Sack It To Me: Still PlayStation Move-ing

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Sack It To Me: Still PlayStation Move-ing

LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: LBP2movetextwhite

Since the launch of the LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack, our community has gone crazy playing, creating, and sharing with a whole new Move perspective. And with all the new LBP2 activity, we’ve been getting a lot of questions, so we figure we’d put together a quick FAQ to answer all your pressing Move Pack questions:

LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: Rise of the Cakeling FAQ

Q: Is there a list of everything I get with the LBP2 Move Pack?
A: Yup, head on over to to learn more (or just click here. Also, here’s a preview of all the new costumes:

LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: SurrealPose03LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: SunFlowerPoseLittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: RenaissancePose

LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: CubistPoseLittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: PopBoyPoseLittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: PearlPose

Q: Are there any reviews that I can read before I buy the Move Pack?
A: Here’s our favorite: “It might just be the killer app the (Move) hardware requires” – Joystiq

Q: Can I play all the new user-generated “Move” levels, even though I didn’t buy the LBP2 Move Pack?
A: Yup. Update 1.06 lets anyone who has LBP2 to play all the ‘move capable’ user-generated content online, as well as everything else (original LBP2 story mode, regular user-generated content, etc). But we have to say you’ll be missing out on all the great new story levels and extra goodies.

Q: Can me and my three friends (four total) still play LBP2 together with the all new Move controls?
A: Yes, but only three players can use the all new Move controls. The fourth player will need a standard DualShock3 controller.

Q: I have more questions…
A: Most likely, these guys have more answers!

Also, our community has been busy posting the variety of in-game tutorials to share (thanks to Waggle3D and LadyNinjaKagero for uploading these!). So if you’re in the mood for YouTube, feel free to watch these to get a better sense of how the Move Pack enhances your gameplay and Creation options.

Job Opening: Tell Them Sackboy Sent You

LittleBigPlanet 2

Love marketing? Love Sackboy? Do we have a job for you! With all the expansion of the LittleBigPlanet franchise into PlayStation Move, PS Vita, licensing projects and on-going DLC – we’re looking for a little help to join our LittleBigPlanet marketing team in Foster City, California. Interested? Learn more and to apply here!

Keeping Social

Hopefully you’re following @LittleBigPlanet on Twitter and LittleBigPlanet on Facebook and you’re already up-to-date on all the latest community goodness. But if not, here’s a recap of all the recent activity you missed:

-Vote and help us win a Golden Joystick Award
Seasonal Sackboy
LBP Vita Sound Design gig
-Community Curator’s Challenge – “Move Madness”

Activity of the week: Draw Sackboy (using “Move Paint”)

LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: LBP2movesackboypaint

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  • Where’s the Network?

  • Can’t Wait to download this! There is sooo much content in this DLC that it just blows my mind!

  • Is there a reason I can’t log on to my Main account but I can on a different account?

    • UPDATE: If you encountered issues logging into PSN today, try logging in now. If you’re not having any luck, give it a little more time and try again. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks, as always, for your patience.

  • cant sign in to the network !!! i want to play Resistance 3 online

  • yes rem! me too!



  • Did anyone else have to Re-Start their computer internet connection settings. I was unable to connect online on my PC until I did so. Computer obviously works, I can get online through my PS3, but no PSN.

  • New updates and yet nothing gets fix

    Well a lot of people for one, especially those…you know.. reading this article about it. Dunno about you, but I don’t tend to read articles about things I don’t care about, much less post in them.

  • @BaDgUy123

    poor baby can’t get on the PSN for a few hours… oh waaaaa! whatever shall you do?

    read a book

  • what the hell is going on ? i also cant get online, i was going to buy a new psn game. imagine if it was hacked again ? i dout it but just imagine.

  • p.s. I’m online right now, with no issues whatsoever :)

  • I love all PS3 games and updates 4-them. But the network is down and that is bigger news Pakalicious.

  • this is getting a bit annoying “The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing an unplanned outage on Wednesday, September 21, 2011.”

    did some1 at the psn hq spill coffee on the controls or sumtin wheres the “no food no drink” sign

  • Greeat. Last time PSN went down I couldn’t even sign on in the forums, so i’m sure it’s not going to be another month guys. Probably just a couple hours….I hope :O

  • Woaw. Just so we’re on the same page here. I visit multiple gaming sites a day for my game news fix. Almost everywhere I see a bias towards Sony for no apparent reason other than maybe getting a burlap sack with the $ symbol on the side from a company I choose not to mention. The reason I say this, is that when it comes to said un named company, their products are the best thing since sliced bread on the same site. I was raised Sony, when Sony products where still made in Japan. I take pride in the Sony products I choose to support and anytime I see such aforementioned foolery I point it out, because sites like IGN, destructoid, joystiq should not get away with what they do.

    Yet something like this pops up on an official Sony site, and you have the nerve to point to something like “A: Here’s our favorite: “It might just be the killer app the (Move) hardware requires” – Joystiq” that is riddled with double speak and suggest only negative with words like “might” and “requires”. LBP deserves better than this. Move deserves better than this! Get your PR in check!


  • agreee ^^^^ and u guys r fools i dont hate lil big planet but why not tell us about is network outage instead of this game.

  • totally agree badguy like why would they promote something that nobody can get to at the moment instead of give a little info as to what is going on with the network. and im hoping that too NAA29

  • you guys are back at calling it “Sack it to me” ?

  • Why is the Network down AGAIN, and for how long?
    Consideration for your consumers would be nice Sony…

  • wow another outage

  • swear i hope they fix it soon better not be another outrage if people are online let me know

  • ya this is just lame. I WANT MY MADDEN 12 ONLINE!!

  • Thanks sony and Mm. The new tools and decorations are be used for new lbp2 version of the upcoming playstation HOME hub. Also i was able create the 1st MOVE controlled train locomotive, that out chugs the train from the october 23rd 2009 lbp train Sony had in the blog back then

  • Lol when i signed in to psn it showed different reasons not to sign in, like couldn’t sign in timed out, Error occured while connecting to Psn.. So i called my Modem Operator and scolded him, insulted and said so many things xD But when i knew it was a maintenance error i felt disgrace and im never going to call him again lol x’D !!!

  • @Pakalicious tbh doesn’t matter if you care about LBP or not, if you can’t sign into PSN it will be kind of hard for you to buy the DLC…

  • By the way Sony why has their not been a official HOME LBP dlc? Has the HOME and sodium levels i have published under LBPpsHOME just been that good they haven’t had a need to?

  • I have a Question will we hear of any new DLC anytime soon :P

  • The Cubist Costume and the Girl with a Pearl Earring Custume were really well considered costumes. Well done, whoever thought those up. :D

    It’s a dang shame there isn’t a Munch costume, or a mustachioed Dali. Instead we get that advertising hack Warhol? Ugghhhhh.

  • hows about a blog that explains why the network is down that would be perfect thanks sony!

  • Excalibur0123 we still have a muppet pack coming. follow the LBP2BLOG or check the workshop forums lot of times 2weeks to a month before a dlc release they announce it or tyler-stweart shows what dlc is hidden in update patches


  • the new cell-shaded sackboy costume in move pack. a simple color sticker will keep the color as 1 rather then the color shifing pattern it does on it’s own

  • Mark Valledor so would the LBP VITA marketing manager job require moving to fostercity?

  • I like to move it move it. sackboy likes to move it move it. We all like to MOVE it. lol

  • nobody cares about this, fix PSN.

    getting sick of this crap, if it wernt for uncharted id be getting an xbox

  • What I was trying to say is this isn’t the right place to complain about it.

  • Also, PSN works fine on the PSP, and as you guys can see, the websites. It a PS3 specific downtime.

  • Who cares about LBP FIX PSN this is dispicable updates but never anything gets fixed cheap SOB’s

  • Don’t any of you have offline games or do all you play are COD games?

  • I tried the move controls, they’re pretty decent and as far as the pack goes, I will for sure be buying it…after you fix the glitches that 1.06 made that make this game unplayable.

  • Guys, they said they’d give an update via Twitter. Considering the PSN isn’t going to be down for ever, I for one, am more interested in more permanent news like LBP content. Just chillax dudes.

  • allright playstation this is a joke….the network is down so you say?3 of my friends can sign in that live right around me but i cant…I WANNA PLAY MADDEN 12 lets get this going!!!!!!!if yaw got hacked again my faith will not be restored this time no matter how many outdated free games you give me…i got way to much money in my ps3 stuff for me not to play anytime i want..i call your support and they obviously have no clue as always,,,if you dont update your techs how can they help us? seriously we know more than them as players…i told the guy i am on my netflix and he said that shouldnt happen when the network is down..what a moron….netflix does not go through psn think they might know this…i was on netflix for the whole month psn was down…all i’m saying for those of us that didnt switch to xbox after the first psn shutdown wont be so easily convinced this time so you better hope your not hacked again…you know how crappy it is when you got the better system and people on xbox make fun of you cause they can play..ps3 cost more!!!!!starting to not make sense to me

  • nobody cares about PS move or LBP.

  • I can get on from time to time but my friend list is gone, how amusing.

  • @butchnasty — seriously? i haven’t played a COD game in almost 2 years. but there’s this sony exclusive that recently dropped called resistance 3. maybe you’ve heard of it? yeah, well, i bought that game and i’d LOVE to play that on my day off. there’s more to play online than COD, bruh.

  • i dont have move.

  • my ps3 isnt workin it wont connect for some odd reason

  • I love LBP. :)

    If you don’t then stop commenting on LBP news.

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