GT Academy Show Debuts Tonight on Speed Channel

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GT Academy Show Debuts Tonight on Speed Channel

GT Academy on Speed Channel

Tune in tonight as Gran Turismo 5 makes its primetime television debut on Speed Channel with GT Academy, a five-part reality show featuring GT Academy and the fierce competition that gave the nation’s top 16 Gran Turismo drivers a chance to become a professional race car driver. The first episode airs tonight at 10 pm EST, followed by new episodes airing every Tuesday on Speed Channel during the same timeslot (please check your local listings for timing and updates).

Take a look at the video below to catch a glimpse as to what’s in store for you on Speed Channel:

And for those of you who can’t make Tuesday nights, the PlayStation Store will make the previous night’s episode available for download every Wednesday.

GT Academy logo

In December, Sony Computer Entertainment LLC and Polyphony Digital Inc. – in association with Nissan North America – launched the first GT Academy program here in the US. Over 53,000 aspiring race car drivers competed in the GT Academy online time trials in Gran Turismo 5. Thirty-two of the nation’s best players moved onto the National Finals event in Orlando, with 16 of the fastest racers emerging and moving onto the finals at the Silverstone Circuit in England. The grand prize? A shot at becoming a professional race car driver.

Tune in to GT Academy on Speed Channel to follow GT Academy’s Sweet 16 as they endure a slew of mental and physical challenges, as well as go behind the wheel of real race cars such as Nissan 370Zs and GT-Rs while being closely watched by an expert panel of racing veterans. It’s truly a race to the finish as they prove they have what it takes to become the next professional race car driver.

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  • Sweet will watch.

  • Very kewl :)

  • I’ll beat anyone at Sony in this I’m sure!!

    I wAnna have a racing lesgue with meeting in playstation Home!


  • Please get Kaz to patch in time/weather options for offline…

  • Awesome will watch every episode :)

  • nice , will watch it for sure . now we need a playstation tv show instead of that crappy gametrailers tv

  • Don’t mean to start anything, but I expect Turn 10 will be buying some commercial time for their game.

  • Turn 10???

    Why not? The incompetent Turn 10 clowns are always looking for new ways to embarrass themselves.

  • Oooo pop Get the videos up in Playstation Home and give something away, just not my GT Accademy Racing Suit! Make a new one with Speed logo patches on it along with GT5 Logos! :)

  • Speed channel is what is awesome here, they actually give a $hit about racing.

  • Is this going to be on the PS store? like The Tester series…

  • i hope u got my email scott! about the picture gamer thing …. :)

  • Yes Gargolaboy, it’ll be available for DL from the PSN Store the following day.

  • awesome. Since SPEEDTV is pay for channel due to comcast, I wont miss too much since I can download it!

  • I refreshed my window, saw the top of the 350 and thought “oh my god! finally finally finally some GT5 DLC news” fantastical thoughts of new or upgraded premiums, new tracks, new palettes for the course maker (like City Night), possible other improvements, then I scrolled down. Disappoint, very disappoint.

  • Pity the game was a big disappointment. Forza 4 will destroy it. Shuhei Yoshida needs to sit down with Kaz and have a long chat about time management, keeping up with the competition and meeting the expectations of the gaming public.

  • LOL, Forza.


    Crappy graphics
    Cheap arcade driving physics

    Even diehard Xbox fans have given up hoping that Turn 10 would ever amount to anything other than a pathetic Polyphony wannabe.

    Microsoft’s hundreds of millions in bribes to the gaming media couldn’t save that junk Forza 2 and 3 from flopping. And it won’t help that piece of junk Forza 4 either.

  • watched it , loved it !!!! cant wait for next tuesday to see whos going home lol , i got the impression that some of the guys didnt know that to be a professional racing driver you need to be in great physical condition

  • Better than I thought it was going to be, but I wish they had fewer events and focused on the racing.

    It would have been cool to actually watch the kart race and see how different drivers progressed through the field. The quick cuts were tough to follow and make it tough to root for a particular driver. Most reality shows use this emotional attachment to a single character to keep viewers engaged and I think the series could gain by allowing this to happen. I understand the need for variety, but I think Sony should recognize that this is on an autosport channel. Id rather see the racers compete in a single race a week in different types of vehicles than see them run/bike/crawl through mud etc. Just my two cents. Look forward to seeing more.

  • Mr. Steinberg, if there is one comment you need to read it is this… there needs to be more communication and feedback between Polyphony Digital and its fans. Period end of story. Otherwise, I will enjoy the show.

  • I watched the show last night, and it was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. ( not that I thought it was going to be BAD, I just thought it was going to be middle of the road ) It’s on my watch list now, thanks!

  • why isnt playstation network working

  • Because sony hates us

  • um sony all of my friends were deleted????

  • now i need a PS3 and racing controller set

  • When will this be up on the PS Store? Will it be available for all regions? For free?

  • I want some DLC for GT5, I was stuck on that game forever and then it just stopped. When can we get some nice DLC?

  • I found the first episode very disappointing. The competition in and of itself is fine, but it seems like that same production team that does “The Tester” is also doing this show. And to be honest, the low-brow, cheesy, melodramatic reality show treatment just feels really inappropriate for GT Academy. I would rather see a more documentary style presentation than the bi-polar nonsense of a token hottie host, doom-and-gloom judges’ elimination, etc., etc. Just a cheap effort overall.

  • Sickkkkk!!!!

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