ModNation Monday: Community College Now In Session

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ModNation Monday: Community College Now In Session

Last week we introduced you to our sunny San Diego campus at MNCC (ModNation Community College), whose motto is — what else? — Play Create Share (and win!).

As with other institutions of higher learning, MNCC couldn’t offer students a valuable education without the $upport of a flourishing athletic department. The faculty of MNCC would like to introduce to you the star athletes of the ModNation Fighting “_____________”! (insert team mascot name suggestion here).


We base many decisions on what the television tells us. so if it’s good enough to be on a 24-hour cable TV sports channel, it’s good enough to be a part of our ModNation Athletic Dept.

ModNation Player Profiles: grey_jeep

A favorite among his track creating peers and the creator of one of my all-time favorite tracks (Prehistoric Coliseum), grey_jeep’s track creation portfolio is one of the most diverse in the game. Check out his player profile HERE

Top Tracks: If You Build It…

It never ceases to amaze us what this community of track creators can come up with. Below are just five of the many great “fields of glory” on our expansive MNCC campus. We’d also love to see some of your favorite sports-themed tracks — let us know in the comments section below this blog post!


Track of the Week

This week we put your tracks though the ultimate proving grounds… the opinions of your peers! More than 20 members of the ModNation community helped us to choose this week’s Hot Lap Tracks. The voters’ top five of the seven possible choices were very similar to our picks. Truly a united ModNation – how cool is that?

Hot Lap Track Of The Week: Magnum Opus De Axis Mundi by IndustrialSavior


Hot Lap Tracks

Monday: Magnum Opus De Axis Mundi by IndustrialSavior is possibly the best Medieval ModNation track so far! EPIC! And not in the “dude, that was so epic!” sense, but more in terms of grandeur, detail, vision and brilliance. Now that I think about it… yep, ok… “Dude totally epic-licious for sure!”

Tuesday: Dia Palace of the Equinox sees IndustrialSavior continue his bid to secure his position in the ModNation Hall Of Fame with his second of three Hot Lap entries this week.

Wednesday: Oil Ocean by dane9261 is a lot of fun in that you’re racing on a track that feels like an erector set exploded and all the parts fell in exactly the right place. This is a standout industrial track!

Thursday: The Disused Car Factory by suimei_0907 is a moody, animated and highly detailed romp through an auto factory. A great premise combined with superior execution for this track.

Friday: Aquatica Palace sees dane9261 going two-for-two this week!

Saturday: Downhill Tropical Glacier by apricot-jam-IS is a special case in that you’ll have to race this track a few times to appreciate the variety of shortcuts and their unique features. Nice track!

Sunday: White Box City by Yika has players jump to, through, and up onto *rhyme* skyscrapers. Always a crowd pleaser!

Modnation Kart Posse Challenge 101

This is the last week to enroll for this first of more Mod and Kart creation courses at MNCC. This is a great opportunity for you to learn and collaborate on the kart creating process with creators of all skill levels. See HERE for details and sign ups.


Our favorite “Posses” will be featured in the “Creations of the Week” section of an upcoming ModNation blog! Be on the lookout for more upcoming creation “courses” soon as well as education focused on racing skills.

We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you!!

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  • Come join us at

    Gaming news, reviews, and all forms of discussion. ;)

  • Thank you very much for having my track as a contender for this week’s set of Hot Lap tracks. I think I’ll leave the track creating to the pros from now on. I might come back when I get better – a lot better xD.

  • lol, some people are crazy creative :)

  • So awesome to see the support this game gets with weekly news updates.

  • i want this game back, u guys wanna hook me up with a new copy :), kid came over and broke mine !!

  • Will there be more opportunities to get Stowaway DLC? Maybe have it on the PSN store? ;)

  • I wish everyone can see my creations mostly old school ones, *sigh* -_-

  • I really hope the SackBoy Mod and Kart are added to the PSN store, lots of people are willing to pay you for them.

    Keep up these great Modnation Mondays coming :)

  • Not a racer fan per’say, but I’m a big fan of devs who support their games.

    Good job guys?!

  • I just bought modnation racers last weekend , what is the best dlc for me ? I mainly want to create the ultimate track and cart so am interested in dlc for that use , not for creating the mods
    thanks for the reply if i get one .
    I have so far created a couple of mods , a couple of carts and one track but nothing special as of yet < I guess I will need to buy some dlc and unlock more from the campaign to get more options for creation .

    I am impressed with the game so far < but still need to watch the videos showing the how to stuff , can't find if I can or how to view the track from above when laying it out so I can try to match a few real world layouts like at daytona for a nascar type track and some of the motoGP tracks for racing

  • I know it’s not the right place to ask but I assume that I ‘ll get the answer here- What have happened to PSVita’s Modnation Racer? Did you decided what the final name of game is going to be. Won’t you share some new info with us? I haven’t heard nothing for the game in months

  • @FJ1100_rider: IMO the Super Nova Kart is well worth the money because for one, it’s very popular; and two, it gives you a lot of room to customize and design vinyls on it’s side panels.

    As far as tracks go, I’d say either buy the Arctic Tour, or Big City Tour extension packs. These are very unique and give you a lot of good props to use in the track editor.

    Hope that helps. :)

  • Mark, Thank you for posting interesting articles every weeks. I respect and appreciate your effort to entertain us with various events.

    I am glad to see my friend’s track is chosen as a hot lap track(Thursday) this week. Thanks.
    (just for information, his name is not suimei_0907, but suimei_0901).

    take care.

    • Hi lovelyblueness,

      Thanks so much for the kinds words. I am glad you enjoy the blog.

      My apologies to your friend on the misspelling. Tell him we all loved the track! Keep them coming!

  • aww, i wanted stowaway, so sad to hear that its not coming to psn store, i participated in the 9-5 special / giveaway and my fingers are still sore from pressing F5, it kind of sucks also because of the fact that half of the giveaway i WAS at work… BUT hoping to snag one soon

  • That track of the week looks very interesting. I’ll have to try that out. ^^

    By the way, a couple months ago, there was a topic addressed about racing against our own creations. I remember asking about it and was told that it would probably take too much of the memory, as I’m guessing the game would have to look in all the creations available (Which I guess would be a lot for some people as they probably have downloaded tons. O.o)

    Though I that of an alternative that could work. Tell me what you think of this (Check the next comment):

  • What if there was another section in the creation station area where you could copy certain mods & karts to, for the sole purpose of that. That way the game would only have to look in that area for the mods and karts and only load those up. We could call this the ‘Custom AI Group’

    You could also perhaps set a maximum amount of Mod/Kart combo’s (Like 15-20) so that the player wouldn’t wind up with too many in that section and still use up too much memory in the end when the game would go to load them up.

    And if let’s say you put in less than 11 mod/kart combo’s in the Custom AI Group, then the game would go to the default races afterwards.

    Well, anyway, that’s my idea. I don’t know if it would work or not, but I thought I’d just put it out there. ;)

  • Just about everyday someone produces a mod, kart or track that is kool & different.

    This game is never ending and always fresh!

  • Awesome!

  • :) I quite like the Hot Lap roster this week…

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