Top 100 Candidates for The Tester Season 3 Selected – Vote for Your Favorite Now

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Top 100 Candidates for The Tester Season 3 Selected – Vote for Your Favorite Now

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of you who have been participating in The Tester Season 3 casting call and contest. Your votes determined the Top 100 casting hopefuls now moving on to Round 2. You’ll see that the Top 100 is a diverse and creative group who beat out thousands of potential candidates.

Head over to the contestants page to meet the elite and cast your vote for your favorite! Only the Top 20 move on from this round to the finals where you guys get to vote one lucky gamer onto the cast of Season 3! And remember, the winner of The Tester Season 3 will get a production job at world-famous Santa Monica Studio.

Vote for your favorite candidate by Friday, September 30, at 11:59:59 PM EST.

Stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for more news on our continued search for the best of the best to compete on The Tester: Season 3.

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  • Again no montage love. Then again, I don’t really need the promotion for popular vote. My skills and abilities can out shine any who just have a load of online/virtual friends. Take that as you will. Or take it as I don’t need to cross dress to impress. :) Either or.

  • I tried out but didn’t get close, I don’t have a youtube with 3000 subs so I didn’t have a chance in this popularity contest. I really wish they would pick the top 100.

  • I liked tester season 2, cant wait to watch these with the wifey

  • egoraptor FTW!

  • I have watched all the Tester shows but never voted. Kinda feel like my 1 vote wouldn’t do anything anyways, Maybe try to limit 1 vote per HOUSEHOLD.

  • Egoraptor is going to win. FOR SURE!

  • It’s funny how people don’t read the full contest rules. Votes are only half of what is needed to win the popular vote here. Yes it helps, but maybe people should read the full rules. Egoraptor can still lose, even with the umpteen amount of votes from YouTube fans. Attention to detail is keen and I like playing “Devil’s Advocate.” Not the film…

  • I should have entered, Santa Monica needs me, and I need them… Oh well guess I’ll continue going about it the old-fashioned way… My potent creative potential doesn’t represent/manifest itself in my overly plain appearance.
    I’d like to say I’m charismatic, but that’s only after you get to know me, and after about a dozen beer.
    Next time Tester… Next Time!!!

  • head over to the site and vote for a playa, im a wildcard spot. vote playaplus.@newsense yo, im not an avid youtube user either.


  • I made the 100! Please Vote for me!

  • Loved Teaster Season 1 and I liked season 2. Shame I had to get an American account to download it! Release it in Europe. By the way, I hope they focus more on gaming skills, test abilities, memories and not useless [DELETED] to get views like in season 2 and 1. I mean.. that american football catapult thing… just no.

  • @cwsluke I know what you mean. When you have Youtube sensations with the thousands of votes in one day. But for some of us every vote does count and keeps us in the competition. Vote for GrayFox663! (Only 1 X in GrayFox663)

  • Hebrewhammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People this man NEEDs to go to the tester!!

  • I only needed to watch 3 seconds of that video.

    A vote for Egoraptor is a vote for videogames.

  • i was watching the video thinking when is Egoraptor is going to show then BANG!

  • frawlz ftw

  • I don’t want any of them making my games.

  • Lots of wierdo losers AGAIN!
    I guess I’ll be cringing while watching a lot, like last season, darn it.
    Hopefully the final 3 will be serious, credible candidates as before, once you dump the wierdo losers.

  • This is a stupid popularity contest… makes gaming look even worse than it already does in the media….

  • Check out my profile. Help me stay in the top 20! Your support counts and I won’t let you down if I make it. Keep it pushing!

  • To all who is going to be in the this years season of the tester all im going to say is congratulations and good luck compete to win and give it your all and have fun( lucky SOB`s =p)

  • egoraptor is takin this lol

  • Possibly one of the biggest PlayStation fans on the net who knows PlayStation very well (me) didn’t make the top 100. :(

  • @ 19 – I agree. I felt pretty awkward watching that. =\

  • The only good season of the tester was season 1. Season 2 seamed like they picked people who would stir up 5h!t and be good for rating. Season three does not seam any better. I am not jealous that I did not make it to the second round of voting. I stopped trying to get votes because I am going to school for Video Game Art and 3D Simulation. I want to be more than just a tester, I want to have a bigger role in the industry. I really want to earn a position at playstation, winning a game show does not seam as credible as getting a college degree in the field.

  • Hey Ernobili and DarbyMcFearless, how do you guys feel about letting thousands of people see you dancing with almost no pants on to “sexy ladies”? Haha =P

  • Sweet!!! XD Surprised?! lol


  • cross dressing?? looks more like something you’d find on that fail of a network, MTV

  • Awesome! I was in there in three instances! Kratos fingers are in!!! My name is TheJoeDelFranco on the website, check me out!

  • I hope I get on the show !!!!! I’ve been pushing hard on everything even made posters and put them outside all 5 game stops here. It’s time for a girl to win le me,

  • Two videos without me in it,??????????????????????????????????????????

  • Sweet! I’m in there twice! Sry Wallpapermaker.

  • HebrewHammer!

  • This is pretty awesome lol…oh @ JakeRuiner…I think my boy Ernobili would agree it was the greatest decision we ever made! :D

  • @JakeRuiner…it feels pretty good, kinda funny that it took my undies and heels to get on the video haha…well worth it…@everybody i encourage you all to actually look at everyones profiles and read their blogs and look at their ACTUAL audition video before u pass judgement…some of the clips on here were not even the actual AUDITION VIDEOS of the contestants they were merely thank you vids showing the funny side of us…anyway good luck to everybody and i encourage anyone reading to actually take the time to look at our profiles then call us TRASH..thats all i ask


  • vote til your finger tips hurt, sony has the final say..
    they decide who make the cast, this isnt a democratic based vote via public ,lol.
    it is designed to appear as a vote to the people,sony has its hand in the process/picking/decision from day 1 to the top 100 to the final cast, sony is a rather large company and they have to secure an image that is suitable and also a cast which is diverse, therefor trying to have us all relate in some way to a certain cast member and they also take into account the viewing population and the average age of the viewer.
    everything is about marketing, sony is a company and i expect nothing less than full throttle marketing. although the average age of buyers/users of ps3 are 40ish ( yes i was surprised but prob because of dads/moms buying registering accounts for kids) and i dont see sony picking anyone close to 40 years of age although on paper that age group are numbers that over looked because nobody wants to watch a middle aged man play games nor does sony want to portray “old”.. fresh and new and diverse. prove me wrong sony.

  • and yes im an old school gamer, 32 years old. and in any event i just hope sony picks out people who can handle a dual shock 3 , i agree with comments about past seasons and i have watched a few “game reality” shows and the skill was there for the most part. and it was obvious that they were a serious group of gamers for the most part , dominating games and owning / pawing in certain games and then a balance when others shine in other areas like racing and then turning the tide, but theres always that 1 or 2 guys or girls who dominate period, regardless of the game and those are the types of gamers i enjoy watching and who deserve a nod.
    but anyways to all hard core gaming junkies who are waiting/competing for a spot, good luck and own some noobs, to any noobs who are also waiting get your game up before getting pawned in black ops ( final kill cam shot by bouncing tomahawk , lol ) or what ever game it may be. practice makes better. practice free for all etc.

    good luck !

  • I wish I could had tryed out for this show because Some of the games 4 Playstation have bugs in them but then again my eyeballs would be kiling by looking into a screen 4 to long

  • So I guess your not doing the 25 Wildcard thing from the rules you mentioned, it’s only the top 100? :/

  • @Vorlord, Sony the “Sponsors” used 5-7 Wildcard to fill the top 100. Not everyone that was in the top 100 made it or qualified to move to the next round. I’m not sure why the ones that was in the top 100 didnt make it.They also said they my choose up to 25 Wildcards and for the next round up to 5. I guess they seen a spark in there eyes that made them seem worthy, but I’m happy at the choice and selection they made.

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