PS3 System Software Update (v3.72)

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PS3 System Software Update (v3.72)

A new PS3 system software update, v3.72, will be released soon. With this minor update, system stability during use of PS3 format software and network services has been improved.

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  • Sigh. That is all.

  • this fix NFL sunday ticket or was that fixed already

  • What?! Cross-game chat?!

  • Too abstruse of a description :(

    Will this fix the issue of highlighting the music folder in the XMB while in-game and with the new PS3 headset on? I notice it happens on more than one game.

  • Was this the one for the PS3 Wireless Headset??? Since it was said that a FW update would be needed for it…

  • When is the Playstation + auto upload for saves going to work again? That would be nice!

  • Yay for progression, but boo for no added features.
    Hope this fixes the problem that I’ve had with automatic downloads not working, though.

  • so a waste of our time? GG.


  • where the big update for this year?

  • @Jay_eLL they have already said no Cross Game Chat for PS3…

  • Hopefully, my PS3 will be able to read games such as Resistance 3 that comes in a dual layer blu ray disc.


  • You guys NEED to redesign the PS3 XMB, Make it similar to Vita, considering the touch screen thing.

  • I was hoping something nice would be added… oh well.

  • Well one step closer to 4.0 lets hope it adds some nice things huh?

  • Bad day on the Sony front. First that FF & Chrono Trigger… I’ll call it ‘thing’. Now a crap mandatory update.

  • Will this fix the Automatic Download feature? It’s really annoying to be paying for a feature that does not work.

  • Translation: This is another attempt to thwart hackers and adds no additional value whatsoever to our honest customers.

  • @SpeedRacer1955 The wireless headset is already compatible with the current firmware. I know this because i have on and use it extensively.

  • I don’t mind the updates. If there is a way to improve it. Why not?

    But now please send my resistance 3 multiplayer voucher that I was used by somebody else.

  • how about PS2 format support on all models? please Sony!

  • Stop with the shady changing of the terms of service agreement.

  • hope I don’t get kicked off tonight

  • Does anyone know if this firmware addresses error 80710092 errors? I was playing fine on the PSN last night with a replacement PS3 slim, I had just bought last week to replace my original one which gave me the orange lights of death….Now tonight is next to impossible to get on the PSN.
    The network settings actually detect internet, i can browse the web, etc. on my PS3, so I know it is not a router issue or a ISP issue. However, it is impossible to sign on to the PSN network.
    If anyone from customer support could give me some information I would much appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  • You should redesign the XMB and make the system faster.

  • you guys complain too much. every update has to have something you want. grow up.

  • hey eric if by any chance your reading this blog,are we going to receive a substantial update before this year ends or should we settle for this for the long haul? i mean we could use at least an update to the browser’s flash or something :0(

  • great, 170mb that wont give much haha

  • @kikowz thats not true! most updates are just stability updates.our last big update only brought good things for members of the playstation plus service

  • Stop complaining guys… If you didn’t already know, cross-chat feature will never come to the ps3 because ps3 wont be able to run that feature… if you want cross-chat, go buy the ps vita or wait for the ps4… peace.. :)

  • Shortest description ever…

  • Nothing to complain about..Just making services better :D

  • Funny…

    Everyone here must be under 20 years old…

    You’re all asking for MORE from Sony because “you’re a loyal customer who bought the console”

    Did you not ever own/play a Atari/NES/Master System/SNES/Mega Drive/Genesis/N64/Dreamcast/PS1/XBOX/PS2???

    Last time I checked with those consoles, there WEREN’T any updates at all… If you wanted an update, you had to buy a different/newer console…

    P.C. gaming: if you want an update, you have to PAY for it…

    honestly, stop [DELETED] and just play the damn thing and be grateful it even exists

  • i agrees with “airboy58 about PS2 format support on all models ,” they should fix ps3 slim to support PS2 system data on new ps3 slim bc i want to play some ps2 game on my ps3

  • I hope this this fixes the error I’ve been having lately when I try to compare trophies with my friends…


  • Another useless update. Oh well 150 mb down the drain

  • @6 and @16. You need to Rebuild Your PS3 Harddrive for the auto-update and auto-uploads to work again. Google how to do it (I don’t remember how to do it off the top of my head). But my auto-update stuff wasn’t working either, but then I googled and found I needed to rebuild my harddrive. After I did that, my auto-updates work.

  • I’m a PS3 user! Watch me complain!

  • is this this going to fix the problems of my system freezing and shutiing down by itself? Also can’t wait til Thursday why because Zombie maps for Black Ops can’t wait.

  • maybe now modnation racers will quit losing connection to servers

  • This is update to eliminate auto update issues for Plus subscribers :) Finally! Thanks!

  • now that we know the Netflix PS3 app is mostly just a WebKit-based browser, every update that doesn’t have a new Webkit-based browser for general use is just embarrassing. what are you waiting for, exactly???

  • how about making the psvita back touch pad work as a ps3 mouse that seems like a useful update. X.X no friends list for the psp yet ? why not just make it so that the psp needs to be online when msging

  • Cool story bro

  • great on the improve stability for online but was hoping for more features hope you r planning on them.

  • Is this for Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Beta?

  • another update? really?

  • Improvement to System Stability is always welcome. :)

  • Im hype about every update really. Just the fact that your systems is evolving is a great experience. I still have the 60gb ps3 since it first launched so im lookin forward to what 4.0 will bring (: hopefully some more memory or something.


    Whats the point of that PS Share website….

  • Omg cross-game chat is the worst idea ever and loads of people keep asking for it! Why?! I don`t want a bunch of people yakking when I`m trying to listen to cutscenes, a game`s story, and characters telling important information, and then have them harrass me for not talking. Chat should stick to playing the same games, not when you`re trying to play different games. I am so glad Sony is ignoring this ridiculous idea of a feature. Thank you Sony!!!!

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