Burnout Crash! Explodes onto PSN Today

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Burnout Crash! Explodes onto PSN Today

Burnout CRASH! for PS3 (PSN)

By now you should have heard about the new game from our studio, Burnout CRASH! and I am sure some of you are scratching your heads a little wondering what we’ve been up to. Burnout CRASH! is a spin-off from our much-loved Burnout series, but this time focusing solely on the Crash Mode gameplay which you may remember from previous Burnout games.

A lot of games take themselves too seriously, sometimes all you really need is to just kick back, relax, and blow stuff up. With that in mind, we designed Burnout CRASH! with a tongue-in-cheek style, harking back to the arcades we all used to hang around in. Our inspirations were manic pinball gameplay, over-the-top game show-style presentation, all tied up with our favorite music tracks from yesterday.

Burnout CRASH! for PS3 (PSN)

But I hear you ask, “I loved the original Crash modes, will I like this?” But of course! We have kept the spirit of the original Crash mode alive, with its simple gameplay of drive into a junction and smash as much traffic as you can – layered with deeper puzzle elements to work out the highest scoring strategies. The perfect game to sit on the sofa passing the controller back and forth with your friends, showing action that is as fun to watch as it is to play.

Looking back at previous versions of Crash mode, the single biggest request from our fans was to keep the crash going for longer… so that’s the first thing we did, giving you much more than the single Crashbreaker of old. This, in turn, leads to many more scoring opportunities and craziness — much like a pinball table, it’s easy to play but you need skill to rack up the really big scores. In addition to the standard scoring methods of smashing traffic and multipliers, we have made all of the buildings destroyable, introduced street furniture to add to your smash chains, added lots of different skillshots, explosion combos, and many more crazy new features. Some of these help rack up your score, such as the Lightning Storm, and some get in the way, like the Bulldozer.

Burnout CRASH! for PS3 (PSN)

Of course, this being Criterion we couldn’t leave out Autolog, as last seen in our previous hit game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Autolog adds that essential element of personalisation to Burnout CRASH!, as your high score tables (Crashwalls) will only be populated with your friends’ scores. We still have the Autolog staples of Recommends based on what your friends have been doing, with Friends Recommendations to help build up your PSN friends list.

Burnout CRASH! for PS3 (PSN)Burnout CRASH! for PS3 (PSN)

We’ve also taken the social competition one step further with the new Autolog Challenges. This is a much more direct mode of play where you can select any of your PSN friends and challenge them to a one-on-one contest. You each get one turn on a level, with the winner taking the cup. Sounds simple, but it works a treat… I have been battling some of the other guys in the studio for some time now, and the trash talking alone is gold (Doug, I am coming for you!). And of course one of the Trophies is for beating a friend three times in a row in Autolog Challenges.

If you like having pure mindless fun, then come and check out Burnout CRASH! when it hits PSN today for $9.99.

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  • I hope they make a real Burnout game again soon. I don’t want this… at all.

  • Ok cool! Demo I hope. I mean I love Criterion Games to death, I even got a platinum on Burnout Paradise. When I first heard news of this game, I was thinking oh no.. I hope this isnt the new route for burnout games. Im always open to try new things on racing.. Great Job guys at Criterion! Here is to a bigger Burnout Game in the coming years!!!!

  • Looks funny!

  • Since you guys seem to be the only ones so far that i have seen to integrate all things amazing. I would hope for more facebook support from your games! :) Just a suggestion. Like lets say I topple someones crash score in downtown. I could upload it to not only Autolog for when they log in ready to challenge my score, but also it hit their facebook as well! thanks! :)

  • This is definitely NOT what I would expect from Criterion. What happened to the better Burnout games huh?

  • This was the only part of burnout I liked. Perfect for me! :)

  • I much rather have a full Burnout game. But will try the demo, if there is one.

  • According to The Drop, there is a demo for it. But the last edition had A LOT wrong so we shall see.

  • If you are looking for a Burnout style game, check out Driver: Dan Francisco. Feels a lot like Paradise City.

  • Demo? I’m not completely sold on the game from what I’ve seen. It does look far better than I expected, but I’m still not convinced that it’s something I’ll enjoy enough to plop down the $ without a demo,

  • Hmm, hearing that it has Autolog makes me a bit more excited for this Wii-port.

    Anyone who played Burnout 2 knows that Crash Mode IS the funnest part of Burnout. That’s why I’m interested.

  • Will there be a demo or trial today???

  • The Drop says there will be a demo. Looks fun and great price.

  • Hmmmm…looks like a game made for a tablet or a phone….sad..

  • I will try the demo however this really does not look all that great, I would much rather have another REAL burnout game like Paradise……

  • Hmmm….. never played a Burnout game yet. I may get this if the demo is cool. Overall the game doesn’t look perfect, but it seems pretty good. I’ll check it out :)

  • This would have been a pretty good FREE flash game or iPhone game from what I’ve played. Certainly not buying it and it puts the Burnout name to shame.

  • There’s an extra 9 in that price, correct?

  • What an odd follow up to Paradise City… this looks like a PopCap game for the iPad or something? 10 bucks seems pretty expensive for a flash game.

  • Ugh…. I saw some Youtube videos for this and well…. no

  • I need a demo, other wise I’m not interested. I love burnout… but this doesn’t look like it’s my flavor.

  • Loved the old Burnout crash mode! Will try demo and if it’s good I might buy it.

  • looks fun but a bit pricey hopefully a demo is out for it

  • PASS

    this is just like my Burnout game on my old cell phone 4 YEARS AGO! lol

  • Nothing funner than the old Burnout 2 and 3 Crash modes. Can’t wait for this.

  • Yeah, I do not want this at all. Looks cheap and boring. I wanted to see crash mode in Paradise with, ya know, good graphics. This looks like something I would see in a free to play flash game online. Interesting idea but not what I want from a Burnout game.

  • I was interested in checking this out, but the Drop says there is a demo, but I can’t find it. I checked the new demos area and checked the alphabetical listings of all demos. Nothing.

  • Is Paradise 2 being worked on?

  • Is there a discount for PS+ users?

  • This is my fav part of Burnout, but where’s the 3D graphics?

  • wow, I thought Burnout Crash was a bad joke.

    I’m just gonna pretend I never saw this blog posting, and the game really doesn’t exist.

    Was this originally a Wii game or Kinect?

    icky boo boo

  • I didn’t even see the price tag on the game… $10!!??? Much better to just buy Burnout Paradise. @31 It has Kinect support but that looks even worse.

  • It looks like it’s a spin-off game like Legends and Dominator. Something to hold us in till the true 6th game in the series comes out, so I can’t hate this game like everyone else, but It looks like something that I’ll pass. No thanks Criterion I’ll just wait till the true burnout sequel comes out. :)

  • Man, a REAL Burnout would have been so much better. I’ll give the demo a go but meh. This is just meh to me. This isn’t Burnout. If you called this anything else and left off the Burnout part, people wouldn’t be complaining. We’ll see later when the demo goes live.

  • I’ll be trying the demo for sure as I remember me and my friends spent countless hours playing the crash mode on the original burnout game way back on ps2 just under 10 years ago and paradise was sweet but had the weird make my car tumble for just about ever wich was more fun to watch than to do I want a giant blue lobster…

  • Looks kinda like Pain. This game needs custom soundtracks. I’ll try the demo.

  • Why do people keep talking about that German dating site Kinect?

  • I wonder how many of the people here hating on it actually played Burnout 2 or 3.

    Anyway! I loved the Crash mode on Burnout 3, so I’ll definitely be checking this out when the demo launches later.

    Hey Dan, if you guys do another Paradise, think we could get weather? I’d love to slide around in rain or snow. Oh, and speedometers so I can know how fast I was going when I hit a wall head on during a race. :D

    • Weather is something we always look at doing at Criterion, we did some in our last game NFS Hot Pursuit. If it’s done right it can add some great mood and tension.
      Of course, the is rain in Burnout Crash as well, with Thunderstorms, snow storms and Tornado’s.

  • Hey Dan, I know you don’t run the GameOps sessions at the Burnaby Campus of EA, but we tested this game for you guys and out of our group one person said they would pay 800MSP or $10 for this, the rest of us said no more than $5.99! The overwhelming majority said $4.99!! Can I ask why you decided against this pricing? We all said it was a ton of fun if you have friends over, but there is no depth to it and extremely repetitive. When you can get games like PAIN and High Velocity Bowling for the same price, how do you justify this? More curiosity than anything, but most EA studios like our input. EA Sports listened to me and put in a stripped down Fight Night engine into the NHL series, Visceral listened when I was the first to beat Dead Space 1 & 2 and suggested the ammo amounts for the harder modes…

    Just wondering how the decisions are made…

  • demo is up, go play!

  • +1 for Lobstah Monstahs. So, how’s the online work? 2 players at the same time, turn based, what? Or is it just Autolog challenges? I played NFS Hot Pursuit, don’t get me wrong, autolog is great, but I like to talk to my PSN friends whilst humiliating them.

  • Can’t wait to try it!
    Although, the thing I REALLY want to know is when Burnout Paradise 2 is going to be announced :P

  • what a joke, will never ever buy . Talk about casualizing games. Bug fan of Burnout but will wait for a full fledged game not this

  • when i heard about a new burnout game coming up i was very excited but then when i saw it was called burnout crash i was like ho its going to be all about crashing hmm i will have to see. but this is not what i expected. i would have prefered and actual burnout game i didnt think about buying this but when i play the demo i might get it idk i have to see first but man criterion you guys could do better i would have bought it if it was like a paradise 2 i have been playing every burnout game since i was small. dont disapoint me driver san franscisco is way better

  • @39 I have played all Burnout games and Burnout Crash is nothing like them.. you can see it by the screenshots here.. its a casual game that should’ve been on the iPhone for free/$0.99 or for free on a flash website. Not worth $10. not even for a blue lobster

  • some people are so moronic… they judge something without even trying it out… just because its not a full-fledged Burnout game, they dismiss it like everything else in their sad, little lives… give it a try… people worked hard on this stuff… and you wonder why noone gives much effort to new IPs or takes on existing franchises…

    personally, i think the devs over at Criterion deserve a thumbs up and keep doing a great job… maybe you guys should be in charge of a new Destruction Derby title… that would make my day… if it were a mash-up of the old Destruction Derbies with Test Drive:Eve of Destruction career mode, i’d buy that on day one….

  • I was kind of hoping when i saw this post it was going to be done in the Paradise game engine… this looks like that old racing game in the arcade where there were four steering wheels and the spun indefinitely as you raced around a small track mixed with crazy Taxi interesting but after a game like Paradise or even burnout 3 this is lackluster :(

  • $9.99 is too much for this, this game seems more like a mini-game. $4.99-$7.99 is more realistic.

  • You have no idea how much I loved Burnout Paradise! At one point, I ruled EVERY SINGLE road rule for time. I can tell you that I was very proud of myself on that day! My favorite car was the Nighthawk.

    Criterion Games Rocks!

  • Ok, Dan.

    I tried the demo and must say I likey very much. When I rated the demo in store it was at 4.63 with 64 votes so obviously those who try it before judging it, actually enjoy it. WTF is a “real” game anyway? I don’t know but I’m buying this one in just a minute. I agree with some others that 10 bucks is a bit steep but it seems like it could be never ending and woth the price tag. We shall see my friend. BTW my history with Critereon goes back all the way to Burnout Paradise (way back then) and yes it’s an excellent racer. I actually forgot you all did NFS Hot Pursuit but that was wicked as well. What is it about some game studios that everything they touch is gold? What is it Dan???Tell Me NOW!!!!! Good evening.

    PS Please don’t price drop this to 5 dollars next month and make me regret spending 10. It hurts when PSN devs do that garbage.

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