Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection DLC Brings 5 New Zombie Maps Tonight

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection DLC Brings 5 New Zombie Maps Tonight


You know, zombies have to take a lot of heat from the living. I mean, is it their fault that they are doomed to roam the earth, lurching from brain to brain in a murderous rampage? They’re doing the best they can with the hand they’ve been dealt.

That’s why I’m asking you, the PS3 community, to welcome some zombies into your home this weekend. The Rezurrection DLC pack comes out today for Call of Duty: Black Ops, and it contains five maps that many will approach as a thrilling first-person horror experience – or maybe, just maybe, it could be a very special chance to connect with the dearly departed.


Four of the maps are a joyous reunion anyway; they’re upgraded and remastered versions of levels first seen in Call of Duty: World at War. There’s Nacht der Untoten, which some see as a desperate standoff in a dilapidated building, but could just be the perfect place for zombie peace talks. In Verruckt, how do you know the asylum isn’t just a nice, padded place for a zombie nap? Shi No Numa takes place in a swamp – a relaxing vacation spot for you to get to know your new friends. And Der Reise is a huge factory – basically, you’re inviting yourself into the zombies’ home. Be a polite guest by not blasting their faces off with a shotgun, huh?

The fifth map is all-new – a trip to the Moon, where you will be forced to interact with your zombie friends in a whole new way. Zero gravity looks like fun, plus you get to play with new toys like the Wave Gun and the Quantum Entanglement Device. Don’t you think your putrefying pals would like to have a turn, too?

Rezurrection_Shi No Numa_2Rezurrection_Der Riese_1

My point is, this new batch of content represents a fantastic opportunity for greater understanding. The zombies are making the effort to be your friend – that’s why they’re stumbling directly toward you. They come bearing gifts! Who do you think suggested that Rezurrection include a free Zombies soundtrack and a Moon theme on PS3? And who said “Hey, if you already have the first four maps from the Hardened or Prestige Editions of Black Ops, you can download Moon, the soundtrack, and the theme for free?” That’s right. And think about how you’ve been repaying them for that kindness – with headshots. Splattery, splattery headshots!

Trying to eat your brain is just a zombie’s way of seeking knowledge, direct from the source. Tonight, grab the Rezurrection DLC pack and learn more about zombies — and give the zombies a chance to learn more about you. I think you’ll find that the screeching, lumbering undead are just like you and me; it’s what’s inside that counts. And since they’re zombies, you can easily see their insides.

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  • played the moon map on friends 360 it’s so fun can’ t wait to get it for my self.

  • yoooooooooo that is goinig 2 be cool that it is new maps ^_^

  • What time zone is it being released in?

  • Lol first comment talks about playing it on 360!

    Thats what being second in a timed exclusive race gets ya…lol.

  • What time exactly will it be released?

  • Dam Amrich i got one question. Does the soundtrack include the previous songs that appear on the maps as easter eggs ???? (ie Paredolia, element 115, etc)
    that would definitely make rezurrection worth buying.

    Thanks in Advance

  • An exact time would be great.

  • Ok, but where’s the Big bang theory trophy? Xbox gets Big Bang, but why not for the PS3? I’m feeling pretty cheaped off.

    I can stand a month of waiting for DLC Zombies. Yeah I can. Xbox owners get one month earlier. Whoopie!
    But if they’re get more achiements and unlocks and buys, then PS3 COD players have a problem.

  • Why is this posted on the PS Blog? I thought this was an Xbox 360 exclusive?

  • I like Black Ops, but you guys cannot tell me you don’t notice the massive lag between the point when the bullets were fired, to the point where you die.

    I have taken cover, then have been teleported back into the line of fire to die, then teleported back to where I was on my screen.

    I have seen a tomohawk fly 10 feet above a guy’s head, go 5 feet behind him, then make a u-turn and fly into him. Just today, a tomohawk 5 feet to the left of me made a 90 degree turn and flew into my side.

    How can they release a game with so many flaws? Dan, I know your only the Social Media Manager, Activision, but can’t you get word out to Treyarch?

    At least tell me you have noticed these flaws.

  • cant wait for it ! :D

  • @zekececil14 I’ve had problems where on the kill cam the guy saw me even though I was long out of sight. But still, it’s fun and just a game.

  • zekececil14 lol

  • Will it be coming at 12:00 AM Eastern and 9:00 PM Pacific??? Please respond with a answer. Thanks

  • My guess would be that it will be released at 12:01 pst so do the for your time zone like I live in cst so it would be 2:01 am for me but I can’t get right know cause my PS3 is in the shop right cause I got the YLOD which sucks but I will be getting it tomorrow afternoon so I will get this map pack as soon as I get home with my PS3.

  • people that does not have WAW would love it more then the ones that have it because for them its 5 new zombie maps and the ones that know waw and play those maps is just 1 new zombie map lol (right?)…..

  • u be given out some codes cuz i would love one ;D

  • For us prestige edition preorder users, how do i go about getting MOON for free as i heard?

    • When the new content is posted to the PS Store, and Black Ops recognizes that you have the maps from the Hardened or Prestige code that came with your game, you will be able to download Moon as its own map from the Store. Check the Black Ops download section once the full Rezurrection pack is posted.

  • É isso ai, Moon e mais 4 Mapas Clássicos,do COD Zombies, tá show esse DLC. Aguardo ansioso. XD

  • can you please tell us exactly what time??

  • really wtf is the point of us getting the old W@W maps wen f**king they been out for the W@W game it self just go play it every thing is the same on it too the new maps its stupid at least they could of added something different to the Blackops W@W maps.

  • but is it gonna be available at midnight?


    • No need to shout. :) When the new content is posted to the PS Store, and Black Ops recognizes that you have the maps from the Hardened or Prestige code that came with your game, you will be able to download Moon as its own map from the Store. Check the Black Ops download section once the full Rezurrection pack is posted.

  • I cannot download these maps until Friday afternoon but I am so excited for it. The World At War Zombie maps were always my favorite and are far better than the Black Ops ones in my opinion. So I’m glad to finally welcome these maps back. Also can’t wait to take Moon for a spin. Although I will be disappointed that I’m unable to download the maps tonight or tomorrow, It will make my Friday even better.

  • i paid for all the map packs over and over again i better not have to pay 15 dollars for 1 new map

    • If you already have the remastered World at War maps from Prestige of Hardened, you get the new Moon map for free. No way would you be charged full price for maps you already own!

  • suppose to be EST is 3am,then central is 2am,finally pacific is 1am

  • @xPungentStenchx using the same code that got you the WaW maps, redownload it, and you should get “Moon” with it

    • That’s not my understanding; I was told that the Moon map would be its own standalone download for people who had already redeemed their Prestige/Hardened code.

      I think it will be more clear when the content is actually released to the PS Store, so let’s avoid giving specific advice until it’s live.

  • DrSaNcHe, You get the map free, you just have to re-enter the code from your prestige/hardened copy


  • thanks for the update :))
    keep up the good work
    are we going to get mw3 demo??

  • If its $15 I can’t afford it

  • theres no mw3 demo

  • can anybody tell when >time

  • I Like Trains

  • Do we have a time frame for when it will hit the PSN? Also, how do we DL it if we have the hardened edition?

    • Not sure exactly when it will post. But when the new content is posted to the PS Store, and Black Ops recognizes that you have the maps from the Hardened or Prestige code that came with your game, you will be able to download Moon as its own map from the Store. Check the Black Ops download section once the full Rezurrection pack is posted.

  • Hell yeah, already added money for the pack! :D Anybody want to get a group together? Add me? I’m really good at zombies and in all honesty Moon looks like a walk in the park (on the moon).

  • Also for those asking, it should hit PSN at midnight eastern standard time.

  • @cinclewy thank you, man

  • I Like SeaMen

  • btw ultra i added you and me and my friend are planning to have a blast on moon tonight, add if you want to join in the fun

  • Nazi= mindless followers
    Zombies= something dead/ ungrowing

    Mindless followers of something dead and ungrowing…look at these one game ago map remakes. If the flat out staleness of the shooter genre don’t bother you, I bet this does.

    Don’t you realize they probably sit around laughing at this/you…Ya bunch of nazi zombies…I do.

    All jokes aside…

    Let’s not even get into this second class user stuff the PS3 COD fans deal with…honestly I might take jabs at shooter games fans but I feel for ya. Here’s hoping that OTHER shooter does well enough to breath some innovation back into the genre…and kick this right out the door.

  • Best map pack ever. MUST HAVE.

  • i think moon will be the best zombie map

  • They will never admit the flaws in their game….

    What about us prestige and hardened owners? Do we have to pay for these maps that we already paid 20 dollars for in the first place? I swear if you do i will never buy another activision product.

    • No, you do not have to pay for maps you already own. That doesn’t make much sense, does it? You get the new Moon map, the soundtrack, and the theme for free as a thank you for your support from the start. So instead of being angry about something that isn’t happening, chill and enjoy the freebies.

      Meanwhile, anybody who did not get Hardened or Prestige earlier doesn’t miss out; they have the opportunity to buy those maps now.

  • add me joshua54 . im good and i get to high levels

  • Xx-MURKSALL-xX your half right they change the waw maps a little the box has Black ops weapons not WAW wepons only on the wall and the first zombie map that start it all has the 4 classic perk -a- cola’s

  • Can’t wait for it to come out,nigga I’m PUMPED!!!


    You get the maps FREE! All you do is enter the code you got with the game. Hope you read this and it helps.

  • cant wait for this too come out

  • uhgg it better be online in 15 freaking minutes

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