Think developers needs to be more creative

  • atleast its not vampres n wearwolfs… lol

  • Lookg good. I will try out the demo 1st. Hope the controls are spot on.

  • Great another Zombie game!! So original!!

  • yep i played it on Steam its fun

  • I’m so down

  • I hated dead nation so i bet ill hAte this too i just cant play birds eye view games they are terrible

  • glad to see this steam game is comming to the ps3. if you have any doubts or are just curious check out the demo on steam.

  • Looks pretty cool, but the exclusion of offline co-op has left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, which will most likely result in me not bothering with this game at all. I can’t believe the number of games being produced nowadays that don’t offer at-home two player. You publishers and developers are just way too greedy anymore.

  • It’s hard to tire of driving through hordes of zombies. Count me in!

  • I hope BF3 beta never comes. :P

  • BF3 beta suck, im waiting for COD MW3!!

  • I got this on Steam as part of sale and really enjoyed it. Because it lends itself more to a controller with a large TV, I’ll definitely be picking up the console version. The graphics required more power then I thought so I hope it holds up well on the PS3.

  • looks like Dead Nation with vehicles…haha looks fun too,co-op offline would be amazing…I’ll check please release one demo.

    For the people who is asking for BF3 BETA…if you have an european account go check it out and search in store for Battlefield 3…you’ll find BF3 Beta there….and there……is actually working.

  • Looks fun – whats it cost?

  • First day purchase for me, this game looks like so much fun! What about price? Im guessing 10 bucks

  • @18 This has been out a lot longer than Armageddon Riders and this is less of a racing game than AR is, so there’s not much here that could be called a clone besides having a car and zombies.

  • Any chance at adding 3D support in the future ?

  • I bough it from Steam long ago, I am stuck in a mission, and still no multiplayer or split screen? iiih I don’t know about that :)

  • No split-screen = No money spent.

  • Really are you that lazy you can’t think for yourself? Zombies again…oh no wait I’m in a car so its totally different.

    Here’s an idea if you go to make a game and Zombie comes to mind.

    Shoot yourself in the head.

  • When will developers learn no co-op kills your sells nobody wants to play a game alone anymore.I’ll give the demo a try but it will have to be super great for me to purchase the game .How much will the game cost BTW?

  • Speak for yourself RockinJs864,
    I personally can’t stand all these multiplayer games being released. I don’t play games to get together with people. I play them to get – away from people – and having people plus social networking forced into my games instead of actual gameplay and content is really insulting.

    Seriously, it’s insulting. I look at my 500+ PS2 games and I know I can still play them in the years to come.
    I look at my Ps3 and 360 games and I sigh because I know, in a few years or months ( lol 6 month lifespans) , all of the online ones will be worthless coasters once the online servers shut down // people stop playing them.

    I mean really, do we all need other people to validate ourselves and how much fun a game is?
    I remember when multiplayer was optional in games, this generation? Multiplayer is being treated as main portion of the game while the single player is just there so some lame bribed reviewer can pretend to enjoy it.

    Man, no wonder games this gen are slowly getting worse and worse. The gamers and developers who openly accept this decline as an improvement are to blame. At least I can always play my PS2 and SNES games.

  • Yea, I won’t pass this up. Zombie games are a win. Hands down. Do you possible have a Price Range of when it is released.

    I hope to see another blog about this. Definite more demo video’s and teasers.

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