ModNation Racers: Dude, Where’s My Kart?

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ModNation Racers: Dude, Where’s My Kart?

A recent scientific study out of ModNation Laboratories Research and Development department (located in sunny San Diego, CA) reveals that 75% of ModNation creators are eagerly looking to further their Mod and Kart design education. Now you (yes you!) have the opportunity to learn and work with the best that ModNation has to offer. MNR’s Community College is now in session (or MNCC as we like to call it).

Enrollment starts this week for “Modnation Kart Posse Challenge 101”, the first of many Mod & Kart creation courses here at MNCC. Here is how it works… MNCC students register (for free!) for “MKPC101”HERE. The faculty will randomly place students into high-energy lab teams of at least three members who will put their creative minds together in designing their team’s karts “Posse” style. Teams’ names could look like “Team Too Many Stickers”, “Team Big, Bad & Ugly”, “Team Chicks Rule, Boys Drool” or maybe even “Team Color-Blind”, who knows? This is a great opportunity for you to learn and collaborate on the kart creating process with creators of all skill levels.

Our favorite “Posses” will be featured in the “Creations of the Week” section of an upcoming MNR blog!


At MNCC we let you decide the path of success leading to your degree what we like to call PCS-ology (get it? Play Create Share). Bad pun. My bad.

Top Tracks: Tracks That Made Us Say…HUH?
Students of ancient history understand that the period of time known as the 1960s and 1970s was a very awkward time indeed. Mankind went from “Peace and Love” to “Disco and Leisure suits”. We celebrate those “far out” days with tracks that obviously have tapped into that “trippy” vibe.


If you are looking for some more creative, mind-blowing tracks with a little more “WOW!” and maybe a little less WHAT?, WHY? and HUH?, try these creators – Bongsoldier, RADBOYROB, MagicalHamster, OnePoppa, Laidbackcat and BrianDaleBaxley1 just to name a few.

ModNation Player Profiles: Tuksilha

Tuksilha is one of the hardest working and most tenacious racers in MNR. Look at a few of his stats…
– Over 5,000,000 Race XP points
– Most total races with 30,267
– Most victories with 14,483

Read more about this amazing ModNation Racer in his profile HERE

Creations of the Week: Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah
Join us as we reach back yet again into the MNR time machine for a look at the Mods’ and Karts’ true “old-school” style.


If you come across and choice Mods / Karts in your travels, do me a solid and let me know. We will accept lame-o’s, dweebs, or totally bogus Cheese Weasels. Dig it?

Track of the Week

Beauteous Oasis by prob_alex


Hot Lap Tracks:

Monday: Beauteous Oasis by prob_alex (I am not sure the term “gorgeous” is proper to describe a racetrack but I am going with it. Gorgeous!!!

Tuesday: City controlled by Aliens by SergioChileno (I need to get SergioChileno, RADBOYROD and RockToonz to collaborate on a track! I think it may blow my mind, and my home’s power supply!)

Wednesday: Botanical Village by PH1LThy31 (three strong entries from PH1LThy31 this week. All great, but this was my favorite)

Thursday: Irabella Ice Jam by IvoYaridovich (Ivo has definitely found his groove with the Arctic DLC theme tracks)

Friday: The Low Country by atheistsw. (It’s a great track and a great race but the subtleties are what make atheistsw’s tracks excel, as this one of course does just that)

Saturday: The Lost City 1.0 by lop330 (the scenery changes and multiple terrain choices must be seen to be appreciated. I loved it. In fact, I wish I made it!)

Sunday: Walhalla by marusarusa (I holla, you holla, we all holla for Walhalla!)

No Guts, No Glory

Next week we will put your tracks though the ultimate proving grounds… the opinions of your peers! That’s right, Hot Lap Tracks will be selected by the MNR community (with our “guidance”) for the following week’s Hot Lap Tracks seating. If you are interested in becoming a Hot Lap judge look for more details HERE

Fight on MNCC!

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12 Author Replies

  • I love how alive the MNR community is :)

  • “Dude, where’s my kart?”

    Been asking SCEE this every week for the last month! (Yes, Europe is still Oil Stain Mod & kart-less!)

    Really like this weeks track of the week. Download it now people!!

  • DLC! DLC! DLC! DLC! DLC! c’mon guys! DLC! DLC! DLC! DLC! DLC!

  • thx4the mention mark =)

  • thahaha epic \m/

  • I haven’t played in a while but these tracks look amazing. Been really busy lately but it’s tempting to try and come back!

  • I’m so so glad that Mini Golf finally is getting some attention. It is the first track that I created that I was really proud of. Also there is a sequel and I am slowly working on a third space themed mini golf.

    • Looooooooong overdue! Can’t wait to see your new one!

      btw… if you ever get around to making a disc (frisbee) golf course track I may explode from happiness!

  • Still Loving Modnation Racers! Great job on keeping it alive!

    • Thanks for the kudos.

      We have to give props to the team here at San Diego Studio for there support and belief in this game and it’s community.members like you!

      Can’t wait to see what happens when Vita hits! Wow!

  • I eyed the title and I was worried that the Vita version was going to be named “ModNation Racers: Dude, Where’s My Kart?”

  • Mark you should hire these track creators; put them as the “Head of Track Design”. I honestly don’t know how creators like atheistsw (I hope I got that right) come up with these tracks. Although I don’t understand why you support hacked tracks like the “Deep Psyche Distortion”. From what I’ve heard, someone was able to hack into the game and create these “black hole” tracks.

    Not trying to sound offensive or anything. I was just kind of surprised that’s all. :)

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Mark!, is UFG doing some new DLC for september? october? hasn’t been in a while…

    I kept the ideas for karts and mods based on the mini themes like horse body for western, etc…


  • cool update

    please view my creations XD

  • Is ModNation Racers for the PSVita new or not? I don’t want to bother with it if it’s just another version of what I have on PS3 and PSP. No new story? no interest from me.

  • Hi Elvick_,

    Yes it is a brand new title. As was mentioned at E3 it is not a port of the game. You will love it!

  • It would be awesome if there was a video of each of these highlighted tracks.

  • many thanks for choosing my track :) enjoyed creating this one.. as i couldnt stop looking at it !!! haha.. many more tracks to come…. next 1 is a rather large cathedral.. hope you enjoy.. cheers prob_alex

  • I’ve been pretty bummed out creativity wise since the snow & ice theme came out as just a cosmetic experience. Every kart racer before Modnation Racers had slippery driving mechanics. Still hoping for a patch to make it right.

  • Love the Modnation Mondays. Hopefully, I’ll be on one of these.

    @17 You still going on with this. It won’t happen

  • Sorry for Double post, but Mark, how do you achieve a player profile?

    • We try to profiles MNR players that are highly regarded in there particular aspect of the game. Racing, Track / Mod / Kart creating, and good community members / hosts.

  • Oh man…this game is the greatest game ever made in the existence of video games. It goes hand in hand with my lifestyle…I’m on welfare, morbidly obese and a registered sex offender. So, needless to say…I don’t get out much. So, I just sit in casual gamerooms and meet with people on my wavelength. Thanks ModNation!!!

  • so….no new dlc?…. pfffff :(

  • Just recently got hooked onto MNR again… would love to see more UGC-based games in the league of LBP and MNR.

    But this is my 1st time actually downloading these recommended tracks… and now I’ll be coming every week to download all of the featured tracks – they are truly brilliant! Kudos to the creators of these awesome tracks that are so unlike anything I’ve seen on a console racer.

    • Glad you liked our choices! There are soooooooo many great tracks and creators out there and my job is to bring as many as possible to the forefront. There is true brilliance in the creativity of this community!

  • those are some pretty wicked tracks i hope you can download them on the PSVita Version

  • Yay, that’s good to hear. I don’t remember hearing that from E3. I look forward to playing it then. :D

  • I wish I could sign up for the kart competition. The reason I have not been on at all is because my Blue Ray CD
    drive finally decided to give up on me. Expect me to be on as soon as a new drive arrives!

  • Just got my platinum trophy!

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