Dead Nation: Road of Devastation Out Today

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Dead Nation: Road of Devastation Out Today

With over 3.8 million recruits and more than 13 billion zombies killed worldwide, the time has come to launch the ultimate zombie-killing spectacle of our time. Think you’ve got what it takes to survive “Road of Devastation?” An expansion to Dead Nation with single player and two player co-op modes (online and offline), as well as new trophies to pick up, Road of Devastation is a brand new way to experience Dead Nation. Check out our new launch trailer below! It reveals some awesome new Road of Devastation moments, along with accolades that Dead Nation received – all in iconic 80’s action movies style!

From the ashes of the apocalypse, an organization has worked in the shadows, tampering with the human gene to engineer the perfect zombie killing machine… you! Continuing from the events of the original game (or is that preceding…?), Road of Devastation puts your skills to the ultimate test. You find yourself at a crossroads leading to three different choices with each road featuring its own challenges and enemies but also different weapons and tools you’ll need if you’re to survive.

Dead Nation Road of Devastation

Before long, you’ll find your choices have great meaning, you just might find yourself at the crossroads again, but, that time the road you took has been closed, so you’ll make a new decision based on the new weapons, items, money and armor (or perhaps score) you’ll have by then. In order to become the ultimate zombie killing machine you must also master the arts of death completely – you will be rewarded for pulling off different levels of multi-kills, and making constant tactical decisions based on new money, score and other collectible mechanics.

Each road introduces new environments with elements that can work either for or against you. As you wade through areas with heavily overgrown plant life, you can make your way through by destroying the overgrowth blocking your progress. This affects the zombies’ paths as well. Navigating through flooded streets, you might find pools of water with zombies in them that you can electrocute. Flames burst out of buildings on fire, but time your movements right and it might be the zombies who get burned, not you.

Dead Nation Road of Devastation

Road of Devastation gives you several new ways to dispose of enemies. Trigger electric fences to fry everything nearby or turn zombie masses into mince meat with heavy-duty industrial saws. The latest technology even enable you to deploy an automated sentry gun called the “Auto-Turret” onto the battlefield – watch that ammo counter go. In the local hospital area you’ll find a new type of health pack – a medikit you can carry with you and use when you need it most. It restores full health, but you can only carry one at a time (or stomp it to gain lots of cash).

As the virus evolves, the enemies evolve. You’ll find enemy waves start to grow in numbers and get more and more aggressive. Zombies can now also burst forth from every conceivable angle. See a manhole cover moving? Zombies might literally ooze out at any moment. There’s a crack in a wall? You might want to keep your distance. No place is safe anymore. Even the ground you walk on might turn inside out when some of the new enemy types reveal themselves. And forget what you thought you knew about common zombies – Road of Devastation presents new enemy traits to several common zombie types. Low on ammo? Cop zombies usually drop some. Low on health? Doctor and nurse zombies might carry health packs. Need money? Tourist zombies tend to carry pocket change. See if you can discover them all.

Dead Nation Road of Devastation

A few entirely new enemies will also require your attention. Be extra careful when treading plant-infested environments – the virus has now also begun to infect even plant life. Beneath the ground, masses of buried corpses, all but decomposed have now fused with infected plant life. When these monstrous atrocities burst forth from amidst the plants, you’ll notice they have no problem treading the infested terrain as they make their way toward you. And the original game’s “Mouth” enemy makes a deadly comeback – evolved into “Big Mouth”, it now summons its minions straight from hell, from right below your very feet!

Prepare to experience Dead Nation in a brand new way in Road of Devastation, out today for $3.99. This time, it’s war!

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