Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One – Front Seat for an Epic Boss Battle

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Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One – Front Seat for an Epic Boss Battle

We hope you’ve been enjoying the Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Limited Beta. We gave out tons of codes last week, and if for some reason you haven’t gotten a code to download it yet, check out the special pre-order deal we have going on with Amazon. If you pre-order from now until September 26th, you get into the beta! Also, if you get over to RatchetAndClank.com before supplies run out, we’re giving away a limited number of access codes on the homepage as well! The beta features one-to-four player online and offline co-op, as well as two segments from different locations in the game and a cross-section of the inventive arsenal you’ve come to expect from Ratchet & Clank games.

One of the frequent questions we get is how the evil Dr. Nefarious ended up with Ratchet, Clank, and President Qwark. We actually explain this at the beginning of the game: Ratchet, Clank and Qwark have arrived on the planet of Luminopolis so that now-Galactic President Qwark can pick up an Intergalactic Tool of Justice Award. Of course, there is no such award as it’s all an elaborate ruse by Dr. Nefarious to lure our heroes into a trap. Dr. Nefarious’s plan goes awry — and when your plan that involves a giant light-eating Z’Grute goes bad, it’s going to get ugly. Nefarious realizes he has no choice but to begrudgingly help our heroes in order save his own skin.

As part of our gameplay series of videos, we wanted to show you some of the spectacular bosses and co-op moments that you’ll find when you play Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. The video above shows you the sequence starring the Z’Grute, as it terrorizes the city of Luminopolis.

We hope you are as excited as we are about Ratchet and Clank’s first four-player co-op adventure. It’s only a few weeks away, so to stay up to date on all the latest news, be sure to Follow Insomniac Games on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook.

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  • I like the beta so far, though some people suck badly so I prefer to go it alone so far.

  • Can’t wait for this one.I agree with what someone said in the Canada Uncharted post. The work Epic is being overused.

    Otherwise, Hurry up and gimmie.

  • Video isn’t showing up, anyone else getting this?

  • @4 Video works fine for me…

    This game is coming out in a busy month…

  • OMG you guys rock, I am currently downloading the beta! Been dieing to try it out! Thanks for taking care of your FANS!

  • Woot! BETA here I come. Thanks for the code from the site ‘yall! Was hoping to try this out for you. ;D

  • Sweet. Snagged a beta code off of the home page. Cant wait to get home and give it a try!

  • Update:

    Just watched the full video on ratchetandclank.com and after it was over It gave me a PSN code to download 4 new avatars, 4 shirts for HOME, and 1 theme….


  • I’m not sure how much we are allowed to say about the beta but it’s a blast. I’ve enjoyed playing with random people online and also my kids.

  • any news on more beta codes ?

  • The beta was fun, but I feel like it’s missing something. I assume the full game will have more reasons to re-play the levels, but in the beta, having beaten them, I don’t feel any reason to play again.

  • Been having fun with the beta, however I can only play the same levels over so many times… anxiously awaiting launch day!!! Awesome work Insomniac, hopefully you get those last few bugs worked out before shipment.

  • Wow… never have I had a beta code just offered to me like this. Can’t believe I got one! Looking forward to giving this a go today :DDD

  • playing the beta and i love it! big Rachet and Clank fan here! and just jumping in for a quick run online is a blast!!! give it a try people if you havnt! you wont regret it!

  • James, thanks for having a single player mode available. I don’t want to try the beta but will try the demo when it’s available.

  • Thank you guys for the beta invite. Can’t wait for it to finish downloading so I can check it out.

  • hope they have the rhino series on there

  • I played the beta, gotta say i didn’t really like it it was soo boring, 3D was just idk not implemented right or something too, wasn’t really all that great. idk what it is but late insomniacs games haven’t been all that great. Last great one was Ratchet: A Crack in Time. Resistance 3 was good but it seemed like nothing more than a side story, there was no main antagonist and it was like you were just moving along throughout everything.

  • Played the beta, and love it so far. Have not spent too much time on it, but one thing I find hard to get use to is the weapon wheel on the right analog stick. I am not a fan of that setup, is their going to be an option to change it to another button?

    Thanks again for the beta, and hopefully a response to this question!

  • I there will be a R&C dual bandies?

  • Let’s hope it’s better then the mega-disappointment that Resistance 3 was.

  • what happened to 3 levels all i can play is 2?

  • HolyCow! Just clicked on the link to go to the website and BAM! Was able to get a beta code. It was so easy and I was also able to download the avatars/theme/home items for free. That was so easy. Thanks Insomniac! You guys rock.

    Really? I thought it had the best fps campaign i’ve played in a LONG time. The only thing that irks me about it right now is the online split screen when playing with a buddy. Its extremely laggy with low frame rate, but its runs well in 1 player online. To each his own I guess. I think they did an incredible job with R3. Best resistance title ever. Peace :D

  • My only complaint is I wish Ratchet still looked fluffy like in the other PS3 games. Looks like he got shaved and is all nakee now ;/

  • yay just got a beta code from the site, can’t wait to check it out later

  • Hmm… hope I get a code soon. Wanna try it out :). Looks cool, but I may have to wait for Christmas to get R&C All4One just simply because I’m spending money on the new $100 wireless headset that came out on Sept. 6th, getting Uncharted 3 C.E., etc. $200 right there. Don’t worry, I’ll get Ratchet and Clank ASAP :).

  • It’s ok..
    But I keep losing connection.
    I prefer the original games better.
    Maybe I’ll change my mind who knows..


  • Its a shame and very unfortunate that insomniac has made this new Ratchet and Clank game feel nothing like the rest of them. I want to be able to aim on my own and move the camera with the right stick however i want. I have played and enjoyed every Ratchet game that has come out. The beta was extremely boring and lacked any Rachet and Clank feel to it. My only wish is that insomniac goes back and restarts this entire project.

  • @30

    I could not disagree more. I have had a great time playing the Beta, particularly when I got a couple of friends and my wife to join me. The beta is fun and I am truly looking forward to picking up the full release. Thank you Insomniac for this multiplayer treat.

  • @30 – i completely agree.

  • @30: I kind of agree. I was a little disappointed about the controls, but I can get used to them. Anyway, great beta! Online play is really nice, but I can’t wait to play single player, though.

  • @30 It seems like more of a spin-off than a r&c game
    still good,but different

  • @ IRISH # 19

    what did you think of the beta?
    ive been reading about some big changes and does that take away from the game?

  • well i will try the beta today i guess, add me if you wish


    Beta is good and fun. The controls are hard to get used to if you are a long time ratchet fan. My wife and I both had troubles with the controls, but my friend who has never played a ratchet game picked them up pretty quick. So I would assume that it is because we are expecting certain controls because it is a ratchet game, and when we do not get them we get frustrated.

    Since my last post I have played the beat more, and I am now used to the controls. I am not a fan of the controls, but I can use them and enjoy the game. I just wish if I was in single player mode, when not playing coop I could switch the right thumb stick and make it move the camera like the old games. I understand the need when you are playing online or with other players to keep the camera in one place, but once I go single player I should have that option.

    Either way this game is going to be great. If you are a long time Ratchet fan you may get cranky at the controls just like I did, but eventually you will learn the new ones and enjoy it….. or at least I am not enjoying the Beta more. Can’t wait for the full release, as with any ratchet game Day 1 buy for me.

  • Got the beta code off the website, downloading now, will try it solo later and 3 player with the boys after they get home from school. It’s raining all day today and tomorrow here in NY so good timing.

  • just played it and it was fun, did the first map and didnt try the second one..
    then its off to the bolts/nuts chase,lol.. but i had fun overall.. so def looks like a good time. found a few tiny camera issues in regards to getting stuck (went back 4 health and rest of team had made the jump already and i was basically stuck hence falling into space, forced off the edge regardless of my efforts, and saw it happen w/ team mate when at the same point and now this time i knew to stay ahead or w/ team w/ jump scenes) but other than that it was a good time and look forward to more. didnt take away from the game, just one of those things. and if this is my only complaint then its def a good sign.

    thnx irish

  • and i did say “wtf” w/ the twist the controls took but ultimately got used to them w/in the first playthrough.
    so at first i was not very happy to play a game which im very comfortable playing and then having a wrench,pun intended, throw into the control scheme of things, but either way it wasnt enough for me to quit the game,lol.. but was different and maybe when we get the full game on our hands we will see why this change was made, maybe for reasons that we can not process yet from the beta, either way just like you said, day 1 buy. probably packed w/ fun just like the earlier installments.

  • Just finished single player thru both levels.

    Worst part was using vacuum to send Clank over gaps, only to have him come flying back again and again, sometimes while i was connected to him and we would both fall to our deaths. It took me forever to figure out first that O was vacuum and 2nd that Triangle was pull. Hopefully the actual game has better tutorial methods and Clank stays put. And why can’t I switch characters during the level? Becoming Clank after a throw and sucking over Ratchet would make a whole lot more sense than triangle button. I don’t understand the omission.

    Agree with others that the controls were a bit confusing but I have this problem every time somebody does something weird with R stick. I fall to my death constantly in God of War trying to look around. I also confuse R1 and R2 a bit, well not in my head but my fingers get confused.

    Can somebody tell me what the middle icon is between Gobblegun and Jackhammer?

    One good thing – after watching my 6 yr. old playing Heroes on the Move all week these levels seemed huge.
    One bad thing – after playing Move Heroes all week my kid is really going to want to use the Move and Nav. for this.

  • LOVE the beta, except for (as Irish said) the weapon wheel on the right stick. Either way, this company sets a stellar example on how to treat it’s fans.

  • I really like the beta so far. I hopped on last night, played for a bit to play in 3D and really enjoyed it. However…

    Will the 3D effects be upgraded a bit upon release? The 3D effects right now are nice, but after seeing how Resistance 3 plays in 3D it really appears like you all can do better with Ratchet & Clank.

  • this is temporary this is temporary no way will they keep ratchet and clank like this









  • If this is the New ratchet for every series

    Its too late to apologize


    that is what i will be singing when i play it

    thats right i dont like the style but it will still be a ratchet and clank game and still have memories

    day 1 buy because its my childhood just make this the family version then you guys can start a new series

  • not too “EPIC” looking……

  • Played multiplayer yesterday with my 6 yr. old. First he played solo and crushed it. Then he played online with 2 people we don’t know and it was so seemless – I was really impressed. And than I told him he’s not allowed to play online anymore ;-) He then played with his brother. I would have done 3 player but we were all surprised no Move/Nav. support. Too much Move Heroes for us I guess.

    Major annoyance for my 6 yr. old – not being able to switch characters in 1 player. He grew up with Incredibles: RotU and Spiderman: FoF.

    Overall this is a much better multiplayer than 1 player. I was planning on doing this solo but think I’ll just watch the kids.

  • The download always says its downloading but its stuck on 34% any suggestions?

  • The online beta was awesome I play with 3 people online they were good or bad. I wish want to get that game at GameStop and get Mr. Zurkon in the game.

  • dam cant wait 2 go 2 gamestop n ge bata field

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