PULSE: ICO & Shadow of the Colossus, Black Ops: Rezurrection, Top 10 TV Shows

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PULSE: ICO & Shadow of the Colossus, Black Ops: Rezurrection, Top 10 TV Shows

The September 20th edition of PULSE is available in HD later today when the PlayStation Store updates. Join Christina Lee for a look at the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, check out the remastered God of War: Origins Collection and preview the upcoming PlayStation Network exclusive Rochard. And with the new TV season getting underway, don’t miss our top 10 returning TV series lineup.

Watch the full episode of PULSE right here, and in PlayStation Home, or download in HD to your PS3 (SD to your PSP) when the PlayStation Store updates later today.

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  • Yay, new Pulse. But I’ll say it again, Pulse should be weekly. Playstation has more than enough content for a weekly update.

  • I watched the video. Wow, I hope Ico & Shadow… looks as good on my tv as this vid does on my iPADD.

    Hey, Kevin, there’s a little typo in sentence 2. I know, damn this wonky auto correct.

  • 7 minutes 30 seconds is not enough , 30 minutes biweekly and on TV with guests , exclusive news and everything happening around playstation would be a lot better

  • instead of that crappy gametrailers tv

  • Ico and the shadow of collection??? That’s almost right

  • @ remanutd5

    i agree

  • When’s the PS Store going to update. I just can’t any longer and I’m itching to get my hands on some awesome content today!

  • My bad on my setences. ?*, can’t wait*

  • tired to taking back seat to dlc’s such as black ops

    our money is just as good as players who use 360 and i dont care about contracts etc, tired of excuses .
    fact is that if this continues i will not support games that do not treat us equally, if a dlc is available then it should be for all to buy in a timely manner, we are just getting this zombie pack and the timing sux because there is alot of new content coming out on the psn and i will support the content which backs sony.

    deprived of features/dlc’s while paying retail just like everyone else is not fair and activision can shove their map pack.. i enjoy my ps3 and can not wait for new release’s which are on their way. also the psn content which are also being released for us will be endorsed by me (as long as it is good,lol)

    but dust and zombies etc, well stay with your contractual handcuffs which hurts developers in the long run, especially the smaller companies.

    go sony!

  • Dear PlayStation,

    Do you know when you guys are going to be bringing over the Official iPhone/Android App to North American, just as our gamer friends across the pond get to enjoy?

    Patiently Waiting Gamer

  • I’m done buying map packs for CoD Black Ops. Can’t say much about MW3 but we’ll see.

  • I wouldn’t mind a weekly pulse after all I love seeing Christina Lee SHE IS SUCH A HOT CHICK!!!

  • Yeah WHERE IS THE PSN STORE UPDATE. I wanna play castlevania harmony of despair

  • Christina lee is hottt..

  • Well, I guess summer is not over yet… love those mini skirts Christina.

  • I like her prose. Never played ICO (been pronouncing it assist eye-co lol) but will really enjoy the 3d for SotC. But should I get Dead Island instead and wait on the others? Naaaw

  • yes harmony of despair should be soon, and also cant wait for the update, and can not wait for oct..

    the 4th and 25th being marked w/ a bold check mark, especially the 25th.. BATTLEFIELD 3 !!

  • Sweet free dynamic themes.

  • Top ten TV shows? I bet Breaking Bad finds its way in there. It’s made by Sony for one thing, and features an absurd amount of Sony product placement.
    Apparently, the only laptops that exist in Albuquerque are Vaios, and nobody owns an iPod so all the cool kids listen to music on their PSPs.
    Great show, though!



  • Itchy, Tasty.

  • i love sugar cookies!

  • What time is the store up date? i dieing for some Resident Evil 4 HD :D

  • May 9, 1998
    At night, we played poker with
    Scott the guard, Alias and Steve
    the researcher.
    Steve was very lucky, but I
    think he was cheating.
    What a scumbag.

  • May 12th 1998
    I’ve been wearing this annoying
    space suit since yesterday, my
    skin grows musty and feels very
    By way of revenge, I didn’t feed
    those dogs today.
    Now I feel better.

  • May 13th 1998
    I went to the medical room
    because my back is all swollen
    and feels itchy.
    They put a big bandage on my
    back and the doctor told me I
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    I guess I can sleep well tonight.

  • May 16th 1998
    I heard a researcher who tried
    to escape from this mansion was
    shot last night.
    My entire body feels burning and
    itchy at night.
    When I was scratching the
    swelling on my arms, a lump of
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    What the hell is happening to me?

  • May 19, 1998
    Fever gone but itchy.
    Hungry and eat doggy food.
    Itchy Itchy Scott came.
    Ugly face so killed him.

  • Mortal Kombat is to Monday as Resident Evil is to Tuesday

  • OK i’ll stop… for now…..

  • i paused this video at 4:10 and her face kinda freaked me out haha

  • I fully agree with what others are saying. If Pulse remains a bi-weekly release schedule then it should be 30 minutes long.

    By switching to a weekly schedule (at least for the August to January time frame) would make Pulse even more relevant to what is actually going on. Plus with Vita about to launch in Japan there is plenty of content to pull for it.

    On a side note, Qore (and PlayView in Europe or whatever it’s called) should merge into a global service and break down to bi-weekly publishes.

    Just thoughts Sony.

  • I Cant Sign In To PSN On My Playstation As Of 5:30 PM. Whats Happening?

  • I never got a chance to play Ico, but I played through Shadow of the Colossus and it was amazing. With the HD graphics and both games on one disc, I’m definitely picking this one up!

  • The network is down for maintenance, it should be back up before the end of the day.

  • Hey Christina, just saw you on BPM on MNet. Good work! ( And I DO have a picture of you on my wall! )

  • beznes 2200

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