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I’m back home from Fantastic Fest in Austin, a relatively new movies and indie games event. My time there this week cemented a couple of things in my brain:

PlayStation.Blog Fantastic Fest Meetup in Austin, TX: September 22nd, 2011

1) The future and present of gaming on PlayStation Network looks really bright. PSN was a sponsor of the Fantastic Fest Arcade, and we brought along games like Journey, PixelJunk 4am and Sidescroller, PAYDAY: The Heist, Retro/Grade, Closure, Sideway, and more. While some of the titles won’t be seen until next year, one of the featured titles, Rochard, will be here in just two days. IGN is a fan.

2) California needs to get its act together when it comes to barbecue. We have meat here, we can get the mesquite. Why can’t we have what Austin has? Not fair.

There are a number of impressions and pics from Fantastic Fest in the links below, and more are yet to be posted, including a couple of our own that you’ll see early this week.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 19, 2011)

  • RPGs, ‘REmakes’ and Resistance 3 Are So Hot in Japan Right Now – Kotaku
  • PlayStation Vita And PSP Know How To Talk To Each Other In Ad-Hoc Mode – Siliconera
  • Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley Talks Free-to-Play DC Universe Online – Forbes
  • Sony aims for games to sell 3D TVs – Variety
  • Yes, the PlayStation Vita Can do Fighting Games Just Fine, Thanks – Kotaku
  • Will gamers embrace designer fashion? PlayStation is betting yes –
  • Top Reasons Why Sony’s PS Vita Will be the Greatest Handheld Gaming Device on the Planet – International Business Times
  • Sony Hardware PR Specialist Abby Reyes Interview –
  • Fantastic Arcade: Day One Reflections, Gallery – The Underscore
  • Sony’s Mick Hocking on Why 3D Is Here to Stay – WSJ
  • PlayStation Vita Will Be Region Free, But Before You Import It Read This – ZoKnowsGaming
  • PlayStation attempts fashion makeover, hires a Kardashian – Reuters
  • Vita’s Augmented Reality Declares WAAR on 3DS, Proves to be Incredible – PlayStation LifeStyle
  • What I Learned at Fantastic Arcade – The Austin Chronicle
  • Closure: The Game That Isn’t There When You’re Not Looking –
  • Rochard Review – PlayStation 3 Review at IGN
  • Developing an Escape Plan for PlayStation Vita – IGN
  • Hands-On: Army Corps of Hell Brings Heavy-Metal Strategy to Vita –
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin Review – PlayStation Portable Review at IGN
  • Hands-On: Cooperative Bank Robbing in PayDay: The Heist –
  • What It Is: Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken – Giant Bomb
  • Exploring the Tiny Differences Between the Original and Final PS Vita – Kotaku
  • Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair With Couch Co-op Coming To PSN Next Week – Siliconera
  • Take Your First Look At Ridge Racer On PlayStation Vita – Siliconera
  • Fantastic Arcade: Closure is kind of like Limbo but good – Destructoid
  • Bluepoint on HD remakes: “You make one mistake and it kills it” – Edge Magazine
  • This Might Be The Closest We’re Getting to a Video Game Version of Heat – Kotaku
  • Fantastic Arcade: Retro/Grade is a blast in the pants – Destructoid
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    12 Author Replies

    • Jeff,

      I have been playing Bloodrayne Betrayal, and I keep having a problem with the game freezing on Level 7. I deleted the game and re-downloading it, but it still freezes. I have read around the web about others having the same problem. I am worried about having to turn my PS3 off with the switch on the back, and when it boots up I keep getting the message about the right way to turn it off. Have you heard anything about this, and maybe could you check up with Majesco to see if they might release a patch for it?


    • Interesting stuff to read this week. I’m happy that PSN is getting strong indie support, the more high quality PSN exclusives the better.

      Favorite articles out of your list include Variety, International Business Times, GamerFitnation, and Edge.

      Hoping the development of the Official US PlayStation Android App is coming along nicely (Will it also be optimized for tablets such as the Sony Tablet S?), can’t wait for it as I spend most of my data reading this here Blog.

      • It’s being developed by SCEE, and I believe it’s optimized only for phones. Of course, the Tablet S browser is so good, you really don’t need an app :)

    • hey jeff,this caught my att
      “California needs to get its act together when it comes to barbecue. We have meat here, we can get the mesquite. Why can’t we have what Austin has? Not fair” i just cant believe that the mosquito prob over there is worse than here in south florida.not only we have to contend with it but also have to deal with the long summers with its humidities and all that stuff.let me tell you something,jeff,i got so tired of the mosquitoes down here that i started to use repellent to no avail,whatsoever!

      curse those darn bugs!

      aside from that,it has been a nice week for playstation.right now i’m at the later stages of disgaea 4,and what can i say? i’m having lots of fun with this game.after that i might get to play atelier totori which launches this, yeah is a great time to be both a playstation and nisa.xseed,aksys and atlus fan hehe :)

    • Hey jeff, just wanted to say the system update we just recently got is pretty good and im loving the auto-trophy sync not to mention it feels like the XMB is much faster now: D. I have got one more request for us Ps+ members, could you please pass this to the playstation team? I honestly want to see the ability to change our PSN ID names. Make it exclusive to Ps+ members its cool and you guys can always put a limit on it on maybe saying each PS3 owner able to change their names once a year? Or heck with a fee say $2.99?. I think having the ability to change our PSN ID’s could be a great idea for PSN not to mention a good feature for Ps+. If you guys look closely on the comments for the blog posts there are lots of Ps+ members now and that’s impressive. Add features that people like and more will join in :)
      Thank you

    • Nice shirt :)

    • Hey Jeff,

      It’s not on your list but G4 just posted a wonderful interview with Robin Hunicke from thatgamecompany on Fantastic Fest, Journey, and state of indie games. It was a great read.

    • Jeff i have a question about the playstation 3D TV , i wanna buy it to play Motorstorm Apocalypse with my bro on full simultaneous views but does it work with Resistance 3 too ? another question SCEE is giving away Resistance Burning Skies ps3 and psp themes and asking questions about what we want to know more for vita ? does SCEA planning to do the same ?

    • please Jeff tell me that shadows of the colossus and ico are coming to psn store. the god of war origins did and i was surprised about that since Sony doesn’t release games digitally on launch.

    • PS Vita’s UI needs a better layout and Look and Feel; or else sony will be forever trying to escape the XMB on Vita.

    • Jeff,

      Here’s a couple of links to the freezing issue on Bloodrayne:

      These are just a few of the posts I have come across, and it seems to be happening on both systems it was released on. I’m enjoying the game as a time-waster, just not enjoying not being able to play a game I paid for.

      Thanks alot.

    • So when are we going to have a blog post about the PS3 version of MineCraft ;)

    • I had a blast at the event, and it was great meeting you Jeff! Glad to hear you enjoyed some of our famous barbecue, but don’t go stealin our recipes now ya hear? Texans will hunt you down in the name of sweet, hickory flavored justice.

      Cheers! Please keep us posted on all SONY events in the Austin area.

    • any word on when chrono trigger will hit psn? as classic since it got erased last week?

    • Any events in NYC in the near future?

      By the way, the Photo Gallery program of the XMB no longer automatically pulls pictures from my Facebook photo albums. Maybe because FB revamped their website recently. Can you fix it?

    • You forgot to mention that you said you were going to release ff6 and chrono t on psn last week and you didnt for whatevrr reason

    • psn id change

    • I’m so hype for Vita at this point, it’s insane. And yes I agree, California DOES need to get it’s act together when it comes to the barbecue :(. One day LA…one day….

    • Jeff Rubenstein you are my homie :)

    • Jeff: your lament about BBQ made me laugh. It is so true. I’ve been to TX quite a few times, including a work assignment of 3 months, and Austin was my favorite city in TX. The beef is just better there than here. We’ve got meat here, but not that meat.

      Also, have you been to Kansas City, MO? The beef there is better than anyplace else I’ve ever tried. Yikes!

      CA has the best salads, if that’s any consolation.

      Where the heck is “The Drop?” Is Rey still nursing hurt feelings over how so many mean people lambasted him last week? LOL.

    • Any news on when pre-orders for the PS3 3D Display will be available at Canadian retailers?


      Where does one acquire such a shirt to keep ones torso warm?


      Breaking Bad tonight!

    • *CA has the best salads, if that’s any consolation*


      No lol… least not for guys :(((

    • Can’t wait for The Drop this week!!! Announcing Half-Life Ep. 3 exclusive to PSN and Skyrim, both dropping THIS WEEK!!!

    • Excited to see that the Vita and PSP can communicate with each other! I remember the disappointment feeling I had as a young teen, got my DS and discovered just because it could play GBA games didn’t mean I could play multiplayer or unlock bonuses between two games. This is why I’m saving my money for a PS Vita!

    • What up with Resident Evil Zero and the RE Remake? They were all part of the exclusive deal for a system along with RE4. So if they let RE 4 go years ago, why can’t we get the other 2?

    • Hey Jeff, any word on the Uncharted 3 MP subway deal? Or do you know when we can expect news on that, October is just a few days away and still no word.

    • YEAAAA!!!! New York Giants baby!!! Are you worried now that Vick broke his hand?

    • Hey Jeff! I had So much fun there!! I’m the guy who had the Playstation logo tattooed on my wrist! I haven’t. Seen me and my wife’s tattoo pics on the blog yet are you going too post them?

    • Tell Rey too get off his butt and post it allready haha. Btw they still better be glad my wife didnt get her last game on Starhawk shed have kicked their a**es lol

    • Thanks for the reply Jeff, can’t wait to go to subway and get my MP code so I can play some UC3!

    • Playstation are better be doing something about that external memory thing.. cause its… very pricey

    • hey tell Evolution Games that if they are working on a new racing or car themed game, they should add limp bizkit music from their gold cobra album :D

    • thanks Sony,light box and Jeff, Ray and the rest of the playstation blog, for coming down to austin sharing those great games!

    • PS Home needs more game public spaces from GT, GTA, MGS, FF, COD, BF, DMC, Hitman, NFS, Burnout.

    • What the h*ll? There’s going to be a big Uncharted3 event in several cities & I had to read about it on Amazon?!!

      Sony & Naughty Dog will be giving away prizes, & people will be able to play @ select AMC theaters & we can get the game a week early?!!

      See you @ the Century City event!

    • Jeff,

      Do you know or have any idea when the Official iPhone/Android PSN App will be coming to North America?

      Europe has been enjoying it for quite some time now.

    • + Destiny89 i brought that up with sony playstation team before and got shot down. Even i PS Blog Share it and it still got shot down. I don’t think sony will allow it sense their said: We don’t control the PSN to allow the name ID for the PSN to be change and it would waste our time. But thanks for being up the idea.

      Thats all their said to me when i ask them my self.
      But i do hope their make it possible in the future, i would like to change my PSN-ID name to cooler awesome name then jose213jose. I was thinking about starting over but i put to much time into getting my PSN level to 7 and all most to level 8.

    • Bloodrayne game was awesome but i am holding off for now on it. Jeff by chance you think their will add Final Fantasy 5 for download on the PSN? I would love to get my hands on FF5, big FF Fans of every game.

    • Hey Jeff was wondering if cross game chat is being considered or if it’s being developed and if not why it would be an excellent feature for Sony especially with the new head set and an update for the headset is needed for when u are speaking into the mic you get feed back of your own voice because I find that alot of people talk very loud because you can’t here yourself talk thanks for reading

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